Month: March, 2012

Daisy Is A Wild Animal

The zoo is a place for animals that you don’t see in person everyday. It seems that EroticBPM has captured a beautiful woman. This woman goes by the name of Daisy. She wonders the zoo, roaming uncaged to give us the visual treat that is her naked. She bravely takes her bra and panties off and removes her dress. Then we see what nature created, in a beautiful set of tits and a gorgeous pussy.

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Scar 13 Brings Life To The Desert

When most people think of the desert, they think death, lack of life, and buzzards circling overhead. Bring in the wonderful Scar 13 to save us from certain death. She has been tied up and brought to life in the middle of nowhere thanks to GothicSluts. With a see through white dress and an open mouth gag, she lets you know she is ready to be rescued into your arms.

Savannah Sin Stuck In The Rocks

The old saying “Stuck between a rock and a hard place” is usually reserved for being stuck in a position that is not desired. Well, Savannah Sin is in such a position, but this one is desired. Getting undressed among some rocks, she exposes her smooth pussy, perfectly round breasts, and pierced lip and nose. I’ll leave you to decide which is the rock, and which is the hard place.