Month: July, 2010

FTV Girls Ashlyn


This gorgeous teen has beauty and that sophisticated look… her sexy nature will definitely arouse men and women alike. She introduces herself, strips down, then goes out and walks barefoot in the nude and does nude streaking out on the street! Then visiting a pool party, she changes into a bikini, and fingers herself in front of some guys who didn’t know what to expect! Inside the bedroom, she uses a vibrator to get to a strong, toe-curling orgasm. Then in a sexy dress & heels, she visits a resort, gives us some upskirt teases, spreads for us, then uses a vibrator again for a long and intense masturbation video. She also ends up walking naked through the resort… what a perfect dream butt! She’s all about wearing the classiest stuff… and her next dress gets shown off at a busy mall — looking like a fashion shoot, until she starts flashing that is! Then at a less busy part of the mall, she sits there and masturbates to a very strong orgasm. Notice how her legs start trembling like crazy! Then its off to the park, where she does some naked cartwheels and fingering, and then home in a cute nightie giving her breasts a hard squeeze. Best for last, she starts fingering herself, three, four, five, then ends up fisting! Fisting was a total first time experience for her, and an erotic FTV adventure sure not to be missed by any of you.

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Danielle FTV Past In Present


Here is the remaining video to the “Glimpse of the Past” video. This one is ALL sex…so it should make some of you who have been asking for more sex videos happy. I originally wanted to put this video in the candid video section of my website since it is so short and wasn’t shot by my main photographer/videographer but I realized that A) I’m a perfectionist and need to calm down a bit and B) honestly you guys probably don’t mind all that much. I’m still trying to remember the guys name in the video. I honestly think this is the first time in my life that I don’t remember the name of the person I’ve had sex with (I rarely do one night stands so of course stuff like that doesn’t happen to me.) I don’t have any of the pictures from the shoot so I ended up having to use the FTVGirls picture of me wearing the same dress (like I did with the other part of this video.)

Tatooist Vicious Vixen Gets Off

Tattooist Vicious Vixen doesn’t seem very vicious, just really really sexy. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but she is even hotter in this EroticBPM self-pleasure video than her last one.

eroticbpm vicious vixen

Razor Candi Glasses and Pinstripes

Razor Candi pulls off a new hotter-than-hell pinstripes pinup look in this newest BarelyEvil update. She flirts in the librarian glasses and then puts them in her pinstriped panties, before teasingly stripping them off. Incredibly sexy with legs for miles and a very spankable-looking ass.

barelyevil razor candi pinstripes

Hollywood Hills Blowjob

In this incredibly hot BlueBlood update, Superna and Individual have wild sex high above the Hollywood Hills. There is no railing next to where they are dangerously fucking, but they don’t seem to care. Superna manages to get Individual’s whole huge cock down her throat, while smiling mischievously sexy with her eyes.

blueblood superna individual deck blowjob

Danielle FTV Benefits Of The Earth


I got the shoot name from my mom when I came over to her house a couple of weeks ago with my hair done the same way and wearing the same dress. I love being compared to an “Earth Goddess” or “fairy/nymph”! My dress is actually the same color as my puppy Love Bug right now (I had her dyed purple for my birthday.) FTVRob was telling me that my boobs are looking bigger than they were which is totally awesome. I wouldn’t mind being a 38DD. I realized when looking up what vegetable I was using that the name for the summer squash video I did last year is completely wrong. I named it “Zucchini Treat” when it’s really a summer squash (though in my defense I actually wasn’t the person who thought up this name…it was FTVRob and I had no idea in the first place what I was stuffing in me.)

FTV Girls Valentina


Its a rainy day, but it doesn’t stop Valentina from running out on the jogging trail. She’s a gorgeous brunette with a stunning figure; and we watch her as she exposes her full breasts in this public place! She ends up jogging completely naked on the street, now that is risky! Back home, all naked, she warms up with a vibrator, and masturbates to a strong orgasm. Notice the strong vaginal contractions as she reaches climax. She has some of the classiest & sexiest wear: Starting with a short, tight dress & stockings/heels, she gives us upskirt views, then fingers herself. Once the heels comes off, she gives us more intimate views, then goes completely naked with just the black stockings to masturbate. This time with her favorite rabbit toy, she comes to an even stronger, convulsive orgasm! We get extreme closeups of her enlarged clit, watch as she shows off her milky, sticky juices and spreads wide so you can see it all inside! After a restaurant interview and flashing, she hangs out at a park in pigtails, going bottomless and having fun… then gets changed right out in the rain outside to a very sexy blue dress. She starts masturbating right there, but the rain gets too hard… time to go back home! Then its time for the Vibraking toy, and what an experience for her! It brings her to the hardest orgasm of her life, something that makes her whole body shake with pleasure. So enjoy this gorgeous Total First Time Video Girl, she is exclusive, only to FTV… you’ll never see her anywhere else! Oh yeah… and she reminds us of the actress Jennifer Tilly :)

Deathrock Razor Candi

The famous Razor Candi looks as gorgeous as always in this GothicSluts update. She strips off her deathrock finery to reveal the most perfect vampire white skin and flawless body.

gothicsluts razor candi gothic sluts razorcandi

Kitteh in HD

EroticBPM just went HD with video of their new contract star Kitteh. They say Kitteh will practically be in your lap and it really feels that way. You can see every detail of her cute tattooed body.

ebpm kitteh hd erotic bpm video

Scar and Szandora Wet Marble Shower

In this BarelyEvil update, Scar 13 and Szandora turn up the heat in this hot shower. The way the water flows over their pale gothic bodies, makeup running down their faces, is very erotic.

barelyevil scar 13 szandora wet shower