Month: July, 2013

Emily Extreme Restraints

Is that a look of fear or excitement in her eyes?

Shadows hide every corner. Just a single spotlight illuminates a steel chair. With arms and legs bound by leather cuffs, Emily is going nowhere. Her long hair falls over beautiful curves of pure white innocence. And then it begins.

As vibrations travel up her body, she pulls at her restraints. The intensity builds. Her toes curl with pleasure and her body begins to shake. She looks into your eyes. She knows you’re watching.

Does she need help?

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Caprice A: “Deklarim” by Luca Helios


Zhanet A: “Pensas” by Alex Sironi


Irish A: “Notio” by Goncharov


Semmi A: “Mesantiga” by Alex Iskan


Nika N: “Allaty” by Arkisi


Sofi A: “Breit” by Goncharov


Vanda B: “Cieple” by Catherine

White shades

Here’s a few pictures of me dressed up and waiting around for some people to leave so we could continue with the photo set. They never left but I didn’t want to waste the makeup and outfit for nothing so I posed a little for your eyes only.

Click here to come inside and get to know me!


Kessie A: “Stolica” by Catherine