Month: May, 2012

Green Haired Punk Pixie

This BarelyEvil update introduces green-haired punk pixie Meekus. Meekus looks sweetly shy as she shows off her flexible gymnast’s body and pierced nipples which match her extensively perforates ears.

barelyevil meekus

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Razor Candi Purple Deathrock Gorgeousness

This GothicSluts update shows once again that Razor Candi is one of the most beautiful deathrock pinups ever to step in front of a camera. From her torn fishnets to her blue and purple and violet hair to unreal perfect body and porcelain skin, Razor Candi exemplifies why GothicSluts is known for featuring the most gorgeous gothic girls on earth.

gothicsluts razor candi purple deathrock

Tanqueray Ready for the Night

Tanqueray looks ready to party in this sensual black and white EroticBPM update. Busty Tanqueray says she made the wild cyberglasses herself with an “LED belt buckle from eBay and a pair of bulky sunglasses that I spray-painted silver”. Creative and curviliciously hot!

eroticbpm tanqueray

BDSM Boy/Girl Love in Front of the Fireplace

In this BlueBlood update, BDSM players Marriah and Schno get intense. Tattooed Schno ties up the equally inked Marriah. He teases her and flogs her. She is so in the zone, her mascara runs black down her face. She sucks his cock with her hands behind her back. Finally, they go at it hard and heavy in front of the fireplace. They finish with a long slow loving kiss. Very very hot stuff!

blueblood marriah schno fireplace

Slim Armored Babe with Pierced Nipples

In this EroticFandom update, slim beautiful Roxy looks stunning in her plate mail armor. Photographer Chad Michael Ward captures her on camera somewhere in between fierce and sensual. And she looks just as good when she takes that metal off and shares her slender but curvy body and pierced puffy nipples.

eroticfandom roxy armor chad michael ward