Month: September, 2008

Lia 19 Baby Blue


Well I have to say that I am in love and its with”BJ’s” Betsy Johnson silly. Not to say that I don’t love given a mind blowing blow job, but that’s a whole other love lol. Betsy J. makes these very big, puffy, (sounds like a blogger describing my nipples) not to mention very costly, designer of these princess dresses. A lot of the pics I feel like I look like I should be on top of a cupcake. AA blonde naked cupcake with extra creamy topping lol!! I cant get enough of these awesome gowns. A new addiction for me to feed on is kinda the way Im shopping for them. The funny thing was i total thought it was just a girl thing, but it turns out from what I have seen that boys love them too. even more that slutty stuff? Now speaking of slutty stuff I let you in on something I have been keeping a secret for awhile now but have been dying to share it with anybod. Something that happened on a recent trip I had just taken and the wild first encounters that came with it. Warning i was a very, very, bad dirty girl times. Even for me xoxo

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FTV Girls Shanel


She’s a hottie brunette living locally here in Phoenix, with a firm body and nice breasts!  Her desire to be on FTV shows from the beginning, as we watch her walk her dogs from her place, going topless right in her neighborhood, then goes completely naked at the park!  She does some cartwheels and shows of her flexibility, then takes a spot under a tree to masturbate.  Going home, she takes her own special toy and masturbates, hard and fast until she has her first orgasm.  We get some extreme closeup details of her pierced private parts, and watch her stretch and pull on her labia.  Later in the day (hot 100 degree weather!) she is in a cute tennis outfit, and plays some tennis at the local court.  From watching up her skirt while she jumps to her getting topless and masturbating on a chair in the court, she’s getting really horny!  An interview and more flashing right in front of others at a busy restaurant, and she returns home to masturbate with a toy to another orgasm. Then she goes straight to trying the extreme, and works her hand in until she fists herself!  A first time for her for sure.  Later that evening, wearing a very sexy black dress & heels, she poses for us, fingers for us, then does some kinky fetish stuff with candles.  Taking two candles into her vagina (deep!) she holds them there, lights them, then takes a third lit candle, and drips hot candlewax onto her clitoris and nipples.  She does it because she gets aroused by it, and we get to watch it in full HD detail…

Alison Angel Bunny Splash


Splish splash this rabbit wants to play! I love swimming, it my favorite exercise and I just love being in water. Oceans are my favorite but this negative edge pool will due on account of the smoldering heat! I put on my cutest green bikini and jumped right in, man did it feel great on my skin. I couldn’t wait to start splashing around….naked!

FTV Girls Alexa Part 2


Back once more because of her extreme popularity on FTV, she’s out for more fun… in the outdoors!  Still 18, she puts on a cute ’schoolgirl’ outfit, and plays around at a park.  That is, until she gets explicit and is caught, forcing her to leave immediately!  Problem is, since she looks pretty young already, some passersby may think this is all illegal…  Finding another remote spot at a park, she starts fingering herself, leading to a masturbation to climax.  Then going completely naked, she runs around and does some cartwheels!  That cute, firm and petite body is caught again, and she hides behind a bush and puts her clothes back on.  Then in a cute dress and some pretty size small heels just perfect for her — we watch her walk the hallways of a resort, expose her top, massage her breasts, and spread her private parts.  Soon she is all naked again, and using a unique ribbed vibrator for some hard penetration to climax.  Since she’s all naked, she visits a water fountain, and gets all playful splashing water on her naked body.  Still visiting public places, its time for a visit to an office building with nice architecture, but this time only in a cute pink panty and bra.  Beautiful views of her perfect butt, she exposes that naked body of hers, walks into an elevator, and fingers herself in there.  Up close views of her private parts…  Then at home, comfy on the couch, in red lingerie — she’s playing with herself again!  Using that same unique vibrator, she penetrates herself hard, until one last orgasm ensues.  Milky wet inside…  So enjoy this cute teen, she’s a beautiful sight for sore eyes :)

FTV Girls Lilah And Cadence


A rather unique update for FTV, two girls in a double feature!  Both girls are total first time girls you’ll only see here on FTV, getting naked and masturbating on camera for their first time.  We start with Lilah, who is a leggy girl from Trinidad — Playful and full of personality, she meets up with blonde assistant Ashley — and ends up flashing her breasts out near the mall.  Going home, she gets fully naked, puts on a sexy black dress & heels, and gives us some extreme closeups.  Then using a vibrator for the first time in her life, she masturbates until she has a natural orgasm, which gets rather milky wet… more like really milky wet!  Out at the park, she says her goodbyes, and runs into the other first time girl, Cadence.  Cadence is a cute redhead, who also is breaking into nudes for her first time.  Breaking the ice by getting all naked, then risking it poolside as she flashes her breasts, and actually masturbates at a public pool with a toy!  Full, strong orgasms, she is no amateur to masturbating in her private life.  She then goes home to masturbate again, this time with a rabbit toy, which she finds to be her new favorite toy.  Strong orgasms, and a more innocent allure about her.

