Month: January, 2010

Voltaire Stretches

In this GothicSluts update, shot by Amelia G and Forrest Black, Voltaire languorously shrugs out of a stretch black dress. With her trademark full side tribal tattoos and her long long sexy legs, Voltaire stretches as flexibly as her clothing to very hot effect!

gothicsluts voltaire stretch

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FTV Girls Shae


She’s a bikini model, and that hot girl you see working behind the bar at a club…  Never done any work in adult, this is her total First Time experience getting naked and masturbating on camera.  Tall and voluptuous, she looks very leggy in heels.  Watching her at a sassy mall, she gets stares from men, and because she’s not wearing any panties, a lot of upskirt views!  Letting those large breasts pop out, then some rubbing where she can get away with it.  While finger masturbating there, she gets caught by an employee!  Back home, she tries the large rabbit vibrator, and has a nice, strong orgasm.  She gives us a lingerie show, along with some sexy posing and spreads before masturbating again.  This time using the Vibraking toy, she has multiple orgasms, with almost unstoppable strong contractions of her vagina!  Running into Danielle, they play with each others’ breasts (along with some very hard nipple biting and stretching — ouch!).  Danielle spreads Shae and exposes her clit for us to look at up close, and for her to taste…  Danielle wants to do a lot more to her, so she pulls out the Big Ten Toy, and pounds her hard doggy style.  Then as if she were a guy, she has Shae ride her cowgirl style!  Shae seems to be an expert at ‘riding’ and she rides the big toy hard.  Faster and harder she goes, until she has a pretty intense orgasm!  What a sexy ride.  Enjoy this First Time Video Girl, exclusive to FTV.

Nina Sin Fetish Nurse

In this BarelyEvil update, shot by Forrest Black and Amelia G, the glorious Nina Sin is a fetish nurse who is taking her own temperature with a very large and very pretty glass thermometer. Nina Sin has such a hot glowering sexuality that she is the dream medical dominatrix.

barelyevil nina sin nurse

Bella Vendetta Naughty Schoolgirl

In this EroticBPM update, Bella Vendetta comes back to the site with a vengeance. She starts off in this little number 32 tank top that looks like she just got back from cheer-leading practice and ends up very naked and sexy indeed.

eroticbpm bella vendetta

Danielle FTV Bead To The Extreme


This is another of my more extreme updates. After FTVRob stopped filming the “Beading in the New Year” video I started randomly inserting the mardi gras beads in me. I was kind of irritated because in the BitNY video I only managed to stick in two of the bead necklaces and I was hoping to get all ten bead necklaces in me. Not sure why we didn’t just shoot me stuffing all the beads in me the first time…I think I was having a hard time getting them in there in the position that I was in on the bathroom vanity countertop. Anyways, when I get it in my mind that I want to do something, well I kind of become obsessed. I managed to stuff nine of the bead necklaces in me (pretty much two handful of bead necklaces) and was wanting to stick the tenth in me but I lost it somewhere. Funny thing is I originally thought that I had put all ten beads in me and just miscounted so I was digging around in me trying to see if I had accidently left the tenth bead set in there lol.

Scar 13 Takes a Shotgun

In this GothicSluts update, Scar 13 looks like such a cute goth girl in her little military outfit. She is licking the gun in this picture to slick it up for her perfect pussy later in the shoot. You have to see this.

gothicsluts scar gun lick

Cricket le Fey

If you want to go to the cinema with cute Cricket from EroticBPM , you can choose amongst “documentaries, foreign, indie, horror/gore flicks.” She also says she likes “Every idealist who has ever thought they could make a difference and actually set out to create the change they wish to see.” That’s fucking hot!

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls

FTV Girls Sara


We last saw Sara with Rilee, and now she’s finally come for very own shoot!  Many members wanted to see her shot by herself in the FTV style…  Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, Sara walks to an office area, strips down naked, and plays with herself.  Then putting on a cute dress & heels, she teases herself some more, and returns again at a resort area in an even cuter dress.  Some upskirt and fingering, until she’s ready to masturbate with a vibrator in this public place.  Unfortunately its interrupted when she gets caught, so she returns home to finish herself off with a nice, natural orgasm.  Brushing her hair, she decides to use her hairbrush handle, and actually gets off on it as it goes deep!  Its the ribbing on the handle she likes… She then gives herself a hard butt massage, and spreads for us to see her private parts up close (and still juicy!).  After a lunch interview, she’s wearing a pink dress & heels, visits another resort, and takes those panties off… to stuff them deep inside!  More fingering and teasing herself at this public place, until she’s ready for the Vibraking toy.  It brings her to a very strong orgasm… notice the contractions!  She’s gets really juicy from it, and she plays with those juices.  Wanting to go extreme, she attempts the FTV Monster Toy, and even tries to fist.  Then in pigtails and cute panties, she plays the teen, and brings out the FTV Toy.  Riding it slow at first, she’s then humping hard and fast, grinding away until she actually has an orgasm!  A really hot moment not to be missed.  Before its all over, she wanted to try one last thing — some anal play!  She takes an egg vibrator and makes it go missing…  Enjoy this original FTV First Timer, she’s just too cute!

FTV Girls Marianna


Originally from South Carolina, she is a shy, cute girl, who is experiencing nudes & and adult for the first time ever!  What makes this shoot even more unique is that she’s deaf!  With the help of a translator, she uses sign language through the interview, then strips down for us to show off her slim & toned figure.  Then in a cute dress and heels, she walks through a resort, plays with herself, then gets completely naked!  It leads to some fingering in this public place… Back home, she gets to masturbate, using her fingers the way she does in her personal life.  It turns into a hard and fast finger masturbation session that gets her off in a rather unique way.  Then we get to see some extreme closeups of her moist private parts.  Short update, but she’s so cute and a total First Time Video Girl!

Danielle FTV Tease To Please


The long awaited hardcore (blowjob) video of Danielle FTV is finally here! I know some of ya’ll won’t be too pleased with me adding hardcore onto my site but hey…it’s what I want to do. The hardcore content that I plan on shooting will be mainly in a POV style so that you guys can imagine that it’s you I’m doing things to. I think that once you guys see this video then you will see how happy I am and how much fun it is for me to be doing things like this. I love being able to explore myself and my sexuality and this is just the next step for me. I guess my only problem with this video is that I would’ve rather had my hair straightened instead of having that straight out of bed look…though it’s kind of sexy in a way.