Month: October, 2007

Witch Xanthia Doll Spanks Scar 13 with Lollipop

Scar13 and Xanthia Doll dress up as witches for Halloween. They are playful in this set at first. Then Scar spanks Xanthia with a big black and orange lollipop, but Xanthia gets her revenge when she repeatedly spanks Scar 13 so hard with lollipops that they shatter on her ass over and over again until her pale gothic flesh is very pink. What a Happy Halloween!

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Jenna’s Irresistible Beauty

Perfect b-cups and green crystal eyes are Jennas’s trademark features! She definitely has our members turned on; we get requests everyday for more pics and new sets of Jenna! We think you will want to see more too!

Jenna is a hot and nasty fetish girl! She loves posing with sexy outfits, then showing them off for our cameras!

This is one fine specimen of hot teen body! Her lovely face with her tongue playing that dildo, her perfect nipples are erectable and down to her pussy, there’s a pair star tattoo and pierce too. Jenna has got a killer body that we guarantee will please!

FTV Girls Jocylnn


Literally packing her bags overnight and leaving Georgia for good, this teen wants to live out on the West Coast, live out her California dreams.  Submitting some cute high school graduation photos of herself, we flew her to Phoenix for a first time shoot.  Shy at first, we see that she loves masturbation, and uses a vibrator on a pool table to have two nice strong orgasms!  She has the cutest voice, and pretty blue eyes, and a nice butt… so trying on several different cute dresses & underwear, she settles with a cute t-shirt, and starts fingering herself again.  She shows of her clit, we get some nice closeups, and she starts masturbating… using a rabbit vibrator this time.  It seems to work rather well on her because she has a third, stronger (louder?) orgasm.  Shy to public nudity, we get her to flash her nipples when nobody is watching outside…


We got a very nice babe from Russia here by the name of Juliana. She has a pretty face, nice boobs and ass cheek so tight and fuckable! She’s hot, to make the long story short.

Does she make you hard now that we have the greatest view ever from Juliana? Her face is pretty, her body is awesome, and she gets fully naked. Her best body part would have to be her buttcheeks and of course, her glorious boobies!

Check her out at Juliana is the hottest redhead ever.

Skull and Lollipop Halloween Girl

Curvy DemiGauge gets awfully cuddly and playful with her plastic Halloween skull and lollipop in this holiday-themed set for EroticBPM.

DemiGauge EroticBPM

Szandora Spooky Socks

This Halloween week, we are just all very excited about the professional contortionist level hotness of the beautiful girls of GothicSluts. Szandora’s spooky socks feature ghosts and the word boo and the classic black and orange Halloween colors. Somehow I’m having trouble focusing on just her cute little feet and their cute little foot coverings. I think it is the ankles all the way behind her ears which is distracting me.

Szandora Spooky Sox

Lia 19 Wannabe Rock Star!


“Rock out with your cock out” that seems to be the perfect name for this set. I was given a guitar recently from a member and I love it! Maybe i will start a band lol. Anyways I am not to good at playing it but I love to pose in pictures with it. Naked pictures that is. Then FTV gives me these 2 eight ball things that are suppose to turn me on or something along those lines but not too sure if I got it right. but sliding them in and pushing them out sure looks hot enough to turn me on. How about you!

Alison Angel Alisons Nightmare


Trick or treat! This Halloween special is defiantly a treat for all! Except me, because there is something lurking about and I cant quite figure out what it is. This is defiantly different than any other chapter we have ever done! Almost movie like, and I really get a chance to do a little acting here in this chapter. These are nighttime pictures, they have a spooky feel to them, like something just isn’t right. Some of the pictures you may have to look close to see hidden things, what is lurking around in the background. Some of the pictures are cute, sexy with a bit of Alison meets monster!

Scar 13 and Peter Penis Pumpkin Face

In this very special GothicSluts set by Forrest Black and Amelia G, Scar 13 carves a very naughty pumpkin. You have to see the whole set to really get the full effect. It is unbelievably sexy. Scar playfully creates her jack-o-lantern, gets pumpkin guts all over her lithe body, and demonstrates that she is very very very very flexible, in a very very very very hot way.

Scar 13 Naked Pumpkin Carving

Kayden’s Boobies

Probably one of the best previews ever for Kayden, we made sure here at that we give you the highlights and the best reason why our models stands out among the rest of the teens posing naked on the web.

Chillin’ out with this babe has never been this fun when you got to see the best of her. And that’s her boobies out for you with sweet tan lines hugging its fullness. And look! No undies either!

See the rest of Kayden at That bumpy ass of her is for you to have!