Month: November, 2010

Kellie LaPlegua Fetish Tongues

In this EroticFandom, Kellie LaPlegua looks spooky and gorgeous, stripping off the newest leather couture from AMF. Kellie begins the shoot in a very exotic fetish butcher apron, then adds the extreme kink tongues mask, finally ending up nude in the garden. Like Eve, only way kinkier and hotter.

erotic fandom kellie laplegua tongues

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Naked Lizzy Kaeler Loves Apple

EroticBPM introduces Lizzy Kaeler in this update. Lizzy Kaeler must really like her Apple products because she starts out in a big sweater, takes a look at her iPad and iPhone, and next thing you know, she is stripping down to her red corsellette lingerie and then getting naked. Lizzy Kaeler says her heroes are Bettie Page, Mae West, and Marilyn Monroe.

eroticbpm lizzy kaelar apple ipad iphone

Chachie and Ducky Von Ghoulie Deathrock Sex

Have to love the old school deathrock tattoo fetish vibe of this BlueBlood update featuring Chachie and Ducky Von Ghoulie from the Fuzzbats getting it on. From behind, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and oral, these two have hot chemistry and approach their sex with a delicious punk rock enthusiasm.

blueblood ducky chachie deathrock

Rainbow Hot Krysta Kaos

This sexy EroticBPM update introduces the very colorful Krysta Kaos. This girl is easy on the eyes. From her beautiful multicolored hair to here beautiful multicolored tattoos to her beautiful multicolored toenails, Krysta Kaos is a babe. This update has an almost self-shot intimacy to it, so you feel like you are right there in bed with this gorgeous creature.

eroticbpm krysta kaos erotic tattoo

Dana Dark Vintage Beauty

Blue Blood Dana Dark has the kind of timeless beauty of a 1940′s movie star. So it seems only fitting that photographers Amelia G and Forrest Black should photograph her in black and white with a vintage feel. This is a really beautiful GothicSluts update and it sure does get a heck of a lot more explicit than any actual old time noir movie I’ve ever seen. Must have been the Hollywood Code at work because who wouldn’t want to see Dana Dark’s sexy parts through widenet fishnets and lace!

gothic sluts dana dark vintage

Danielle FTV Off With Her Top


I am totally obsessed with the Tudor and Elizabethan era. One of my favorite historical figures is Anne Boleyn (King Henry VIII’s second wife who was beheaded). I’ve read so many books about her (I love historical fiction books). The costume was custom made to my body. I was kind of worried about sending in wrong measurements but everything seemed to fit well enough (though the top seemed a tad short along the side of my torso and the shoulder were too long). I knew this type of dress covers everything but I didn’t realize it was going to cover up so much of my boobs. This set was shot at FTVChris’ house (he’s the affiliate manager and promotions manager). I think the location worked very well with the costume. I especially loved the ivy covered wall outside the house where I was showing off my butt. FTVRob and I couldn’t really figure out what to do for the shoot so we decided to make it a boob massage video (I think it’s been awhile since I’ve shot one of those). Because the skirt was so full and long we couldn’t really get any upskirt shots. My favorite part of the costume was definitely the crown.

FTV Girls Misty


This tall, leggy and sexy blonde is wearing a colorful summer outfit, walking around an office area… We get views up her skirt, and she gets comfortable right in front of the office area, spreading and fingering! Exposing her breasts, they’re full, firm with perky nipples and we see that mischievous smile… She’s going to get frisky! Pulling out her favorite rabbit vibrator, she masturbates with such intensity to orgasm, right out in the open (a bench in front of the office complex!). Notice her full, firm & sexy butt too btw. Then off to a medical office building, she gets even more daring, taking her dress off, walking naked through the hallways, while some employees are in the background! Finding comfort (all naked) in front of a dental office, she settles down and masturbates again, rolling around the ground for a strong toe curling orgasm. No fear whatsoever! Later in the (very hot) day, she’s posing next to an airstream trailer, then goes inside and fucks herself hard with a large lifelike dildo. We get to see her fun-loving personality indoors, and then she attempts to penetrate herself with the largest thing she’s ever used — the FTV Monster! It takes some practice, but soon enough she’s got 3/4 of the toy deep inside of her! She rides it hard, until she can’t do it anymore. Pretty hot… Back out of the extreme heat, she gives her breasts & butt a nice hard massage, then finishes off with her feet. She experiments with the vibraking, then gives us some extreme closeups of her private parts. A total toy adventure in this 100 degree sunny day!

FTV Girls Miley


Miley has one of those spunky personalities that shows both in her photos and videos! Just 18, she has no problem with showing off her naked, naturally busty figure. Stripping down in the bedroom, she plays with herself, as flexible as she is, fingering her juicy vagina. Then, with the help of a glass vibrator, she masturbates hard and deep. Notice how juicy she is inside! Using a hairbrush handle, she penetrates herself further, and causes milky juice to rush out. Trying some cute outfits, she gives herself a hard breast massage (notice how firm and perfect they are!). Out in the extreme heat, she strips and runs topless, then takes everything off and fists herself right there in the public office building hallway! She fists hard & deep, surprising even herself. To cool off, she goes to the office area courtyard, compeletely naked and splashing everywhere! No fear of getting caught… Having lunch, the interview is topless, and she gets caught by the server. Out at a park, she does some nude cartwheels, she just loves being nude outdoors. Back home, she stuffs herself with a large cucumber, going as deep as she can in several positions. Then in her cutest dress & heels, she rides the FTV Monster toy, look how big it is! Finishing herself off with more hard, deep and fast fisting. What a way to start her First Time Experience in adult!

Danielle FTV Long Time Cumming


I definitely think this is one of the strongest orgasms I’ve had on camera so far. I’ve noticed though that recently I’ve been having super strong orgasms and I’ve a lot of the time I’ve masturbated I’ve been having multiple orgasms (you can see this on my webcam shows where I normally have about 3 but have had up to 6 I think). This video was shot by the new FTV photographer/videographer. Apparently I am his new guinea pig (I hate spelling that word “guinea”…I always seem to spell it wrong). I think this is actually the second time he has shot me. One thing I noticed was that he didn’t move the camera around too much so you don’t get to see that many angles of me masturbating. He’s been getting a lot better though.

FTV Girls Jasmine


This gorgeous girl with the perfect slim figure and full, round natural breasts is a total first timer trying all sorts of new and sexy things for FTV! We watch her down an open mall where she flashes her breasts, and gives us upskirt views, then fingers herself in the seating areas right there! Cooling down at an ice cream store, she flashes some more… Then finding a set of stairs nearby she masturbates with a vibrator to a nice, natural orgasm. Then walking the open hallways, she strips completely naked and walks around in this public place! Then she takes the heels off too, and walks barefoot & naked and gives herself a nice hard breast massage. Later in the day, she’s wearing a white dress, fingers herself, strips naked runs after geese, and through a golf course area! She settles down to play with a banana, stuffing it into her very petite private place. On the next day, she’s in the sexiest dress & heels, showing off her super sexy curves, but soon enough the panties come off, and she’s using her fingers to another orgasm! And that all right in a beautiful, fancy resort! Not having enough, she plays in the water fountain, and then does something very kinky… using her shoe heel like a toy, penetrating it deep! Back home, she gives her breasts another hard massage with cream, shows off her pretty petite feet, and then uses the Vibraking. The result is an amazingly strong orgasm, with strong vaginal contractions throughout to a very strong response on climax. Enjoy this Total First Time Video Girl, she’s exclusive to FTV!