Month: July, 2009

FTV Girls Sophie


Coming back from a shoot over 2 years ago, Sophie is even sexier than before!  As popular as she was, members really wanted to see her return.  Seeing her in a white dress & heels, she walks the tourist areas of a popular western town, flashing and giving us upskirt views.  We love seeing those perky nipples stick out, and her butt getting exposed!  Back home, she pulls out a large vibrator, and pounds herself hard with it, until she has a strong orgasm.  We then get some extreme closeups of her private parts, watching her gape to the extreme… so you can see deep inside!  Then we discover something new about her… she can lactate!  Squeezing her nipples, she manages to squirt some milk all over her breasts.  A sexy striptease is next, leading to an erotic belly dance scene.  She pulls out a large pink toy, and pounds herself hard in several sexy positions to climax.  Fingering and gaping again, she takes her panties and stuffs them deep inside her!  With her hair tied back and in a short blue dress, she pulls her breasts out, teases her nipples until the milk starts flowing.  Before you know it, she’s spraying everywhere!  Onto the table, the mirror, and even on the video camera.  The flow is so strong, that she can even squirt through her dress!  Using her milk to wet herself, she masturbates again, for a strong, clitoral orgasm (notice the strong contractions!).  More gorgeous than ever before, we are glad to have her back, exclusively for FTV :)

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FTV Girls Mallorie


Just turned 21, as we spot her at the mall, she seems a lot younger… we did check her passport and drivers license though!  She flashes her breasts and hard nipples all over the busy mall, then gets to a department store for some more exposure.  In a changeroom, she tapes herself getting undressed, and even fingering herself!  Once she’s out at the busy parking lot, she undresses again, then streaks all naked through the lot!  At home, she puts on some cute lingerie & heels, poses for us, then masturbates.  Using a vibrator, we see how easily she has an orgasm!  A second time we notice those strong contractions as she has her real, natural orgasms.  She takes it a step further, and stuffs two vibrators in her vagina, stretching herself to the max!  A little frisky foolishness at a fast food restaurant, and its back home again, this time in dressy fashion.  She looks really hot with her dress & heels, and even hotter as she spreads for us for some extreme closeups.  Long labia are stretched, then she fingers herself until she has four fingers in!  Notice how juicy she is in there.  Masturbating again, she has an orgasm rather quickly, but goes for a second… just because she loves to have several in a day!  Then stripping down for us again, she gives us a breast & butt massage.  Finding the Long Pink toy, she takes this rather large toy deep, and watches herself in the mirror as she pounds herself hard.  Using it like a vibrator, she has one last strong orgasm for the night.

FTV Girls Wendy and Devaun


These two local FTV-only girls are also real life lovers, who met at a club a year ago…  So its about time we pair them for a girl-girl shoot!  We meet them around the nightclub area with several other girls, and watch them get affectionate in public!  Making out, then rubbing each other, all in front of office entry areas, until they are forced to leave by a security guard.   At home, in their sexy club wear, they undress each other, suck on each others’ breasts, and go down on each other, fingering to orgasm.  Intimate views of the action throughout.  Next day, by the pool, they continue their lesbian play, this time without any direction, doing it their way like they’d do it in their personal life.  Call it amateur style lesbianism, they are normal girls who do it for fun!  Beautiful eyes, sexy bodies, and a lot of desire.

FTV Girls Stephanie


This sexy brunette with beautiful green eyes (and the perfect butt) is seen walking through a private resort, while some construction workers take a peek at her. Wearing a sexy dress & heels, she finds a place to relax near a water fountain, and starts playing with herself. Spreading her labia and fingering, we get some hot upskirt views. A black vibrator is nearby, and she masturbates to a nice strong orgasm right in front of the entry gate! In a more casual outfit, she visits a park and office area, to flash us again, and give us some butt views along the walkway. Then she gets all out naked, showing off those perfect curves! Finding a bench to masturbate on, she does it naked, and has another strong orgasm (notice the strong contractions each time!). She gets juicy after every orgasm, so we get closeups of the juicy wetness that drips down her legs — all captured on film! Next day, she’s getting all cosy in bed, with some cute pink bra & panties. She teases us, then uses her pink vibrator to get to orgasm. We then get some extreme closeups of her private parts, along with good views of those clear juices flowing out. Some breast & butt massage as well… Its back outdoors again, to another risky public location, in a cute white dress & heels. She walks sexy, fingers herself anally, then uses a glass toy for some vaginal/anal penetration all in front of this patio area at a resort!  With the help of her vibrator she has an ‘anal orgasm’…  Closeups in doggy style, then more walking naked in the parking area for all to see. Back indoors, she finishes with some anal beads, taking them all deep, and giving us some sexy butt views, as she pulls them out. ‘Buttalicious’ all the way…

