Month: November, 2007

Jenna Bares Outdoor

You know what they say about American girls… They’re horny as fuck and LOVE men’s cock! Jenna not only has a perfect sexy body, equipped with a perfect set of round tits, but she’s also one of the hottest sluts I’ve seen in a while.

Straight out of outdoor stripping, this American whore gets ripped apart by members and totally LOVES every second of it! Her perfect tits erect as she’s posing and getting naked outside from her hometown.

You will feel likes there’s tomorrow when you reach her red lips by yours and have a tongue plays with her, sucks her erect pink nipples like a baby and inserting your cock from her fresh wet hole.

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Jane looks really sexy in her denim skirt and printed tops that she’s about to remove away from her skin. She’s everything with a big round boobies that she loves to show off.

Just like I’ve said, Jane loves to show off and give her big tits some fresh air. She also has this fondness for glass dildos and fuck herself with it as often as she wants to.

Watch Jane’s videos at You’re eyes can’t get enough of her once you see her all naked and screaming while rubbing her pussy intensely.

Alison Angel Ali’s Trip To Chinatown


The weather is getting cooler here, even in Phoenix, so I’m wearing some boots and a more conservative looking outfit.  We’re in Chinatown, and its a very pretty place with statues and other nice architecture for shooting in.  Its hard to pull my breasts out from the dress because they’ve grown so big but I manage!  Lots of flashing and public stuff around the area and then I get fully naked in a more secluded area.

FTV Girls Valerie


Totally new, she visits us for an interview, and is pretty shy… since she’s never been naked for the camera!  Slowly, she takes her clothes off, to reveal the most perfect breasts we’ve seen in a while!  She’s gorgeous, even without makeup, and her breasts only add to her allure.  She takes a shower, lathering up her body, and we get to see her fully naked for the first time.  Then she gives her breasts a nice long & hard breast massage, following to her butt and some extreme closeups of her private parts.  Time to try masturbating on camera for the first time, using a vibrator… success!  She has a nice orgasm.  Out at a resort, she goes topless, walking around half-naked and getting herself wet in the water fountain.  She then spreads her private parts, and we get to look up close… pulling her labia, and even deep inside, to her very unique hymen!  3 & 4 fingers get stuffed, and then she tries the rabbit vibrator.  In brings her to a stronger orgasm, very quickly!  Just to watch her perfect breasts bounce, we make her run around the pool a bit…

Juicy Babe Jolie

This juicy babe here with nice pair of tits and great ass wants to uncover herself here and give her body some air. She might feel a little hotter for this shoot and horny for our camera.

At, Jolie has an amazing gallery to show off. Get daily updates and latest pics of her and the rest of the nubile teens. Her videos are downloadable in either 2-minute clips or full-length movie. And as an added treat, you can have a great view in full-screen size of Jolie’s nakedness. Check that out at

Lia 19 The Real Me Website Shoot


It is very rare that I will shoot photos and video for any other site besides mine. It has to be something really good.  Like Penthouse for example. But when I was asked to shoot for the launch of a new site called I said only on one condition…. My members get to have access to my shoot  too. Next thing I new I was off to L.A. California to shoot with Dean Capture. The whole nine yards as far as LA shoots go. Tons of assistants managing lighting and sets. Hair and make-up girls etc. Plus a really cool shoot house with all kinds of different set. It was alot of fun plus playing dress up and having a whole crew of people waiting on me was awesome even if it was only for the day lol.

FTV Girls Roxy


Dating a very rich CEO of a major corporation, she wanted to do a shoot at his house, and show off her lifestyle.  Since her ‘man’ was totally up for it, we had a guest photographer shoot her in California.  She walks around downtown LA and does some flashing, then puts on a bikini, parading around the grand pool area.  Bouncing around on a trampoline, she takes her top off, then finds a stairway to finger and rub her private parts.  Putting her hair up, she swims naked at the pool, then uses a toy to masturbate in the sauna.  Then at an outdoor shower, she uses a rather large vibrator to pound her private parts some more…


We got a redhead new to the scene of nude modeling but already a certified nubile when she first landed her stint here at Olive is an irresistible babe from Ukraine all bound to show off every bit of her soft skin on camera for your viewing pleasure.

Her supple body looks so amazing in this pose and her handful breasts are so perfect. She reminds me of a sweet, sexy angel and her combination of shyness and sexuality makes me really hot for her.

Get to know her more at Join Olive as she’s having some fun alone in her bed.


Charlie is such a darling! These photos are just samples of your virtual parade of this angelic beauty. I always have penchants for petite girls and Charlie is one of them.

What’s surprising about this girl is that you can catch her pussy squeak or with dildo inside. And her slim ass makes me want to give it a good spanking! And of course, how can I deny her perky boobs? So hard on its peak that always scream for hard sucking.

Take a tour on her page at Charlie is truly an angel in hotflesh.


I never thought that black and white striped shirt would be this sexy over Diana. She just made a new fashion statement here and will surely intimidate the Zebras of Africa. But that’s not the real score here. Sexiness is about being proud for what you got. So here’s Diana showing you what she really got!

As she pinches her boobies here, let me brief you of what to expect at Diana’s page at She got tons of amazing pics and videos there available for download. And not all that. More updates about Diana together with the rest of the hottest teens of Check them all out there.

Diana is someone I would love to come home with. And I’m grateful to have her at