FTV Girls Kali And Melissa


Both teen girls have appeared early in the summer; very cute, very popular, and very extreme!  So what if they were to meet?  The wish has come true, and it becomes an experiment in their extreme sexual limits.  They meet at a resort, wearing cute dresses, and making out.  Moving to their breasts, sucking on each others’ nipples, then groping each other.  First, its Kali’s turn to be on the receiving end, taking a glass toy hard and deep.  Then Melissa brings a second, and pushes them both into her vagina!  You hear the hard clacking sound mixed with wet juices as she takes the toys hard.  Then Melissa starts with one, two, three and then four fingers, finally moving to a full fist.  She works it in, and Kali does her best to take it all!  Going home to a more private area, its Melissa’s turn to try the glass toys, and Kali gives it to her in a rather rough manner.  Both toys go into her vagina, then Melissa offers her butt, and gets double penetrated both ways!  Next its Kali’s fist in Melissa’s vagina, and it goes all the way in… deep!  The whole hand is missing, and Melissa takes it in several different positions.  The next day, in more cute outfits, they make out at the park, then Melissa fingers Kali, and takes her home for some FTV style experiments.  They challenge each other:  Who can take the most golf balls!  Kali is first, and we get to see her penetrated deep with four balls, which turns out to be her near limits.  Extreme closeups of her spreading, stretching wide so you can see deep inside, and of the balls rolling out!  Then Melissa takes four balls as well, and has Kali near-fist her to pull them out.  Some nude play at a pool, and they turn to a double-ended toy.  Having hard lesbian sex, its mutual pounding until they are exhausted from all the days play.  Would you ever expect girls this cute to pull this off?  For FTV, absolutely!

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