Month: November, 2008

Lia 19 Pretty Blue Belle Orgasm


So I’m coming down to shoot me in lingerie and heels and maybe masturbate, when I see a whole crew of people on the scene.  Guess what?  Its a Playboy TV review of FTVGirls, and they’ve also selected me to participate in the shoot.  There’s a director guy, a special camera guy, and this girl who is the hostess for the TV show.  I get interviewed, then my photographer shows up to shoot me while they shoot him and me together.  Too bad I can’t show you the interview itself, but I’m guessing its appearing in January on ‘E-Rotic’.  So I masturbated with a glass toy, till I was done and satisfied.

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FTV Girls Lina


Doing her First Time Video shoot in a public place near a busy street, we expected her to start masturbating by herself — However, she was very attracted to our assistant, Danielle, and wanted to have her right away!  Danielle felt the same way, so they started going intimate right on the spot.  They started fingering, breast play and deep kissing, until they get caught in the act!  From this point on, we realized this was no longer a solo shoot, but a true girl-girl.  On the couch, more fingering, then Danielle’s true girl-girl debut as she goes down on Lina, then Lina returns the favor.  It gets heavy with toys… Together in sexy corset lingerie, some hard fingering ensues, oral sex, and the introduction of a very powerful vibrator that brings Danielle to a strong orgasm.  Then we enjoy some sexy foot fetish, as they suck on each others’ toes, and use each others’ toes like fingers for deep penetration!  Some mutual anal play leads to double penetration for Lina.  For the hairy fans, notice that Danielle has a full bush on this one!  Then we get some extreme closeups of Lina’s pierced private parts, and watch her use a vibrator to orgasm.  Wearing cute FTVGirls t-shirts, there’s some flashing at a restaurant, then some risky public displays of affection at a mall.  Cooling down poolside, they finger each other hard, and Danielle gets four fingers, deep!  Enjoy another First Time Video girl, her first shoot and only here on FTV.

FTV Girls Tina


We are introduced to this very cute teen, as she shows off her little figure, and heads over to a water fountain… flashing up her skirt.  Then at a park, she fingers herself, turning herself on.  Then in a pink summer dress, she continues playing outdoors, and masturbates with a vibrator.  Next to a sexy dress and heels, she gives herself a little more sophisticated look, flashing at a restaurant/mall area.  On some stairs in a public place, she masturbates with a glass toy, hard and fast.  She has a cute butt, and gives us some butt cheek spreads.  Later in the evening, naked in her bedroom with her hair up, she heads out to the top of the apartment complex, and masturbates until the sun sets with a toy.  Then she takes a rather large cucumber, and masturbates on the balcony, taking it as deep as she can.  The next day, she visits an arboretum, with a yellow summer dress on.  She seems to have so many cute dresses!  More flashing and toy play at a college area, then goes home to masturbate with a banana.  More vibrator action and extreme closeups…

FTV Girls Monica


A cute 19 year old brunette walks down a restaurant area with a miniskirt and heels… we can’t help but check her out!  She flashes her nipples, then gets something to drink.  Before you know it, she’s giving us upskirt views, and letting us see her private parts, right at the restaurant!  She takes her bottoms off, and shows off her perfect butt, all in this busy place… Going home, she talks a little about herself, and immediately opens up about how sexually excited she is!  What comes next ends up becoming FTV’s longest and most intense masturbation scene… ever!  Starting by getting naked on the couch, she fingers herself hard and fast, two, three and even four fingers… then uses a vibrator for some hard and deep pounding.  Not enough, trying two vibrators, then three… and then trying to push all three of them into her vagina!  Eventually she’s triple-penetrating herself!  She explains how she enjoys a vibrator anally and that is how she gets off… so she double penetrates herself and continues to masturbate all over the living room in every angle that turns her on, hard-deep-fast!  With a frenzied need to squirt, she forces her g-spot so intensely… We get closeups of all of it and every erotic view possible.  After an intense hour, she cools down with a shower, but still has to finger herself!  Then putting on sexy black stockings & heels, we check out her sexy butt, and watch her finger herself again!  Her sexual appetite doesn’t tire at all!  On the steps, she gives us some sexy talk, then spreads her vagina wide open, for deep closeups.  She keeps pulling, spreading, & gaping as wide as she can open herself up… and it seems to turn herself on even more!  It leads to her trying to stuff as many fingers as she can inside… until she fists herself!  Its a hard, deep fist, and she’s getting off on it.  A very erotic session that can’t be missed… Just when you think she’s had enough, she’s back on the couch for some more hard toy pounding, until we ran out of tape!!  If it wasn’t for the fact that she had to catch a plane, she might have masturbated all night…

