Month: September, 2009

Happy Blasphemy Day

BarelyEvil wishes everyone a Happy Blasphemy Day. Reading about the shooting process in the members area, I thought it was interesting that Forrest Black and Amelia G chose to shoot Nina Sin for this partly to showcase her dark tattoos which would show through the bodypaint easily. Mostly, this set is just hotter than hell. Nina Sin look devilishly sexy and doable. Nina Sin’s extensive pussy piercing against her red-painted flesh is just the piece de resistance of artistic hotness.

barelyevil nina sin devil

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FTV Girls Morgan


Cute, tiny, and most importantly, busty… She’s a shy first timer having her first nude & masturbation experience, here on FTV.  We first spot her at the pool, as she plays with her full, firm natural breasts, taking off her bikini top for more hard breast play.  Drying herself off, she goes indoors and masturbates with her vibrator, until she has a nice, natural orgasm.  Gets pretty milky wet!  Her boyfriend then plays with her breasts, giving them a very hard and intense breast massage.  Pulling out the Big Ten Toy, the boyfriend uses it on her in doggy style, pushing it as deep as it goes into her petite body!  Looks as big as her arm… Out at a resort, she’s in a cute black dress & heels, then goes topless and gets played with some more.  Using a large glass toy, she’s penetrating herself again (the toy barely fits!) and she starts leaking juices everywhere!  The milky juices drip down her leg and leave a puddle behind.  Her boyfriend tries the toy on her in doggy style.  Then she’s at a park bench near the street, posing nude for us, risking getting caught…

FTV Girls Brianne


She’s always loves to get naked, and she finally got the guts to try it on camera!  Lucky for us, this First Time Video Girl decides to do it for FTV, and wow, what a spunky personality!  Watching her jog by a canal, she gets butt naked, and runs around, also giving us peeks between her legs while stretching.  She then starts fingering herself hard, and all while people are jogging by!  Going home, she picks a vibrator and continues the hard penetration, then tries out the Big Pink Toy!  The thing is the size of her arm, but she takes it surprisingly deep.  The best part is, she loves it!  At one point surprising us both by squirting on orgasm.  She’s very vocal about her experiences, and shares it with us in her energetic, spunky manner.  Then in a bikini, she masturbates again, using the same toy combination for more hard penetration until she’s too sore to continue!  At a restaurant, she continues to have fun flashing her breasts and licking cream off of them.  She’s then wearing a very sexy black dress & heels, and does a dance to her favorite music.  It turns into a striptease, until she is completely naked.  Then she has the most amazing experience with the Vibraking Toy!  It puts her in such a crazy, multi-orgasmic state and squirts multiple times!  Being so wet, she attempts to push five fingers inside her, and continues the hard finger penetration.  Enjoy one of the most energetic girls to appear on FTV, and enjoy her Total First Time Experience!

Dana Dark Devilgirl

The devilgirl photo series Forrest Black and Amelia G have been shooting for BarelyEvil are so so so sexy and so so so creative. I read that the first devil girl shoot like this they did was with the gorgeous Dana Dark. Dana Dark has always had this timeless sensuality in all the photographs of her. Her come-hither eyes simultaneously say something sweet and something devilishly naughty. The way her tattoos show through the makeup in this update is really cool too. Wouldn’t you like to be the one to spread paint on Dana Dark?!

barelyevil dana dark

Fuck the Devil in the Ass

That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Blasphemy Day! So, this September 30th, grab a pair of horns and give it to your favorite Beelzebabe hard and dirty. Anything less would be sac-sacrelige. BarelyEvil is celebrating by adding more hot Devil girls to their collection, along with never before seen hot and evil sets of Szandora, Nina Sin, and more. This is truly some hot stuff.

szandora BarelyEvil devil girl ass

Danielle FTV Spunky In Retainers


My first time ever wearing my retainers (well actually retainer since I was only wearing my top one…I think I sound funny with the bottom one in) on camera. I thought it would look kind of cool with my colorful outfit. I actually had bought that shirt for a rave that I never ended up going to. It would’ve been funny if I had gone to the rave and worn it and people had actually given me $0.25 for a hug (I can totally see that happening to.) I was pretty clumsy in this shoot (must have been the heat!) I must have bumped into things four different times. It was so hot that on several parts of the video you can see beads of sweat on my boobs. I don’t think I got off in this video…truthfully I needed something else…not a toy.

