Month: February, 2010

FTV Girls Hayley


Recently turned 18, she’s coming all the way down from South Carolina (still with the accent) and with all the charisma of a girl who loves to get naked on camera!  Its a cold day outside, and as she takes her clothes off, we see goosebumps on her nipples as she plays and pulls on them.  Getting all naked in the sun, we gets to see some extreme closeups of her private parts as she spreads, pulls, and fingers herself.  With a rather large rabbit vibrator, she masturbates hard and deep, until she has a strong orgasm.  Out at a private school area, she’s wearing a comfy schoolgirl outfit, and runs around flashing and giving us upskirt views.  Then rubbing & fingering again, she goes looking for cucumbers in the grass… and finds them.  Stuffing not one, but two deep inside her vagina, she nearly makes them disappear!  After a lunch interview, she puts on a ’secretary style’ outfit that gives her a mature, sexy look that makes us want her right there!  More teasing, until its time to masturbate, this time using the Vibraking toy.  Strong multiple orgasms, and notice how her vagina ‘pushes out’ and pulsates!  Then she does something really kinky — stuffs her panties deep inside, then masturbates again, while the panties soak up her juices!  Later, in some cute lingerie, she’s giving herself a nice breast & butt massage, leading to fingering her butt (two fingers) and then an attempt at fisting.  She gets pretty close!!  Lastly, its time for the Big Ten Toy, see how deep she does it doggy style and when riding it!  She actually has a real orgasm riding it — a true rarity!  A total FTV style teen who will surely become a member favorite.

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Cupcakes and Razor Blades

Dollface says she is “Sweet and dangerous like cupcakes and razorblades”. That’s just plain hot and Dollface just made her naked debut on EroticBPM in a sexy fuzzy bedroom rave shoot by Clix.

eroticbpm dollface cupcakes and razorblades

Happy Mardi Gras

In this BarelyEvil update, beautiful Hope, with her wild dreadlocks and innocent eyes, looks ready for Mardi Gras. She’s got that New Orleans jazz voodoo style ready to strip off. Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!

barelyevil hope voodoo mardi gras new orleans

FTV Girls Pamela


We watch this gorgeous blonde in her pickup truck, on her way home… As she drives, she plays with her breasts, and fingers herself!  She loves to masturbate while driving!  When she gets home, she gives us a tour of her place, and continues to masturbate on the bed.  Then she shocks us right away, when she starts fisting herself!?!  Then she takes the giant Big Pink Toy and pounds herself hard and deep to orgasm!  She used to be a cheerleader, and still has her uniform; so she goes out to the park and does some cheering & cartwheels, with no panties!  On a park bench, she does some deep fingering, until she draws too much attention from the street.  Going home, still in her cheerleader uniform, she uses a large curling iron and a vibrator to masturbate in the most unique way and get off again!  Notice the juices all over her curling iron.  We then interview her at a restaurant, notice how beautiful a smile she has… and she then pulls her pants down and moons us.  On the steps, she uses the large rabbit vibrator to another orgasm… She then wears a sexy black dress & heels, does some stretching, showing off her flexibility.  Then she fists herself again, this time long, hard and deep!  After that experience, she pulls her vagina open, giving us deep gaping shots.  She takes on the biggest challenge: The FTV Monster Toy!  She rides it so deep, she gets that giant thing in 10 inches deep!! Not done yet, she then takes a banana deep, to the very end… and then takes a second banana and vaginally double-penetrates herself!  These two big bananas stretch her to the max!  Then in a more comfy setting, she shows off her booty shorts, and gives us some sexy butt views, and fingers her butt… We then end it with some extreme closeups of her clit, and she gapes open so wide…  Enjoy this gorgeous one, it was her total First Time Video!