FTV Girls Kali And Melissa


Both teen girls have appeared early in the summer; very cute, very popular, and very extreme!  So what if they were to meet?  The wish has come true, and it becomes an experiment in their extreme sexual limits.  They meet at a resort, wearing cute dresses, and making out.  Moving to their breasts, sucking on each others’ nipples, then groping each other.  First, its Kali’s turn to be on the receiving end, taking a glass toy hard and deep.  Then Melissa brings a second, and pushes them both into her vagina!  You hear the hard clacking sound mixed with wet juices as she takes the toys hard.  Then Melissa starts with one, two, three and then four fingers, finally moving to a full fist.  She works it in, and Kali does her best to take it all!  Going home to a more private area, its Melissa’s turn to try the glass toys, and Kali gives it to her in a rather rough manner.  Both toys go into her vagina, then Melissa offers her butt, and gets double penetrated both ways!  Next its Kali’s fist in Melissa’s vagina, and it goes all the way in… deep!  The whole hand is missing, and Melissa takes it in several different positions.  The next day, in more cute outfits, they make out at the park, then Melissa fingers Kali, and takes her home for some FTV style experiments.  They challenge each other:  Who can take the most golf balls!  Kali is first, and we get to see her penetrated deep with four balls, which turns out to be her near limits.  Extreme closeups of her spreading, stretching wide so you can see deep inside, and of the balls rolling out!  Then Melissa takes four balls as well, and has Kali near-fist her to pull them out.  Some nude play at a pool, and they turn to a double-ended toy.  Having hard lesbian sex, its mutual pounding until they are exhausted from all the days play.  Would you ever expect girls this cute to pull this off?  For FTV, absolutely!

Alison Angel Pretty Silver Accessories


For some reason, I really like my hair in this update! It was blazing saddles outside in this smoking hot state of Arizona and even tho I was in the shade it still felt every bit of 110 degrees! I was seriously sweating my hiney off! But my hair still looked great and I just had to mention that. Plus a girl with a little ’sweat’ going is always hot, you know her blood is pumping.

FTV Girls Alexa Loren


Truly one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace the pages of FTV, she exclusive to the site.  Big natural breasts, so firm, you’d think they’re implants until you saw the videos!  Beautiful seductive face with an attitude that says ‘I’m hot, and you’re going to enjoy me’.  This is one of the biggest updates to date, a total masturbation adventure in Phoenix, consisting of several days of shooting.  After introducing herself at the FTV house, she masturbates for us, reaching orgasm… Then in a cute yellow dress, she flashes her big breasts, squeezing them, risking exposure.  At a park, she plays on the swing, with upskirt views, and masturbates again, using her fingers.  Not shy about public, and actually enjoying it, she continues to flash on top of a roof with a sexy black dress on.  The next day, she’s visiting the gym, and while working out, flashing her private parts!  This continues on the stairway, going back home to shave her private parts and take a shower… and masturbating there.  Visiting a car wash, she gets her white top wet, and has several guys entertain themselves while she flashes her hot sexy breasts!  Not shy about public at all.  Then at a popular resort area with many people around, she flashes again, wearing a very sexy classy outfit.  Nobody would have guessed what was going on!  She then goes to her car, and masturbates there for another strong, hot orgasm.  You think she is a risk taker in public, then check out the next day!  In a hot red dress, looking like some superstar, she visits a sassy condo complex, and flashes some more — then takes all her clothes off and swims naked in the central condominium pool!! Of course, she is caught and forced to leave…  Then she goes shopping for more cute clothes, and videotapes herself in the changeroom.  More sexy outfit changes, and a visit to another resort, when we realize that she can squirt!!!  Indeed she maturbates and squirts several times, and like a bonus, she changes outfits and locations to do it again and again.  To finish, she goes to a nightclub, has a great time flirting about, and exposes her breasts while the party goes on.  Enjoy this megaupdate, and another FTV-Only hottie doing it all for the First Time.

FTV Girls Brittni


We visit a furniture store, and watch this sexy, leggy blonde girl show customers around the store.  With a sexy swagger about her, we peek up her skirt, and follow her to the back as she plays with herself.  Making it more risky, she starts fingering right in the front entry area of the store, trying to get herself off.  She seems quite comfortable in front of the camera!  A few days later, in a sexy black dress & heels, she takes a walk through a resort, posing for the camera — then finds a safe corner to masturbate.  Using two vibrators, she penetrates herself hard and has an orgasm on the steps.  Back home, she experiments anally, with the help of Danielle.  In doggy style, it turns into a double penetration session — as she takes a large dildo vaginally and the smaller deep anally.  Danielle also helps out by rubbing her clit, and arousing her for another masturbation.  Brittni then uses the pink vibrator until she has a very strong, hard orgasm.  Notice those hard contractions!  Another exclusive girl for FTV…

Lia 19 An X-Rated Day at the Mall


As I am sure everybody know girls love to shop. I almost love shopping as much as my website. So why not bring the two together with a little bit of help from one of my favorite shopping partners, Daniele from FTV. 2 hot girls naked in public is always better than one. So following us around my local mall ( which was kinda scary since I shop there all the time) doing tons a random public nudes I even took off my bra and panties right in front of a department store. Then I saw some dresses I wanted to try on. I bring Daniele with me for advice on which one was best. Also so I could switch the camera onto her too heheh!! Only thing missing was some male advice on which looks best, but that’s why I have all of you xoxo!