FTV Girls Lilith


This girl shatters all extreme records… never have we seen a girl capable of such extreme insertions!  We watch her walk through an open mall, and flash her breasts and spread her legs.  She looks cute in that white dress & heels, but alas, an angry office worker catches her in the act of fingering!  Finding another corner of the mall, she does deep four & five finger insertion, with gaping spreads.  Then she uses the Long Pink toy to masturbate hard and have several squirting orgasms!  Going home, she shows us her huge toy collection.  First riding the Big Ten Toy, she takes it all the way to the base… Most FTV girls have serious trouble taking the Big Ten toy down, and she did it easy!  So we bring the FTV Monster toy, and she takes all 12 inches of it to the base!!  Then, amazing us with something even bigger, a toy that is twice as big as the FTV Monster, and she takes it nearly all down!!  Incredible.  We even have her take on the Glass FTV Monster, a toy no girl has ever even attempted.  Then go kinky — just bought a pair of sexy heels, she uses the shoe heel for some stuffing, then takes the whole shoe and stuffs it inside her!!!  Never seen before, she does something else unprecedented:  Wearing a cute summer dress, she takes it off, and proceeds to stuff the entire dress until it goes completely missing!!  More kinky continues as she presents us two very large yellow summer squash, and stuffs both inside her!!  Pushing them out with her vaginal muscles, you can see how wide it stretches her!  Even more record-breaking, she takes four(!!!!) zucchinis and manages to get them all inside her!  Even takes two vaginally and one anally for good measure.  The most extreme is yet to come!  She takes on the Glass and Original FTV Toys, and surprise… she takes them both to the base!!  Almost seems impossible, until she brings out her own special toy, twice the size of the FTV Toy!  And guess what, she shocks us with how wide and deep she can go!  Our most extreme girls could never get close.  And for the grand finale, she gets fisted by Danielle, deep, halfway down to her forearm!  Then another record-breaker, taking two fists both deep inside her!  By far the most extreme girl to ever grace FTV, so you extreme fans will get spoiled by this one.

Hot Girls in Hot Water

This BarelyEvil set, shot by Lori Mann, features leggy Kess and tattooed Zui rolling around, getting into hot water together. Love the color palette and these are some very sexy women.

barelyevil kess zui bath

FTV Girls Denise


We’re lucky that Ileana’s best friend finally turned 18 and wants to shoot for FTV!  A total First Time experience, her debut on FTV was an incredible one.  With Ileana’s encouragement, she strips for us, trying on some cute clothes she brought with her… and fools around with Ileana (real life teen friends!).  Picking a vibrator, she masturbates, enjoying this long experience to orgasm(s).  More posing and playing, and she’s masturbating with two vibrators this time to an even stronger orgasm.  On the next day, we visit a gym where she does her boxing exercises, and shows off her boxing skills.  She flashes her nipples and butt, and gets caught doing it!  So she takes the camera to the locker room to play with herself…  She then puts on a cute schoolgirl (cheerleader) outfit on (she’s still in High School!) and does some stretching and sexy butt views.  Out on the grass, she does some cartwheels and acrobatics.  To cool down, she uses a water hose, pushing it deep inside her, and making water squirt out!  Some kinky & sexy views of her squirting away and even gets the photographer soaked with her powerful vagina muscles!  She is rather tight…  The activities continue as she visits a very busy pool party, runs into Lia, and gets all naked for a photoshoot right there!  The guys seem to enjoy it…  Back home, she attempts to do some fisting, but ends up doing 4 fingers, and then tries out the Big Ten Toy.  Though its too big for her, she takes it surprisingly deep!  Enjoy this fresh face, another First Time Video girl :)

Danielle FTV Taylor Meets Danielle


Taylor is such a cutie…and her boobs are gigantic. Personally I think they are bigger than mine even though we both have 36D’s. This video is mostly about boobs. It’s great since I don’t usually get to fool around with girls that have big boobs and natural ones at that. I love her bra and panty set. I bet she has just as hard of a time finding cute bras that fit. This seemed like a pretty casual shoot. Not sure why I’m wearing my pj’s. It must have been a lazy day for me and I just didn’t change when coming over to the FTV mansion to shoot.