Month: February, 2009

Lia 19 A Personalized Valentines


I know I am a few days off for Valentines but I was traveling so didn’t get near my pc in time to wish all of you a wonderful day with your loved ones. Since this year I don’t have a Valentine, I decide to spend it all alone. Well me and my video camera. But that’s it. I must say it turned out to be a pretty “BIG” day. The biggest yet for me so far…. By that meaning the biggest toy I have ever used! After the setting was set I turn on my itunes and began to have a solo date with myself when the toy I had attened on use wasn’t working, I grab a big valentine red one from my stash. I had always been to scared of before. But not today. If you watch closely you may see that I had a great time not only once but twice! OMG that 2 first in one video update all by myself. All alone I guess until now that I get to share it with you. xoxo.

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FTV Girls Loren


She’s a total cutie from Tennessee, with the cute Southern accent and personality.  Another total First Time Video Girl, she’s modeling and going all out explicit for the first time in her life.  Starting around a playground, she fools around on the monkey bars, swings and then flashes upskirt.  Finding a remote corner to masturbate, she uses a pink vibrator.  Then in a grand southern home, she shows off her sexy body, fingers herself, then masturbates again, until orgasm.  A visit to the river, she talks about her experiences around there, and masturbates again.  Later next day, she’s in a classy dressy outfit, and uses another vibrator to have an orgasm.  Cute blue eyes and that innocent face, she’s a total keeper!

FTV Girls Louisa


Walking down a busy open mall, we see this cute brunette in a sexy purple dress walk by… She smiles for us and flashes her breasts and private parts!  Risking it further, she starts fingering herself on the steps of this place and shows off her ‘juicy’ butt.  Going into the department store, she gets more risque and flashes some more, and videotapes herself trying on several outfits in the changeroom.  Going home, she has this very special ‘magic wand’ and uses to masturbate to a nice strong orgasm.  Not enough the first time, she masturbates again, to another second, stronger orgasm!  Notice the strong contractions.  Putting on some cute clothes for us in the bathroom, she picks a sexy outfit for us… At the restaurant she is interviewed with her breasts all out(!) and gives us some upskirt views.  She goes to a park area, and tries to masturbate, but gets caught by a female shopper nearby!  In another spot, she finally gets to strip down in a sexy way, fully naked outdoors — only in her sexy heels.  Indoors, she gives us some extreme closeups (very large clit!), then uses the magic wand to have another orgasm, this time you see the contractions up real close.  Putting her hair in pigtails, she gives her bubble butt a nice hard massage, and then moves to her breasts.  In the pink room she gets more intimate with us, and pulls out a special anal toy.  Taking the long beads as deep as they go, she enjoys it with a little fingering in her vagina.  Playful and sweet, enjoy this cute update :)

FTV Girls Whitney


Registering for the new semester in classes, we are introduced to Whitney in the cafeteria of the college.  Danielle gets frisky with her, and they flash there breasts right in the busy hallway of the school!  Some more shoots around campus, and she’s home to masturbate in a cute yellow dress.  Using our large purple vibrator, she masturbates long and hard, having three strong orgasms!  She wouldn’t stop if the videographer hadn’t asked her to… We get to see her give her breasts a hard massage, with nipple closeups.  All about wanting to fist, she tries hard to do it, but cannot reach.  So her boyfriend comes in, and fists her both missionary and doggy style!  Her first time experiencing anything like it.  In a red dress and black heels, she masturbates once again, but using a hairbrush handle first, eventually getting off to one final orgasm.  An exclusive FTV girl, you won’t see her anywhere else.

Danielle FTV Cupid Likes Anal


My first ever Valentine’s Day video shoot for my site…how exciting! I bought this cute cupid outfit like a in January (along with St Patrick’s Day and Easter costumes.) I also bought a special toy that I thought would go perfect with the whole Valentine’s day theme….pink anal beads with a heart at the very end. The costume was kind of difficult to get on. I had to keep adjusting it the whole shoot. So anyways I did anal/vaginal double penetration for the first time ever on video. The photographer was actually pretty impressed because he said I was the first girl ever to stuff the anal beads all the way inside me past the last bead. It wasn’t very hard. Funny thing is I’m not all that into anal sex, but anal toys on the other hand are a lot of fun (when I’m in the mood.)

Happy Valentines Day from Glitterhips

Glitterhips demonstrates just how cute she can be in the kitchen with this special Valentines day set from EroticBPM. For anyone who wants to take her out tonight, her favorite movies are Rushmore, The Last Kiss, and Run Lola Run. Here other interests include tattoos, sex, piercings, hello kitty, being a nerd, being naked, reading, boys in glasses, belly dancing, running, pole dancing, pink hair, bunnies, and cupcakes like the ones on her apron in this set where she really cooks.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls Glitterhips

Wear Your Heart on Your Chest for Valentines Day

Nothing says Valentines Day like wearing your heart on your sleeve . . . or chest. Check out Mad Sophie cuddling Blue Blood teddy bears in this sweet BarelyEvil set which shows off her beautiful ink to great effect.

blueblood barelyevil valentines day bears

FTV Girls Orianna


She’s a cute local girl who is part of a book club with our assistant Danielle.  Never done anything like this before, she tries getting naked and masturbating for the first time, on FTV.  Introduced on the couch, she slowly stripteases for us, then spreading and giving us extreme closeups of her private parts.  In FTV style, stretching her labia and show us her clit.  She then masturbates with an egg vibrator, and she has a very strong, natural orgasm.  We find out that its been 4 months since she’s had one!!  Reading a book together, her and Danielle end up in a topless pillow fight… then Danielle grabs her legs and keeps her butt up as Orianna masturbates one more time.  They get flirtatious and start making out, touching each other… After a lunch, they go to a park where she does cartwheels and other acrobatic stuff, all bottomless!  A little panty stuffing experimentation (she’s so tight!) and she goes back home to masturbate one more time.  She has another very strong, shuddering orgasm!  Enjoy this exclusive FTV girl :)

Sexy Young Ziggy has her own Stars

EroticBPM finds the cutest girls. I just want to wrap little Ziggy here up and take her wherever I go. This sexy outdoors set takes place in the hot desert, probably just outside some sort of rave or festival no doubt, and getting to see this little naked pixie playing in the bright sunshine is a pleasure.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls

Danielle FTV Personal Exotic Dancer


My first time ever on a stripper pole…I definitely had a lot of fun. It wasn’t as tall as I expected it to be (and trust me, I would know…I’ve seen A LOT of stripper poles ;) .) I also finally get to use this outfit that has been sitting in my closet for over two years now. The “stripper room” had an Arabian theme to it…very cool. I’ve thought about doing an Arabian Nights theme in my apartment and this is definitely what I would want it to look like (except without the stripper pole…I’m not sure that the apartment management would like me nailing down stripper poles in their properties.) Anyways I dance to one of the most seductive songs ever, a song that is on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack…so hot!