Danielle FTV Boudoir Shave


This is a pretty private thing for me (shaving my private parts) so you guys should definitely feel lucky that I decided to do a shaving video. I tried to mix a few different elements into this video like stockings (and pink one’s at that!), shaving, hairiness, and the cupless corset. I actually got that corset from a local photographer here in Arizona. I think it looks quiet good on me. I probably could’ve used my razor to do a masturbation scene since it does vibrate…but personally I’m a little freaked out about cutting myself with one of the many razor blades on it.

Sercnm Glitter

This is Sercnm’s first appearance on EroticBPM. She is a babe from Tempe, Arizona. She likes to be naked and look at naked people. When it comes to vices she says, smoking is “a habit but I’m in control” and “Yeah I drink, so what?!” And she says her preferred party music mix is hardcore, hardstyle, jumpstyle, and gabber.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls

Danielle FTV Meets Julia


Wow…um…this was definitely an interesting experience for me. Actually it’s another one of the firsts! I’ve definitely never “milked” a girl before; not as easy as I thought it would be. She kept on trying to talk me through it, but after awhile when she saw I did not get the hang of milking her breasts, she just went ahead and did it herself. It’s a lot stickier than I thought it would be. And a lot clearer. I don’t know, I guess that when I imagined breast milk it was always like the milk you get out of the carton. BTW, Julia had GIGANTIC boobs…I mean good gawd, I’ve never seen anyone with boobs as big as hers (except for my mom.) The photographer kept on wanting me to taste the milk, but unfortunately I’m allergic to milk, so that was a no go.

FTV Girls Kacey


This fun, spirited and super cute girl catches our attention with those sexy legs and heels… and that beautiful smile!  Walking through an office area, she flashes her nipples and takes her panties off, catching the attention of some temperamental female office workers.  She runs off, butt naked to the parking area, and teases herself some more.  Notice her long labia… which she stretches and plays with.  Finding a more secure but public place, she fingers herself, and gets all naked!  Juicy wet from the experience, she’s home to masturbate, using a rather large pink vibrator, taking it incredibly deep!  It gets so erotic when she keeps pounding herself hard, and has several orgasms.  She simply wouldn’t stop!!  Milky juices literally pour out, and we get extreme closeups of her long labia and clitoris.  Stretching and pulling, she does some unique things with her private parts!  Talking about her experimental days as a teen, she shows us how she learned to fist, by riding on her hand… watch her demonstrate!  She goes further, fisting hard and fast the way she likes it now.  Out in the grass, she’s wearing cute socks and butt shorts, its all about her cute butt and how she plays with herself outside.  The though of green leads to a pair of green zucchini that become sex toys!  Stuffing one very deep till it nearly disappears, she then takes another and double-stuffs herself!  Incredible.  Out at lunch, we get upskirt views, and a surprise — there’s a little vibrator inside her!  Pulling it out to tease us more, she then goes home and pulls it out from her to masturbate.  Getting carried away, she has several orgasms — we go up close to see those contractions!  She gets so juicy… and plays with the clear liquid buildup.  A cute lingerie show is next, with her talking a little bit about her personal sex life, and its then down to experimenting with our largest — the Glass FTV Toy.  Riding it deep, we are suprised again with her sexuality… she enjoys it so much she keeps on pounding herself with it!  Some extreme stretching spreads up close…  We must say, she’s one of the most naturally sexual girls we have ever had on FTV!

Bonnie Behind the 420 Store

Bonnie is one of the hottest girls on EroticBPM. Clix, the photographer of this set, says he shot all three sets of her, “on location at Graffiti Shop… prolly the single kewlest head shop in the world where the proprietor, a good friend of mine, sells all his own hand made glass. If you refer back to the Christmas set of Jamie you’ll see her using a hand blown glass toy he made for that specific set!”

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls