Month: June, 2010

FTV Girls Sierra


She’s a sexual girl, though she never has done anything like this in her life… whether its masturbating on camera, or getting naked in a public place!  Tall, leggy, and just a bit shy, she starts off at a mall, where she flashes her breasts and tries to start masturbating, but gets caught… (security forced us to leave).  Finding another risky and public place, she masturbates with a vibrator, having some wet squirting orgasms (that get her pants all wet!).  Then she runs bottomless at this resort… Going more dressy & classy, she heads over to another resort, showing off her butt, and masturbating & getting wet again.  A little photoshoot at an architectural building in a puffy white jacket, then some extreme closeups and spreads of her private parts at home.  She experiments with the vibraking and then with her two favorite vibrators.  Another FTV-only first-timer.

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FTV Girls Haley And Hayden


Both recently turned 18, and wanted to have their first adult experience with FTV! Though they are identical twins, Hayden decided to change her hair to blonde for the shoot. Now we can tell them apart! We are introduced to them, as they talk about themselves, and notice how fun loving and energetic they are when they’re together! They’re wearing such cute summer dresses, and then they do their first nude photoshoot, playfully for sure… then get horny enough to masturbate right there! Using their fingers, they masturbate — Haley has a strong orgasm using only her fingers and Hayden uses a vibrator to do the same for a toe curling orgasm (notice the strong vaginal orgasmic contractions on both girls!). Then putting on some more casual clothes, they head over to the mall, flashing and running everywhere! Almost getting into trouble, they play with a vibrator in the department store changeroom. Afterwards, they do a topless interview at a restaurant, and even massage each others’ breasts right around people! Finding a more quiet, but public corner outside, they strip naked, and continue massaging each others’ breasts. Its then off to the grocery store, for more flashing, and picking out some veggies! Back home, they put on some sexy lingerie, and have a pillow fight… and experiment with very large, long cucumbers. They penetrate as deep as they can, and even ride them, comparing how deep they went! Haley gets super milky wet, so wet that her juices drip down all over her thighs. Then its time to masturbate one more time, with Haley using her fingers, Hayden with a vibrator, and quite amazingly, they have their orgasms at the same time! Real orgasms, real visible vaginal contractions, and real satisfaction for them. (Some extreme closeups of their private parts — notice how similar they are!) Then it gets extreme… Haley wants to try fisting herself. With Hayden looking one, Haley manages to deep fist herself, and takes some enjoyment out of it as well! Oh my… To cool off, they head over to the pool, and splash all over the place. Total First Timers, FTV-only, and a first time for FTV as well — True Twins!

Danielle FTV My 22ND Birthday


For my birthday update I was all gung-ho about doing a squirting video (though to be honest I wasn’t planning on doing it in the first place…FTVRob suggested I do it and I agreed that it would be a great idea.) Anyhoo, this shoot (and two of my other video/photo shoots that day) was assisted by two of my members (Geezer and T-Bone Thomas). I didn’t end up squirting and I think that is because A) I’ve never done it before in front of real people (though I did it on a webcam show), B) I wasn’t all that mentally prepared for it, and C) I didn’t have the toy that I normally use which is a rubber (I think it’s rubber) hand shaped toy that hits my g-spot perfectly! For this shoot I had clothes made. A bra (which was a large but was still way to small for me) with the letter “D” in rhinestones. A pair of panties with “Danielle’s 22nd” on the butt, and some black yoga stretchy pants that also said “Danielle’s 22nd” on the butt in rhinestones.

FTV Girls Dara


We check this very sexy housewife out at a beautiful house, as she sits and reads her homemakers’ journal. She’s wearing that sexy dress & heels, giving us peeks up her skirt as we watch her slowly rub herself, then insert fingers… Pulling out her favorite toy, the ‘magic wand’, she masturbates until she has a strong orgasm. Notice the contractions… Out at a public tennis court, she’s wearing the shortest skirt, and playing some tennis. Before you know it, she’s got her breasts out and fingering herself again! Back home, she sits on the bathroom counter and masturbates to orgasm once again — with the magic wand. After a topless interview at a restaurant, she shows off her ballet skills (panty free of course) and does a sexy dance to her favorite music as well. More fingering leads to a hard & deep toy play in lingerie as she talks dirty to you. She then spreads for some extreme closeups of her swollen clit, as well as stretching and pulling on her very pretty and tiny private parts. Then putting on a very sexy black dress & heels, she tries the vibraking toy. She uses it twice, and has two of the strongest orgasms of her life. Notice the resultant contractions of her vaginal muscles. A total First Time Experience for her, she warmed up to the camera rather quickly — for another fun & sexual adventure for FTV!

Danielle FTV Resort Dare


So this shoot is covering a few different fetishes. For those of you who love seeing glasses, hair down there, very tall, strappy heels, and/or public nudity and masturbation then here’s your shoot. I finally got my Dior glasses (one of the most expensive things I own…my mom actually picked them out for me since I was getting frustrated by the vast amount of glasses I had to choose from.) The dress I got from an ex boyfriend a couple years ago. It’s nice because it’s really easy to slip your boobs in and out of. The shoes I got a couple of months ago from Bebe. They are by far my favorite shoes. And they are incredibly tall (I think like 5″ tall) so it’s kind of hard to walk around in them. It was pretty windy when we were shooting so the part were I’m masturbating on the golf cart is very noisy. We got caught a couple of times (hence why FTVRob doesn’t like shooting at this resort.)

FTV Girls Lily


We spot a girl looking really sexy in a dress & heels, sitting at a resort, and catch views between her legs… she isn’t wearing panties!  She spots us and puts her panties back on, and then proceeds to flash us at this risky public place (and with security cameras everywhere!).  Going further, she decides to strip completely naked, and flash her sexy body to us (and those driving by on the street).  Finding a chair nearby, she uses a vibrator and masturbates to a very strong (& leg shaking) orgasm while all naked in this public place!  Going back home, she puts on a skimpy white outfit, and shows off her acrobatic skills (and how flexible she is).  After the cute cheerleading show, she sits by the pool and fingers herself.  Going home, she’s back to using a vibrator, and has another strong orgasm.  A little kinky experiment: She takes her bikini top and stuffs it deep inside her!  Watch her pull it out in doggy style (such a sexy butt!).  Out in another neighborhood, she flashes her breasts again, then goes bottomless and runs around, risking getting caught!  We go all out and have her masturbate with a rabbit toy right on a security cart (and she ends up being spotted by security so we had to take off fast).  Then she gives her nice breasts & butt a hard massage, eventually fingering her butt (some nice penetration closeups).  On the bed, she’s spreading for us, and we get some extreme closeups of her clit, and then some nice gaping ‘in your face’ views of her private parts.  She gets into another sexy dress & heels, this time ready for the vibraking —  thus having another very strong orgasm.  When she is ready to try riding the Big Ten Toy, we are in for a surprise, FTV’s favorite Denise shows up!  She helps her try riding the toy, then uses it on her in doggy style.  Then the two encounter a third girl (who is test shooting for FTV) and they all start making out together!  These three fight for attention, and it becomes a french-kiss fest in the nude!  She looks like a brunette Cameron Diaz… Another fun-filled adventure for FTV :)