Danielle FTV Flower Child


Spring time is the best season ever! I love being able to shoot with flowers around me (I’m so glad FTVRob suggested the idea.) I didn’t bring all that many clothes to shoot in (I’ve learned that it’s best not to bring too many since you really only shoot in two or three outfits) so we picked out the pink skirt and the white jacket that I had arrived in to the shoot. FTVRob didn’t really care for any of the shoes that I brought with me so he had me wear a pair that Allison Angel shot in a couple years ago. Let me tell you, those shoes were uncomfortable. I think they were a size 9 (which I am) but they were super narrow (I have pretty wide feet). They had these evil tiny straps that kept digging into my feet. My hair was partially blue in this shoot but now it’s purple. I don’t think FTVRob cared for it very much…it took him forever to even notice it in the first place.

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