Month: July, 2011

Charlotte Narni

You might recognize sultry Charlotte Narni from her turn as Simon Pegg’s love interest in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People or, if you are in London, you might recognize her from her DJ beats or ass-shaking with the Narni Shakers burlesque troupe. In this GothicSluts update, you get to enjoy her famous (and lovely) boobs.

gothicsluts charlotte narni

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Comic Con Booth Babes

Comic Con in San Diego just kicked off. Bodacious Diana Knight is a Comic Con booth babe every year. Check out this EroticFandom shoot, lensed by Kelly Lind, where Diana Knight struts her stuff in Spider-Man undies, and you will see why she is in such high demand.

Diana Knight, Diana Knight
Does whatever a super hot costumed babe can …

eroticfandom diana knight spidey spiderman underoos

Pinstripes and Ass

In this almost POV update on GothicSluts, Sierra S demonstrates why everybody likes pinstripes and ass.

gothicsluts sierra pinstripes ass

Masuimi Max Kill Bill

Gorgeous Masuimi Max brandishes a sword so well. It is rare to see a single erotic image as intricate and structured as this Kill Bill movie homage, but EroticFandom has a whole set of this Masuimi Max series, all painstakingly designed by Chad Michael Ward. Not only that, but membership includes dozens of Masuimi Max shoots.

erotic fandom masuimi max kill bill

Velvet Eve

In this GothicSluts update, gorgeous Eve strips off her spooky velvet clothing to play with a big purple toy on her red velvet chair. She keeps her black fishnets on, oh, yes, Eve keeps her black fishnets on.

gothicsluts eve velvet

Small Girl, Huge Toy

Speaking of boots with the fur, brand new EroticBPM cutie Vixen says, “I’m very elastic!” At 4′11″ and 92 pounds, she sure can take a big toy. This elastic spinner is one hot raver.

eroticbpm big toy

Boots with the Fur

Like Flo Rida says, “Shorty was hot like a toaster
Sorry but I had to fold her
Like a pornography poster

Boots with the fur, with the furrrrr
The whole club was looking at herrrrrrrrr
She hit the flo, she hit the flo
Next thing you know
Shorty got low, low, low, low, low low, low”

Kitty Kay looks mighty fine in this EroticBPM shoot with the boots with the fur.

eroticbpm kitty kay

Amy Panties

Amy looks so hot in her fancy lingerie panties. She is definitely a sexy Veronica in this GothicSluts update.

gothicsluts amy panties

Green Women

If men had not always yearned for green women, there would have been no Star Trek. In this creative EroticFandom shoot, lensed by Amelia G and Forrest Black, Scar 13 is made up as The Creature from the Sexy Lagoon. She has green makeup in her everything and a little baby plush Creature from the Black Lagoon. This takes science fiction costume erotica to a whole nother level.

erotic fandom scar13 creature from the black lagoon

Naked Raver Laloui

EroticBPM really hits their rave raverporn roots with newcomer Laloui in this outdoor strip set. This flamboyant cutie says, “I like the party, making new friends, sick beats, and dancing to jamz, ;)

eroticbpm laloui