Month: May, 2009

Danielle FTV Security Conscious


This shoot was actually a lot of fun to do, even though we got caught so many times. I got to meet one of my fans (he drove up all the way from Tucson just to watch a shoot.) And one of my favorite photographers, Tate, also helped shoot. There is quiet a bit of video of photo shoot but it’s still pretty darn sexy, especially if you like public nudity. I can’t believe how crazy that sales lady got when she found out I was shooting in “her store”. She totally flipped out on me and I really thought she was going to call the cops. I think she must have seen me through the slots on the dressing room door when I was masturbating.

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FTV Girls Vicki


Two years after her rather adventurous visit, we get to see this narcissistic girl return with the desire to do some more modeling and masturbating!  The same spontaneity when it comes to her sexuality shows in her videos.  Greeting her at the airport she shows off her enthusiasm, and flashes her breasts.  Going home, she shows us all the outfits she’s brought, then masturbates hard with a large blue vibrator.  It gets pretty intense, until she has a nice, strong, natural orgasm.  We see some extreme closeups of her private parts, her spreading and pulling/stretching her labia.  After some breast and nipple play, she decides to play with another large vibrator.  She penetrates herself hard, and comes to another, even stronger (and milky wet) orgasm.

Lia 19 Hot Bikini Summer Day


Check out what I got. A new underwater camera and it is amazing. FTV and I decided to mess around with it for a little nit this afternoon. Its cool getting to see what you look like swimming, swimming naked, and rubbing… I even think that my nipples may even be bigger underwater. I plan on using this new video camera alot more now, because it is the perfect way to have some naughty fun on these super hot Arizona days. Plus now you all can see what us girls really do with our fingers underwater.

FTV Girls Lidia


This hot looking secretary with a short skirt flirts with us as she walks by her office… then gets frisky and flashes her breasts!  She’s got a nice, full, natural cleavage and we want to see some more!  Pulling her skirt up, right there in a busy public place, we get good views of her firm butt and panties.  She takes it a step further, and starts fingering herself on the office bench!  Mind you, there are a lot of people here…  She loves the experience and attention!  Back home, she uses a vibrator, penetrates herself, to a nice, natural orgasm.  We get to see some extreme closeups of her private parts, in super extreme detail.  Stripping down naked, we see her sexy, firm & fit body get shown off.  She then does a lingerie show, which doesn’t last long because she starts masturbating again!  Intense sexuality shows as she has a leg-shaking orgasm.  Out at an open restaurant, she’s playing with herself under the table, and flashing her breasts once again.  Then at the parking lot, she continues to tease us until a security guard catches her in the act!  In the car, with the door wide open, she pulls out a red toy and masturbates again, a little nervous this time but makes it to orgasm a third time!  She has a tight little vagina, and shows off how she can manipulate the toy with her muscles.  Later that night, in sexy black stockings by the fireplace, she stimulates herself again…  Then using the intense Vibraking toy, she has one of the strongest orgasms of her life.  See for yourself, those were some intense contractions!  To finish, she does a sexy breast and butt massage while checking herself out in the mirror.  Its truly a masturbation day…

Elena 3

Debra 15

Debra 12

Debra 9

Debra 6

FTV Girls April


She’s so petite, and cute!  What stands out the most is her full, natural D cup breasts, so firm and beautiful.  We watch her wake up in the comfy sheets, examining every curve exposed to us.  Stretching and letting us see how big those breasts are on her petite body, she also gives us some sexy butt shots.  Then playing with herself for some extreme closeups, she pulls on her labia and turns herself on.  Using a vibrator, she has a nice, natural orgasm… that comes really easy for her!  In the bathroom, she gives her butt a nice hard massage, then a sexy breast massage, lathering those full breasts from every angle.  Putting on her casual clothes, she heads out to the grocery store, and picks out a zucchini… and flashes her breasts there!  Then an interview and more exposure at a restaurant, and more flashing on the street.  Back home, she tries that zucchini, taking it as deep as it goes.  The penetration turns her on…  Later in the day, she’s walking in a neighborhood with a cute dress & heels on, with her breasts out!  Once again, she teases herself, this time outdoors in the driveway, then goes indoors to masturbate.  A very erotic masturbation on the bathroom counter to another, stronger, natural orgasm.  We check out her fully naked body one more time, as she plays with those full breasts, and its time to say good night to this cutie!