FTV Girls Taryn


This very cute Playboy-esque model has done softcore nudes before, but takes it a step further in this FTV style shoot.  We watch her pass by at a beautiful resort, wearing a form-fitting jeans and top.  She starts exposing her breasts at this public place, then gets some encouragement from Danielle to get completely nude.  Its her first time getting naked in public, but she gets used to it quickly.  Putting on a long purple dress, she flashes some more, then returns home for an interview.  Then she masturbates, using a vibrator to orgasm, along with some extreme closeups of her private parts.  At a restaurant, while having lunch, she lets her breasts hang out and gives us some upskirt views.  Then in a sexy black dress & heels, she masturbates some more, eventually walking around naked in heels (at a public resort).  Danielle helps her in a pink nightie, and we get some more explicit shots of her, with both girls walking around topless.  The day gets dark and rainy, so she visits the pool in a bikini.  It becomes a mutual breast massage, which leads to some intimate kissing between the girls.  Taryn’s video debut… here on FTV.

FTV Girls Emily


Right after she arrives from the airport, this fresh-faced teen (with no makeup whatsoever) goes straight to the toys… to pick what she wants to masturbate with!  Stripping down, showing off her nice firm butt, she then gives us extreme closeups of her private parts.  Playing & fingering, pulling on her labia, she gets horny enough to masturbate.  Using two toys, she penetrates and vibrates herself until she has a nice orgasm.  Lying on the bed, Danielle joins in and cuddles with her, then making out, and sucking on her nipples.  Together there is some breast play, then some more toy penetration with Danielle’s help.  Erotic angles!  Out for lunch, Danielle fingers Emily under the table, then sucking on each others’ breasts right there at the busy restaurant!  Outside the restaurant, they get even more frisky as people walk by and watch!  Back home, she picks three toys — one for her butt, one for her vagina, and one for her clit!  Double penetrating herself with the help of Danielle, she is triple-vibrated until she has a nice strong orgasm!  To cool off outside, she is sprayed down with the water hose, and then tries something very kinky… FTV style.  Taking the water hose, she pushes it inside herself deep, and squirts water out!  Danielle also helps out, pushing it in and watching water pour out of Emily.  She’s a teen that definitely loves the toys!

Sexy Gothic Authoritarian Natalie Addams Offers Punishment

I’m not too familiar with fetish model Natalie Addams; the purple haired, bespectacled pierced-and-inked beauty has a bit of the dirty librarian thing going on with her horn-rimmed glasses and wicked smirk, but I don’t think any librarian’s ever said “Shhhhhh!” while wearing the blue and black rubber halter dress Natalie sports here. Though if they did, I think my reading habits would definitely improve, especially if libraries had cool industrial design like the set here. This RubberDollies pictorial by Amelia G and Forrest Black puts a finger across my lips in the most sensuous possible way, and once she gets stark naked, it’s more tasty than ever.

Sexy Fetish Gothic Domination from Natalie Addams

Beautiful Tattooed Redhead Xanthia Doll with Bears

Call it shameless merchandising if you must, but seeing tattooed, busty and neon-haired Xanthia Doll assaulted by a pile of Blue Blood teddy bears just kinda warms the cockles of my heart. Guess I’m an old softie.

Xanthia Doll

Young Fetish Cutie Lydia Lashes Caring for her Sexy Feet

Lydia Lashes glorious white and red rubber bikini number here is the perfect compliment to her raven hair, perfect body and gorgeous face in this Amelia G & Forrest Black RubberDolllies shoot. A body like that doesn’t need compliments, though, so even better when the bikini comes off.

Rubber Kink and Foot Fetish

Jujana 6