Month: September, 2011

Fetish Vampire Mad Sophie

Goth girls, tattoo girls, and vampire girls are three great tastes that taste great together. Mad Sophie is dangerously sexy as a tattooed fetish goth vampire girl. From her pert pale tits to her bared fangs, she looks lickably delicious in this EroticFandom update or maybe she just looks like she’d find a bloody bite delicious. Sexy predator or sexy prey.

erotic fandom mad sophie vampire

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Darkly Erotic Razor Candi

Razor Candi has Coca-Cola can red hair now. The intense color looks good with her intense deathrock good looks. As she shimmies out of her black clothing, you have to wonder how anyone could have such a perfect body with such porcelain skin. GothicSluts is truly showcasing a flawless gothic doll come to life here.

gothicsluts razorcandi red

Barely Evil Schoolgirl Ruby Violence

BarelyEvil has been known for its very naughty punk rock schoolgirls for a decade now, but it is still always nice to see a really sexy new beauty matriculate. Ruby Violence strips that little schoolgirl skirt off her perfect pale toned body, outside where anyone could stumble past and see her, and you can tell she gets off on the idea that someone might be looking. What an incredible girl!

barelyevil ruby violence schoolgirl

The Revolution Will Be Sexy

CJ looks dangerously sexy stripping off her military uniform to reveal her short brushcut soldier hair and tight body. EroticFandom has the costume babes.

eroticfandom cj revolution