Month: April, 2010

Vampire Blue Eyes

It is amazing how flawless BlueBlood covergirl Cherry always looks. She is pretty much the busty vampire dream girl.

blueblood blue blood cherry vampire vamp blue eyes

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FTV Girls Katrina


She’s from Texas, never done any nudes before, let alone masturbate! The sweetest personality, the most down-to-earth girl you’ve ever met, you’ll fall in love with her natural approach to life and sex. Catching her in the morning, she’s watching TV in cute butt shorts… then undressing for the shower, she shaves her private parts. No sooner is she touching herself when she pulls out a toy, and starts masturbating… Even though she is shy, and having this first time experience, she cannot resist the pleasure from the toy, and has a strong (squirting!) orgasm. We get extreme closeups of her private parts, and how pretty it is! You just want to taste it… and her milky juices! Then in a sexy dress & heels, she flashes at a resort, settling down on some steps to masturbate again, right in the open! Another orgasm & squirt… Back home, she undresses and gives her sexy butt a nice hard massage, then moves to her breasts (squeezing them hard!). Then its time for two toys, for another strong orgasm. She loves to masturbate! Waking up in the comfy bed, she shows off her sexy butt, then tries on several cute panties for us. Then taking her favorite, she stuffs it deep inside, and pulls it out with her milky juices on top! Going more kinky, she’s wearing a tight dress and heels — shows off those sexy legs before double penetrating herself with two vibrators! She does love the vibrations anally… Then warmed up enough for the Vibraking Toy — She squirts twice! She is shocked by its power. Later that night, after the shoot is done, she watches her own video being edited on the computer, and masturbates again! She actually loved watching herself masturbate. So enjoy this Total First Time Video Girl!

Danielle FTV Easter Ecstasy


I don’t seem to wear a lot of lingerie for shoots so I definitely wanted to switch it up a bit (plus there aren’t that many cute bunny costumes out there.) I totally dig the pink sparkly bunny ears I got. It came with long pink gloves and a bunny tail but I didn’t know what I would pin the bunny tail to so I just left it out along with the gloves. The see through g-string that came with the lingerie was way too big for me (that seems to happen a lot when I buy sets that come with underwear…the top fits fine but the bottoms are always too big) so I didn’t end up wearing those either (but when do I ever wear underwear?) Those bunny clips that I was using as nipple clips weren’t supposed to be used that way. They were quite uncomfortable but I dealt with it because I thought it would be cute in my shoot.

Szandora Pink Polka Dots

In this BarelyEvil update, Szandora is the gothic pale vision of beautiful springtime. Love the pink polka dots.

barelyevil szandora pink polka dots

Sexy Eyes Faye

In this EroticBPM update, Faye‘s sexy gaze seems to capture you through the screen. She is so alluring!

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls

Stephy Slaughter Bad Bunny

Easter is this weekend. Stephy Slaughter is all prepped for a BarelyEvil Easter celebration with her naughty gothic punk stuffed bunny. Sexy, punk, and smoldering, Stephy really delivers the hotness!

barelyevil stephy slaughter naked easter bunny