Month: June, 2008


Can anyone give me a good guess what she’s doing right here? Was she surprised for the snapshot or she’s just goading us for more. As we all know, our skater girl has the reputation for playing games to provoke her audience.

Savannah is such a honey with her boobies that always beg for good sucking. The hardened peak of her nipples made my cock throbbed and crave for more and more of her.

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Alison Angel A Secure Place To Get Naughty


You have seen me shoot here before, and assist with FTV shoots but this time was a bit more tricky…there was a new gym that was having classes right next to us and people walking all around. Including a maintenance man that just wouldn’t leave! Me and the guest photographer really had to work hard to find some where to take pictures with all the people around us. We got some dirty looks from women, but we also got some good pictures!

FTV Girls Lisa


A beautiful girl, with a beautiful smile and beautiful personality… And what a Figure!  She’s got full, firm natural breasts, succulent nipples, slender form, and long sexy legs.  Wearing a cute summer dress, she walks around the wildflowers barefoot, flashing her breasts and letting us peek up her skirt, while people drive by!  Then at a golf course, she gets even more daring, taking her dress up, rolling around the grass half-naked, and then flashing the golfers as they enjoy the view!  Then she starts rubbing and fingering herself… She goes home to masturbate with a vibrator, and after her orgasm, goes outdoors to play with use viewers, get all naked, and let us see her body up close.  Out to lunch, she does a topless interview (and gets caught!) then goes to a park to flash some more and climb up trees (upskirt fun).  In a pink dress and heels, she plays with herself some more, then goes to the pink room to masturbate with a pink vibrator, to a second orgasm.  Watch her penetrate herself up close… Then she tries to stick as many fingers as she can in herself, and experiments with the Big Pink, moving to double-penetrating herself with two vibrators in her vagina.  Her breasts are firm and perfect, so we then watch her massage her breasts from every sexy angle, and move to massaging her butt (and a little bit of anal fingering as well).  In a sexy black dress & heels, she poses at a busy construction area, and flashes as the cars drive by!  She isn’t shy, that’s for sure.  Later that night, she masturbates one more time to orgasm…  Its her first time shooting, on FTV :)

Cowboy Jill

Jill becomes more beautiful and sexier day by day… I could just stare at her and admire her sweet smile, milky white complexion, cute little bobbies, perfect curves, smooth ass and her pussy… and yes, I want to rub her shaven pussy with my tongue!

Jill looks so sweet with her cowboy hat: the only thing left to cover her body under the heat of the sun! She reminds me of Anne Hathaway from the movie Brokeback Mountain. Their smile were very much alike.

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Exotic Babe Danica

Our exotic babe from Poland is here once again and she’s my post for today. I really enjoyed watching Danica’s videos of her beaver at Wondering who’s “beaver”? Find it out yourself at

I’m not quite sure if Danica has affinity for animals but I’m confident to say that she has fondness for long, hard objects that she can use to rub her nips and pussy!

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FTV Girls Larysa And Faye Part Two


In part two of their Hawaii adventure, the girls get up early to hit a beach quite popular with surfers.  Wearing cute bikinis, they take no time in going all out naked, playing the waves, and chasing each other around.  A lot of surfers stand to watch them, and the girls love the attention!  We watch them get playful on the rocks, then all sandy as we have extreme closeups of their breasts and private parts.  They start playing with each other, and massaging each others’ breasts & butt.  For the first time ever, Faye decides to do some anal penetration, and fingers her butt as well… right there in front of the surfers!  Back to their bedroom, they take two different vibrators, and penetrate themselves with the toys, taking turns to pound each other to strong orgasms.  Then Faye talks about her fisting video she did when she first came to FTV…  So Faye gets fisted by Larysa, who has never fisted anyone before.  It starts slow, but then gets harder as Larysa makes her hand disappear inside Faye, moving it around in every angle.  Faye actually has an orgasm from it!!  On their final day in Hawaii, they pick out two cute summer dresses with colors that make them stand out in the crowd… not that they need more attention!  At a coffee shop, they get all intimate again, playing with each other, then even more so at a park bench right in front of the busy Waikiki area.  Totally fearless of getting into trouble, we’re lucky that they got away with all the things they did in public!  Two total hotties with a lot of chemistry, enjoy this beautiful Hawaii update :)


It’s blue-eyed Lindsay for today… with her smile and perky boobies inviting you to suck it hard! Lindsay is one of the most petite girls in She only stands 5’1″ and the hardened peak of her pink crested nipples is just a size of a dime.

The size of Lindsay’s purple-colored dildo looks massive in her hands and tiny frame. I can’t wait to see that toy inserted in her tight pussy. Well, there’s no need to anticipate any longer. If you think that it’s impossible to put that biggie dildo inside her, Lindsay will prove you wrong. At, she has tons of videos and pics with her toys inside her shaven pussy! Check her out there!

Jeanette’s Puffy Nips

Jeannete’s puffy nipples is her ticket to fame in the hectic (and sometimes chaotic) world of modeling. But that would not materialize if not with As she cracks a smile here showing one-half of her package, there’s no denying that Jeanette is the new sensation in the nubiles block.

Jeanette caught my eye when she was introduced as the latest babe of I was fucking high grinning like a monkey with her amazing pics and erotic videos.

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FTV Girls Larysa And Faye


These two very popular FTV girls are now real life couples, living together, and both are extremely comfortable with getting naked in public.  So lets all go to Hawaii for some fun!  In our very first HD shoot in Hawaii, we watch these girls play on the very busy Waikiki beach, chasing each other in their bikinis, before setting down and making out with each other, pulling their tops down, and fingering each other.  This is all happening right there, out on the beach and the popular strip!  Dozens of people stand and watch, confused by their lesbian activities in such a public place.  At one point they’ve taken their tops and bottoms off, running around on the street!  The risk is extreme, so its time to leave and go back home for some real intimacy.  First teasing each other, then getting more intimate on the countertop, they go down on each other, fingering and tasting, till they are both satisfied.  Next day, they put on some very sexy dresses & heels, looking like the hottest girls in Waikiki.  They visit some of the most popular hotels on the beach, and flash literally everywhere.  Some crazy upskirt moments with tons of people in the background — and getting caught occasionally!  Even when they take a lunch break at a very busy Japanese restaurant, they get explicit again!!  Lastly, they go all out at a grand ballroom area of another hotel, just showing us how much they like to risk themselves in a public place… and get off on it!  With those security cameras recording everything…

Alison Angel Pink Girl Stands Out In Public


One of my dear members from the message board sent me this outfit and asked if I would take a few pictures of myself wearing it, well the surprise is that I did an entire shoot of me in it! I personally am not a big Gators fan, I am more of an Ohio state fan! Go Buckeyes! But for the sake of making a member happy, and because I LOVE pink…I am wearing this just for all my Gatorsfans!