Month: April, 2010

FTV Girls Haley


She’s still a teen, and her breasts are still growing! Full double D naturals, they look even bigger when they are exposed. Watching her walk in a funky dress & heels at an office park, she finds a vibrator in the middle of the hallway, and proceeds to masturbate with it. After some hard rubbing and vibration, she has a nice, natural orgasm. Still risking it in this public place, she takes her top off, and shows off those big, perfect breasts. Squeezing them hard, she plays with them and we enjoy it all. Then she ends up walking topless in the middle of a busy street! Right back out again, this time at a resort & park, she’s doing topless cartwheels, playing footsie in the water fountain, and masturbating with her fingers. Then she finds a water hose, and stuffs it inside her, squirting water out! Not having enough, she’s then out again with nothing but a flimsy seethrough robe posing in front of a resort entrance!!! We love seeing her run with those big breasts bouncing everywhere. Indoors she uses the vibraking to a strong orgasm… then gives us more hard breast massage and nipple play. Some exteme closeups of her very pretty (and tiny) private parts as well. Then a mystery guest (a possible future total first time girl for FTV?) comes to play with her breasts, and Haley moves on to more masturbation and a bouncy ride on a vibrating toy. Going kinky, she uses the handle of her hairbrush for more penetration, then goes outside to pose with some Dodge Vipers with the mystery girl. Big breast lovers enjoy!

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Danielle FTV Creamy Goddess


I am very happy that I chose this dress to shoot in. I didn’t know what the house that we were going to shoot in was going to look like so I am very pleased that it all went well together. The brown shoes that I chose for the shoot were the ones that I wore in my original FTVGirls shoot. I’m not sure if my feet have grown since then but it seemed like they were a tad bit small. The white toy that I used has become a favorite of mine (along with that huge purple bullet I used in the “Bullet in Purple” video update). The only problem with it is that it is incredibly sensitive and will turn on at random times. I’ve had this happen to me a couple times when carrying it around in my purse or bag…kind of embarrassing…especially if there are people around.

Danielle FTV Flower Child


Spring time is the best season ever! I love being able to shoot with flowers around me (I’m so glad FTVRob suggested the idea.) I didn’t bring all that many clothes to shoot in (I’ve learned that it’s best not to bring too many since you really only shoot in two or three outfits) so we picked out the pink skirt and the white jacket that I had arrived in to the shoot. FTVRob didn’t really care for any of the shoes that I brought with me so he had me wear a pair that Allison Angel shot in a couple years ago. Let me tell you, those shoes were uncomfortable. I think they were a size 9 (which I am) but they were super narrow (I have pretty wide feet). They had these evil tiny straps that kept digging into my feet. My hair was partially blue in this shoot but now it’s purple. I don’t think FTVRob cared for it very much…it took him forever to even notice it in the first place.

FTV Girls Drew


Never experienced nudes, let alone masturbate on camera, this Total First Time Girl is excited to see if she can orgasm on video! We watch her enter a laundromat, take her panties off, and then play with herself! Even though there is a security camera there, and people passing by… She gets caught by two guys on a bike, and they want to watch! She flashes her breasts to them, then goes home. Masturbating with only her fingers, she takes her time to arouse herself, then has a very strong orgasm (notice the very strong & fast vaginal contractions! Never having used a sex toy in her life, she’s introduced to a vibrator, and she masturbates again… having another strong orgasm! Its pretty amazing to watch how her vagina moves to the intense orgasms. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, her stretching her labia and gaping as wide as she can go. Then she attempts to fist… and actually gets her whole hand in! Wow. Later in the day, she plays with her pretty feet, then puts on some stockings & lingerie. Parading around in heels, she’s introduced to the Vibraking Toy. The powerful vibrator brings her to another intense orgasm, with milky juices building up and flowing down her butt! Then more extreme — she tries stuffing 3 cucumbers and gets them pretty deep! Sexy views of the penetration and her pushing them out. Milky juices all over the cucumbers as well! To finish, she tries fisting one last time, going even deeper, for a true, deep fist! Another First Time cutie, who goes all out for FTV… you’ll only see her here, on FTV :)

Kess and Velocity Spiderweb Cuties

In this BarelyEvil update, Kess shows off the power in her beautiful long long legs, hanging upside-down like she is about to prey on Velocity. Velocity is webbed in orange and yellow lace, which matches her punky hair and there is a large spiderweb on the wall. Unusual and erotic.

barelyevil kess velocity spiderweb

Kitty Kay Dancing Naked Outdoors

In this EroticBPM update, shot by Clix, cute little Kitty Kay takes it all off to dance naked outside. The chainlink fence and grungy location just show off what a pretty thing Kitty Kay is with their contrast.

Cadence Badass Sexy

In this stripped down EroticBPM update, Cadence shows her glitter side, strutting in erotic garters and stockings, in front of red tinsel. The whole thing shows off her beautiful pale skin, well-considers tattoos, and badass sexy self.

eroticbpm cadence

FTV Girls Tiffany


This cute bubble butt teen comes from Ohio, and visits LA to become a pornstar.  A photographer from LA prepared this shoot especially for FTV, taking her on a unique adventure.  Meeting up with this cutie, there is an interview, then a little dressup scene as we see how sexy her breasts and butt are.  Such round, firm breasts!  She goes out on a ride in a dune buggy, and ends up fingering herself hard in the wilderness.  Back home, its time for some hard glass toy banging (and she gets wet!).  In a cute green swimsuit, she’s playing with herself again, and pulls out the magic wand toy.  The clitoral stimulation is extreme; its brings her to several strong orgasms (notice the contractions!) and some milky wetness.  Then she tries out the biggest toy; a large dildo that she manages to get halfway in, and with the use of her fingers, rub hard and fast to a lot of wetness down there.  On a shorter second day of shooting, she ends up getting naked in public, walking the street naked, then going home for some more finger penetration and an attempt to fist.

Madison Young Bound

Famous Madison Young is known for BDSM and beauty. In this BarelyEvil bondage shoot, lensed by Lori Mann, Madison Young looks gorgeous and sexy, as she licks the plug of the extension cord she is bound with, while hot wax is dripped down her chest.

barelyevil madison young bound bondage wax

Uzi Corset Fishnets and Attitude

In this EroticBPM update, Uzi demonstrates that she has just as much sexy attitude as that cool name would suggest. Her super cute face and hot body look so very good in classic black fishnets and tight black corset. Delicious!

eroticbpm uzi corset fishnets