Month: November, 2011

Kiki Gets Kinky on a Roof

Rooftop access is something that is usually coveted. You might commit a sin when you see the beautiful Kiki posing on a roof for EroticBPM. A perfect pale body, tight round ass, and tits that are almost too perfect are presented to us in a colorful display. Eight, yes, 8 inch boots and fishnets grace her sky high legs. Things finish off with her looking directly into your eyes, telling you that the price of roof top access is worth it.

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Angel Beau Has You Seeing Plaid

Flannel is not just for lumberjacks and grunge rockers in Seattle. It also looks very good on, and off Angel Beau. Wearing large glasses, a flannel skirt, heels, and a thong, she looks marvelous. Luckily for us, Barely Evil was able to convince her to take the thong and skirt off. Posing outside, she shows off her sweet tattooed body, taking full advantage of a bench nearby.

barelyevil angelbeau glasses

Azrielle the Booty Hunter

Beware! Azrielle has nothing but sheer panties on under her long coat, and her carnal intentions surface as she stalks unsuspecting hot-bodies to stun into ecstasy with her jewelry studded breasts. The thrill of the hunt blatantly turns her on in this EroticFandom shoot. Her ray gun will render you helpless as she has her way with you and secures her payload, but her sexy curves will render you satisfied.

EroticFandom Azrielle Totes Raygun

Rachel Face Shows Two Sides

People have different sides. Good and evil, happy and sad. Rachel Face has two of those sides. She happily poses on a couple pinball machines in a black and white Barely Evil collection that shows these sides. She shows the good sides (they are all good) of a fucking hot chick covered in tattoos and piercings with spiked hair. A twist of her pierced nipples, and a devils horns hand gesture through her crotch, and you see how there are no bad sides to this gorgeous woman.

Krysta Kaos goes Au Natural

I’m a nature lover. Love being outdoors in the fresh air. Krysta Kaos takes things one step further than I do though. Running naked through a wheat field, she takes a roll in the hay, as they say, and lets the sun caress her beautiful tattooed and pierced body for GothicSluts. Sun kissed never looked so good.

gothicsluts kristakaos field

Dana DeArmond Sucks Clear Toy

This candy colored set from BarelyEvil will get your blood pumping! Dana DeArmond strips off her tee to bare tits that are just too perfect. Foot worship is on the menu for starters, then she sucks her own juices from her long, battery powered phallus. Her pierced taint is simply silver-studded icing on the cake. Barely evil indeed…

Lydia Ivy West is Luscious in Latex

This set from RubberDollies sizzles! Doe-eyed Lydia Ivy West shows her spunk perched astride a high backed chair in a tight latex bikini as vibrant as her hair. She has legs that won’t stop and silver barbells punctuate all her most tender morsels. Lydia backs up to the camera for delicious POV shots of her pussy peeking between her creamy thighs and the way those luscious lips suck her finger commands undivided attention.

Feast Your Eyes on Razor Candi

BarelyEvil has every mile of Razor Candi’s long legs laid out like a smorgasbord of hotness. Her otherworldly features, so unique and so covetous, displayed openly over hard wood can only bring to mind dirty thoughts. Her nails are long, lacquered the same vicious red as her luscious lips, and that spiked labret would surely snag all your vulnerable spots with her every fevered kiss. But what’s pleasure without a little pain? And really, that ass is so sweet, it hurts. They don’t call her Razor Candi for nothing.

Barely Evil Razor Candi Garter

Darenzia Heals Scar 13s Invisible Wounds

Darenzia has a patient by the name of Scar 13. Her hot pink latex nurse outfit shows the irresistible Scar 13 how to treat her wounds. She rubs her wounds, however minor they may be. The blue lipped patient begs for more treatment. Not one to slack off on her job, Darenzia obliges her patient with all the pleasure she could want. With a through breast exam, and a little kissing, everything is healed.

Roxy Contin Has Bedroom Eyes for Madeleine

This BarelyEvil set featuring Madeleine Sophie and Roxy Contin calls to mind what bordello girls must have engaged in after hours. Sweat slick from a night’s debauchery, pleasure blooms between them in their full body embrace, soft feminine curves pressed urgently against more of the same. Under the smooth ministrations of Madeleine’s lace-gloved hands, Roxy sheds her silk robe to comfort Madeleine with her soft breasts. A riding crop teasingly insinuated between bare buttocks doesn’t cause any hard feelings… at least not for them.

Barely Evil Roxy Contin Madeleine Cheetah