Month: October, 2011

Gothic Hottie Vima Nude by the Pool

Those crazy GothicSluts girls only seem to be caught outdoors when it’s freezing and grey. Exotic cutie Vima strips off her cozy warm down jacket and plays in the freezing pool as the dead winter leaves blow by in the chilly breeze. This is just the sexy moody sort of series we love Blue Blood’s GothicSluts for. You just wouldn’t see this anywhere else and it’s just too sexy to pass up. I just want to snuggle her, you know, for the the body heat. Well, that and to be as close as I can to her awesome body, and to kiss those beautiful full lips would be enough heat to last the whole winter.

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Sexy Punk Rock Darenzia in Blue

We thought it would be hot to bring you a double dose of Darenzia today, she just looks so fuckin’ cool in blue. This BarelyEvil set was is exactly the type of fun punk rock sexy stuff we’ve grown to love the site for. Hot girls with awesome bodies and big blue mohawks! What more could you want? The cute little panties are a nice touch too!

Cool Gothic Girls at the Beach?

According to Forrest Black and Amelia G, their most recent GothicSluts shoot with Voltaire must have set some new world records for fastest sets they ever shot. It was a really cold day. Okay, it wasn’t cold by the standards of any place which really has cold days, but this is Los Angeles. Even though it was chilly, their last shoot had been rained out, so Voltaire decided they should hit the beach no matter what this time. They had some concepts which required warmer weather, but it still seemed like a good idea. Note to Gothic types who might not go to the beach that often: it gets a lot colder than areas more inland do on days like this. Who knew? So anyway, they took their time drinking coffee and wandering around and hanging out before they finally got things underway and the day got steadily colder. The first spot they shot in was an incredibly naughty place and they only had six minutes total to shoot in and, for reasons of discretion, they couldn’t use the whole time. The second spot they shot in, they did everything in under five minutes because it was getting pretty icy for Angelenos. This lifeguard booth was the last location of the day and it was unfuckingbelievably cold (for LA.) Checking the timestamps, they shot this series in literally just over two minutes. Go Amelia, Forrest, and Voltaire! I love the cool moody feel they managed to capture here.

Naughty Neighbor Flasher Dana DeArmond

I’ve always enjoyed looking at photo sets of Dana DeArmond and this BarelyEvil set reminds me why. Not many women could pull off look tough and sassy while wearing an all white two piece swimsuit but she most certainly pulls it off with style. There is something about her bad ass take the world on attitude that shows through even when wears the most innocent of outfits. Of course the outfit doesn’t stay on very long and soon she’s treating us to a rooftop striptease that is hot beyond compare.

Batty shows off — and takes off — her fave belly dancing costume

Curvy, pale-skinned Batty shows off her favorite belly dancing costume, an exquisite blue number with fringe, beads and, most importantly, quick-release clasps, which means it’s not long before we see those absolutely perfect breasts of hers.

Joker Dominates Alice

Worlds collide as the Joker dominates Alice in this deliciously costumed BlueBlood update. Alice falls legs-over-head into a dry jacuzzi, discovering the Joker likes his women naked, bound and defenseless against his perverse overtures. His velvet-gloved hands dance over her bare feet as her cries are lost in the tape across her mouth, but the Joker can’t be all bad. Alice can’t say, but the deepening pink blush of her bare muffin just screams EAT ME.

Scar 13 Has Diamonds and Plugs

Leaving Scar 13 to her own devices is a wonderful idea. Wearing super tall clear heels, a sleeve of diamonds and nothing else, we see that she wants something more. Bring on a little rubbing, moving around, and even some backwards praying that lets you see this devilish beauty. Alas, Scar 13 is not satisfied. She brings on a butt plug. Now things are, you could say, popping up. The diamond plug looks perfect in a beautiful ass, complimented by a drool worthy pussy. I can only hope she got as much satisfaction as this set from?BarelyEvil as I did.

Wild Raver Girls are Crazy Hot!

EroticBPM is excited to introduce their latest adorable raver girl, Kitten Toxicated. We love her neon hot pink hair and genuine smile and we certainly look forward to seeing more of her! Check out Kitten’s very first set, on EroticBPM now. They have the worlds best collection of super sexy and real party girls around.

A Little Background on EroticBPM’s Partygirl Saia

EroticBPM superstar Saia returns in a super hot schoolgirl skirt and oh how we love the big black boots! Fans and admirers of Saia wanted to know a bit more about this fun exhibitionist cutie, so here are some fun facts to know about her that we’ve gathered from the extensive profile she has available on EroticBPM:

Food Saia enjoys: waffles, egg rolls, cabbage, pineapple, ham and havarti cheese sammiches, anything with garlic

What does she drink: Dr Pepper, Quervo 1800 Tequilla, Bombay Saphire, coffee

…and most importantly…

Saia’s Turn Ons: Aesthetically: bone structure, hip bones and collar bones that stick out, protuberant veins and joints, symmetry/ proportion, light colored eyes Generally: twisted, perverse things, getting/ giving head, trying new things, pleasing my boy

Get to know her and see a lot more of her too, on EroticBPM

Curvy Candy Cutie Xanthia Loves Latex

It’s wonderful when a classic outfit like a pink jacket and black skirt is given a new twist, for instance being made out of sexy tight latex. It’s even more wonderful when the outfit is being worn by a voluptuous beauty like Xanthia in this Rubberdollies set. Pair this slinky outfit with a pair of ultra high heels and to me it’s just sex personified. Of course as gorgeous as she looks with the jacket primly fastened, it’s nothing compared to when she unfastens it and treats us to a view of her amazing breasts.