Month: October, 2008

Happy Halloween

Natalie Addams lives up to her wonderfully spooky name in this dark GothicSluts set, shot by Matthew Cooke. Natalie Addams is so sensual and lovely. Seeing this purple-tressed pale-fleshed beauty writhe around, delectably caught in these cobwebs, makes me wish I were a spider. Happy Halloween!

Natalie Addams Spiderwebs

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Alt Goth Babes Scar and Szandora Together

Two of the most gorgeous chicks in the Blue Blood ouveure are, of course, Scar and Szandora. In this set shot by Forrest Black & Amelia G, the two chicks frolic together in Vegas in a classy hotel suite — almost as classy as these two dames. Scar has an amazing spider-and-web combo drawn on her face, and the two girls’ beauty goes together perfectly — and more importantly, they’re quite plainly having a great time.

Naked Gothic Babes Szandora and Scar

Luscious Curvy Xanthia Doll Getting Ready

Xanthia is one of the most beautiful models around, with a deliciously curvy body, flame red hair, cool tats and ample boobs that just beg to be flaunted. In this hot Lori Mann GothicSluts update, yummy Xanthia starts out in ’50s style, sitting in front of her vanity with her hair in curlers. She’s preparing for her day — or evening — which apparently includes slowly wriggling out of her tiny little skirt and peeling her pink top off those absolutely irresistible tits of hers. By the end of the set, it’s clear that her day — or is that evening? — is going to be veerrrrrry interesting.

Xanthia Doll Getting Dressed

Katya 6

Young Curvy Tattooed Gothic Cutie Zoe

Tats and pigtails — two great tastes that taste great together. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing them on Zoe, a yummy model whose acquaintance I’m particularly glad to make when she strips off her sexy black dress and shows off for the camera.

Gothic Tattoo Model Zoe

Katya 3

Pretty young long haired Judith a beautiful babe that slowly strips

her spaghetti stripe blouse. This cute babe makes me wild just looking at her gorgeous body.

Short haired Kayden teasing you by her nice legs, while stripping her spaghetti clothes. Kayden with her long legs is the babe that will give it all what she got.

Blond haired Rebecca sweet horny babe, smooth skin sexy body wearing her pink dress. I say this gal is really hot making me feel very

horny specially with her sexy curved body that gives all the boost in me.

This brunette wearing black bra with a combination of a white panty white skin, sweet innocent petite Tabitha can make you come, I say she’s really a hot one. Tabitha smiles with a beautiful little cute eyes and very attractive juicy lips.

Zafira blue eyed babe having a hot boiled seduction for us, this hot tan skin girl give a squeeze to her rounded boobs giving out her tasty nipples. White panties have a taste of seduction connecting to her

long smooth legs.

Wow this horny brunette is really hot makes my pants pop out, soft medium sized boobies, nipples covered by her cute little arms whiles she

gives a high temptation. Amber will definitely completely your sexcapades.

Setting up a good post to be fucked at her ass, sexy and wild Brooke a blond gal, the site of her big boobs are one of her biggest assets plus her nice beautiful soft butt that post on the green grass.

Big ass Eve post with her beautiful butt wearing a T-back underwear. Only by her post and gorgeous face will make your whole life hot and

. Sexy tan babe that can allure you any way that she wants that you’ll never resist it.

Traci a blond blue eyed sweet petite take of her pink spaghetti dress slowly. I must say this short leg gal having different characteristics that will please you, hot, horny, smoking, hardcore girl that really fits her.

FTV Girls Laela


Part Caucasian, part Filipina… she’s one of those girls that so turns you on when you meet her!  A wonderful personality from the start, this First Time Video girl (doing nudes and masturbation on video for the first time in her life) has no problem getting naked in public places!  Walking down a public courtyard in a sexy red dress & heels, she pulls her top down to reveal some really full, firm, natural breasts!  Playing with them, giggling the whole time, she gets even more risque and takes her whole dress off!  Posing all naked, she heads to the water fountain in the center of the courtyard (!) and splashes all over the place.  Risking getting caught, she leaves to another resort area, for more sexy nudes.  Starting to finger herself, she stimulates her private parts, wanting to masturbate!  Using a vibrator on the resort steps, she has several strong orgasms, and gets milky wet… dripping down onto her dress!  Back at home, she gives us a sexy breast and butt massage, puts her hair in pigtails, and heads over to the bed.  Some extreme closeups of her pretty private parts, and she’s masturbating again.  She can’t seem to stop, until our tape runs out!  Out she goes for a topless lunch break at a restaurant, and she talks about her sex life.  In the master bedroom, she tries on several sexy lingerie, and before you know it, she is masturbating again!  Wow… and does she get off over and over again.  Just look at those contractions! Time to cool off, putting on a skimpy bikini, she does some handstands and backflips (she was a gymnast) and then heads over to the pool for some wet fun.  Watch those big breasts pop out, squeezing them hard, and some finger action to finish.  Enjoy this perfect beauty, her she is a total first time girl you’ll see only here :)

Bizarre Rubber Fetish Nurse Julie Simone

Perhaps on viewing this RubberDollies assortment by Lori Mann of hot fetishist Julie Simone in a kinky rubber nurse uniform, your mind runs along similar lines to mine… what exactly is a pervy latex nurse doing with those pliers? You’d be better to ask what the famously perverse Julie going to do with them — ? You’ll find out here, and it includes some dirty things indeed.

Crazy Rubber Nurse Julie Simone

Trina 15

Bored in the usual setting in your office, well let Trina put a little spice

on your working place. She will let you explore her inner tights with her

big rounded ass and showing her bald pussy.

Showing you a horny view of her cute little nipples and two juicy boobs, as she looks at you with a sexual post of seduction, squeezing her juicy buns.

Innocent blonde Trina is waiting to have a one hot private conversation with you at

FTV Girls Leah


26 weeks pregnant, this cute, quiet blonde gets to share her private sexual experiences with us at FTV.  Its been a while since we’ve had a pregnant girl, and not only that, Leah can lactate!  She starts exposing herself naked, teasing us with her full milk-laden breasts, then squeezing the nipples till they lactate.  Then putting on some pink bra & panties, she picks out a vibrator and masturbates to orgasm.  Extreme closeups of her private parts lead to her fingering herself deeply, then attempting to fist!  At a lunch break, our assistant has her pull her breast out at the restaurant and teases her nipple till milk comes out!  In a black dress & heels, she teases some more, then squirts milk onto a glass table, licking the milk off.  Back home, she gives herself a breast massage, and tries our largest toy, the FTV Monster!  She takes it in deep, and uses it like a real penis penetrating herself hard until she is satisfied.