Eva Klench Tattoo Bathroom Spycam

This BarelyEvil update, featuring the gorgeously tattooed Eva Klench, almost has a spycam feel to it. She looks like she knows a secret, with her sexy pensive Mona Lisa smile. I wonder if she knows we are watching.

barelyevil eva klench bathroom tattoo piercing

Danielle FTV Happy Hearts


I seriously come up with some of the coolest “stuffing/insertion” ideas ever! I love searching all over the internet and in stores to find the most interesting things I can use for my updates, that haven’t really been seen before. I originally found these marbles that had hearts in the middle but I lost the link to it. I ended up going with these glass hearts which I think is just as cool. This shoot was definitely more difficult than most of the shoots I’ve done before. The photographer/videographer had a heck of a time trying to get enough light inside of me so we could get clear shots. This is my second time doing a speculum scene (the first was for my original FTVGirls shoot and didn’t turn out to well because of lighting issues.) I ended taking out and putting in the speculum like a dozen times which ended up kind of irritating me inside down there. Looking at my cervix you can definitely see that it’s irritated, but with all the weird positions and the glass hearts I was stuffing in me what could I expect.  I’m not going to lie…I like everything in the video other than looking at my cervix. That really should probably be kept for the doctor. BTW….not sure if this would be considered another extreme update (I’ll probably put it as that) but I did end up putting 18 glass hearts in me.

FTV Girls Annie


She’s one of the cutest little Asian girls you’ve ever seen, with a warm beautiful smile and inviting eyes. She looks cute & classy as she walks through Chinatown, slowly giving us peeks under her shirt. Flashing more and more, she gets daring, taking her bottoms off and rubbing herself! A security guard catches her in the act however :( Comfortable at home, she continues where she left off, and gives us some extreme closeups spreads of her long labia. Then she starts masturbating, using our very strong vibrator. Later, in red a red dress & heels, she teases us some more, then pulls her panties aside, and gives us some rather super closeups of her swollen clitoris. Making it stick out, we see every detail! Moving to the bed, she takes her panties off, and starts using a zucchini. Taking it deep, she surprises us with how much of it she can take! Using her tight vaginal muscles, she pushes it out… So tight, and tiny!

Szandora Upscale Punk Rock Elegance

I like how Szandora looks both punk rock and elegant in this GothicSluts update. She looks like she is rough and tumble tough in a way, but she also looks elegant stripping off her black gauzy blouse and long striped gown skirt in such sumptuous upscale surroundings.

gothicsluts szandora long skirt

Danielle FTV Sophia Meets Danielle


It was great meeting Sophia Knight. She originally came to Phoenix to shoot for FTVGirls and when I saw her submission pictures I begged FTVRob to let me do a girl/girl shoot with her. Unfortunately because of some shooting rule we couldn’t get really frisky like I wanted to, so we mainly just kissed and played with each other and ourselves. I absolutely loved her accent and especially her laugh. It’s one of those laughs that makes you naturally want to laugh with her. We ended up talking quite a bit. FTVRob was doing some car show with his Bugatti so I hung out with Sophia at the mall and we did a little shopping. I loved hearing about her job in Scotland. Apparently they have live sex line chat shows on the television and that’s what she does…how interesting!

FTV Girls Tess


This cute busty teen wakes up in bed… and we notice how nice and firm her breasts are!  She starts rubbing herself, then uses her vibrator to a nice, natural orgasm.  She then starts showing off her flexibility, doing all kinds of sexy nude poses (used to be a cheerleader) — then tells us about her unique talent!  Moving into contorted positions, she makes her vagina expand and contract, thus ‘queefing’ and notice how her milky juices push out as she does it!  Then some extreme gaping closeups, and she puts on some cute clothes to go out.  At the mall she flashes and gives us upskirt views (risky!).  Then she puts on a sexy dress & heels, and tries the Vibraking toy.  She has one strong orgasm (notice the contractions!).  Then some fetish fun, as she takes two toys in her vagina at once, then shoots them out with her strong vaginal muscles.  Cute pink panties get stuffed, and slowly pulled out too.  In pigtails and short skirt, she heads over to the golf course and does more acrobatics (while golfers watch!).  Then in the pink room, she masturbates with a pink vibrator to one last strong orgasm.  We want to see more of her pretty feet, so she washes & massages them — then moves to her big breasts.  Some hard breast massage & nipple play for you big breast lovers!