FTV Girls Tara


Our popular Delicious Girl comes back, and hooks up with our very dream girl Danielle!  Together they are out for some mischief…  Starting with a pillow fight in the bed, they dress up for some adventure.  Going to the mall together, they videotape each other at the department store, flashing their breasts and upskirt all over!  Tara is wearing a cute punk dress and pigtails, and she’s totally having a good time.  Danielle joins the fun by having her breasts out too, people can only stare!  Back home, Tara masturbates with a toy, and has Danielle help her out by pounding the toy hard and fast to orgasm.  With another cute outfit showing off her legs and butt, she flashes at a restaurant, then does cartwheels at a public park, butt-naked!  Together, the girls flash a guy lounging at the park, and two guys who come approach them.  Back home, there’s more toy play until Tara has her orgasm — Danielle sticks her finger into Tara’s private part and pulls out her milky juices, and feeds it to her.  Some kissing… Working their way back, and some fingering in the car while driving, they find themselves back on the couch.  Danielle gives Tara a nice hard butt massage, then rubs her big breasts against Tara’s butt.  Tara returns the favor, and sucks on Danielle’s big breasts.  She then finds comfort in a new vibrator, which she then uses to masturbate, double penetrating herself with her finger in her butt.  Danielle helps out to finish her off with one nice final orgasm :)

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