Month: March, 2010

Kess and Velocity Dirty Cosplay Bunnies

BlueBlood is gearing up for the Easter holiday with an update shot by Lori Mann. Kess and Velocity are some very very dirty cosplay bunnies!

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FTV Girls Jayden


Tall, extremely gorgeous, and sexy, she is gifted with the perfect natural assets. Full, round D cup breasts, seductive eyes, and a super sexy butt all in one package. In a sexy dress & heels, she walks in an exotic house, settling down to play with her breasts, and give us upskirt views. In no time she is naked, then showing off her figure, and pulling out the vibraking toy. She masturbates with it until it satisfies her completely, and we see some milky juice buildup deep inside her. In the kitchen, wearing only white lingerie and glasses, she poses some more for us, giving us extreme closeups of her clit and private parts. She has sexy legs & feet, so we have her show them off as well. Then fingering herself, she moves to a large pink vibrating dildo, masturbating and pushing it deep until it satisfies her. Out for lunch, she opens up to us, and then flashes her breasts and shows off her cute panties. Out in the elegant casita patio, we watch that sexy girl give herself a hard breast massage, then get all naked in just her heels. More deep toy masturbation follows, and she then cools down in the pool. Then she plays with her breasts, squeezing them even harder! Its out for a nice swim all naked, and some sexy views of her wet figure. Then its time to finish with the BIg Ten Toy, pushing her limits to the max!

Angela Ryan Rubber Wet in the Rain

In this RubberDollies update, Angela Ryan looks like some cyberpunk goddess, come back from the future to sexually dominate you. The rain pouring through the open space in her industrial ceiling beads up on her beautiful pale flesh and her shiny turquoise latex. Very sexy!

rubberdollies angela ryan rubber rain wet

Szandora and Scar 13 Nail Polish

In this GothicSluts behind-the-scenes update, Scar 13 and Szandora are painting each other’s nails. Finger nails and toenails. Very cute foot fetish, especially when Scar blows on Szandora’s cute toes to make the nail polish dry faster. Somehow they manage to get the black and pink nail polish on nicely, despite a good deal of distracting fondling.

gothic sluts scar 13 szandora nails

Serena Toxicat Dominant Pussy

In this GothicSluts update, Serena Toxicat shows off the tattoo of a cat on her pussy, along with some of her dominatrix cat of nine tails moves. Her real life pet kitty, who she credits as a style icon, gets into the frame as well. Serena really channels that sexy cat goddess energy.

Danielle FTV Casual Encounters


It’s always funny when I have all my outfits planned out for a shoot and then my photographer/videographer tells me that we should shoot in what I arrived in. I absolutely love my Victoria’s Secret “Pink” lounge pants. So far they are the most comfortable pants I own. The only thing I don’t particularly care about is the sequins above the butt and that’s only when I’m sleeping and the top comes unfolded. The house that we shot in was huge and absolutely beautiful…but for whatever reason there didn’t seem to be that much furniture in it (though I can kind of understand why since there are so many rooms!) I loved the pin up painting in the billiards room. Pin up and fine art nudes are the modeling types that I’ve been the best in. I’m surprised at how great the white dress looked on me. I’ll probably take it to Miami with me to wear at the nightclubs there.

FTV Girls Kirsten


We watch this very sexy girl (a total First Timer!) take a walk in a summer dress on a sunny day… Its a public park but she’s all about flashing it all! We get to see up her skirt, as she takes her panties off, and spreads for us. Long, sexy legs give her an even hotter look as she settles down to flash her breasts and finger herself. Pulling out a vibrator, she masturbates and has a quickie orgasm right there! We discover that for her, orgasms come easy… Back home she uses a larger vibrating pink dildo for some hard deep sex until she has another orgasm. She gapes for us, and we can see deep inside! She moves her vaginal muscles, causing her insides to open and close, and her milky wet juices stick to the walls of her vagina! Trying on several sexy dresses & heels in the closet, she shows herself off before pulling her vibrator out to have two more orgasms, in the craziest positions! Then playing with her hair, she uses one of her larger makeup tools for some kinky play as she pushes the whole thing in deep. After lunch, she does some sexy yoga, showing off her flexibility, and then takes her pants off… to make it more explicit! Then she goes extreme, surprising herself when she fists deep, making her whole hand go completely missing! She fists harder and faster, and actually gets off on it! For a while there she was fisting herself sooo hard! Then she gapes herself open, so wide that we can see all the way to her cervix… and using her fingers deep she actually plays with her cervix! Wow. Then she takes on the FTV Toy, and shocks us further by going down super deep! She rides that toy hard, until she’s completely exhausted. In her sexiest dress & heels, she fingers herself to the sunset, going for the slow stimulation on her clit, then pulling out the Vibraking toy for an incredible finale. That toy gives her the strongest orgasms ever, putting her into pure ecstasy that ends in some very strong orgasmic contractions of her vagina. Enjoy this sexy FTV Girl, she’s doing this for her very first time, and exclusive here, to FTV :)

Danielle FTV A Bottle of Danielles


I’ve got to admit, using a bottle of Guinness to stuff inside me for St. Patrick’s day was a brilliant idea. I mean St. Patrick’s day is all about drinking…and Guinness is an Irish beer so it just seemed perfect to me. I have absolutely no idea what I will do for my next St. Patty’s day shoot (I’ve already run out of ideas.) I will probably end up using some green toy again like I did last year. I also noticed that they really don’t have all that many St. Patrick’s day costumes (kind of like Easter.) I had these cute little green bows that came with the costume accessories but decided to just use the headband. I guess I’ll have to use the bows next year. I also bought green clover nipple pasties that I was planning on using this year but ended up deciding against it. There was this weird white capsule thing in the bottle that I couldn’t figure out how to get out. I just looked it up and apparently it is called a “widget”.

Jax Sexy Vintage Lingerie and Forked Tongue

In this GothicSluts update, Jax is wearing vintage style lingerie, which provides a sexy contrast for her lithe tattooed body. Just imagine what she could do with that extreme forked tongue and perfectly shaved pussy!

Madison Young Hot Shower

In this BarelyEvil update, photographer Lori Mann has captured the heat that is Madison Young with a glass toy in the shower. As her black gothic eye makeup starts to drip down her face, Madison Young moves her tattooed wrist faster and flushes pink with pleasure.

barely evil madison young hot shower