Month: August, 2009

FTV Girls Brigitte


This gorgeous sultry teen is a total First Time Video girl!  She goes from a first time experience using a vibrator to having non-stop orgasms throughout the shoot!  Gorgeous, with a sexy, fit and athletic form, we tend to notice that perfect butt first!  Full lips, beautiful eyes, and guess what… she’s got braces too!  After an introductory interview, she is warmed up with some stripping down in the clothes she came with, then letting her show off some of her assets (beautiful breasts, butt).  She also has talent!  As a former cheerleader, she is extremely flexible, and does some acrobatics both indoors and outside in the most public of places… without anything on!  In a very sexy dress & heels, she does more teasing and upskirt, then fingers herself until a security guard shows up.  At home she has a first time experience with a vibrator, and she loves it!  She can’t seem to stop, and has multiple orgasms (some very strong & rapid vaginal contractions!).  We get some extreme closeup views, as well as toy penetration.  In the cutest white dress, she flashes at a restaurant, then goes bottomless at a bank, and does more cartwheels in public… naked!  Then she attempts the extreme — the Big Ten Toy.  She takes it very deep!  However, its just a little too big for her, so she moves to two vibrators instead.  The double toy action (the toys get double-penetrated!) gets her off even more, and she can’t seem to stop masturbating.  In fact, the photographer had to interrupt her after her 6th orgasm!  We then watch her do a sexy breast and butt massage, all in her fine black lingerie and heels.  Then comes the ultimate toy:  The Vibraking.  This most powerful vibrator becomes the love of her life, as she uses it with such intensity, that she actually shocked us both, and squirted all over!  Another total First Time Experience for her, she had never squirted in her life.  At least a dozen orgasms in one day, this beautiful, sultry and super-sexual teen is only here for you, exclusively on FTV :)

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FTV Girls Julie


This teen visits us while 5 months pregnant… with a very large pair of F-cup breasts!  A little shy at first, her warm personality shows through the videos, as she talks a bit about herself, and why she is doing this.  Stripping down for us, we get to see how big her breasts are!  Playing with them, teasing them, giving a hard massage, she starts to lactate!  The more she teases then, the more they squirt out milk.  Watching her do it and taste her milk, as well as squirt all over herself and a glass table — lactation fans enjoy!  She then takes a vibrator and masturbates to a soft orgasm.  We go up close to see her wet insides in some very wide open extreme closeups!  At lunch she is interviewed further, and flashes her breasts at the mall, going up the stairs to play and lactate further.  She milks all over a bench, then sits and fingers herself with up to 3 fingers.  Going home, she uses a rather large vibrator (taking it very deep) and masturbates again to orgasm.

FTV Girls Suzanna


Off to Portugal in another FTV shoot in Europe, we are introduced to Hungarian Suzanna.  Leggy and sexy, she is met up with along the way to the beach, where she takes time to play in the water, then starts masturbating and fingering hard at the beach!  This isn’t a nude beach, and people walk by… Going home, she’s using her cell phone, but not in the way you’d think!  She slowly stuffs it in… then fingers and rubs hard as she masturbates.   Putting on cute clothes, she flashes and spreads at a restaurant, startling a few people.  Then in some lingerie, she strips for us, and takes a pearl necklace and stuffs most of it deep inside!  More fingering, then some gaping spreads afterwards.  She then goes to the kitchen and tries to stuff the largest candle there…

Punk Rachel Face Naked for the Dead

I love this hot outdoor update from BarelyEvil of one of my favorite girls Rachel Face. Her hair looks awesome and she’s showing off a lot of new ink too. These were apparently shot on the smoking patio of bar Plan B in Portland, and from the looks of it, I’m going to have to visit soon!

BarelyEvil Rachel Face Graveside

FTV Girls Liz


Watching this girl in the park, she’s all about having fun, and can’t stop giggling!  Running around and picking berries, she climbs a tree, then takes her dress off and runs around topless, doing cartwheels.  Once she’s all naked, she goes to a bench and masturbates with her special blue toy… to several strong orgasms!  All in the while there are landscapers working in the background.  She even runs to the street, penetrates herself in the open public!  Drawing attention to herself, she visits an office area, and masturbates again, to another strong orgasm at the picnic place… She can’t seem to stop masturbating!  In a sexy grey dress & heels, she shows off her figure, then finds another place to masturbate… public again!  She gets off so hard, you can see the wet juices inside!  After a restaurant interview and striptease, she masturbates in the bed, doing it like she does every morning when she wakes up.  The rabbit vibrator brings her to several strong contractions.  We get some extreme closeups of her swollen clit, and some gaping views.  That cute butt of hers gets a nice massage, and so do her breasts.  Then she shows off her ‘magic wand’ toy… and wow does it bring her to the strongest orgasm of the day!  She was shaking and convulsing…  In a white dress and heels, she’s showing off in the middle of a busy street, and flashing away!  The water sprinkers turn on, and she’s getting herself wet, masturbating right there!  A fun-loving, cute personality, (and multi-orgasmic) that makes for another great update for FTV!

Danielle FTV Princess In Purple


I should have called this one “Blame It On Dallas”. I was trying so hard to get off but I couldn’t for the life of me. I’m blaming it on Dallas (one of my girlfriends). We tend to get frisky with each other sometimes and I’m pretty worn out the next day. But then yet again, it could be those weird diet pills that I was taking a while ago. I was taking the pills during the Sybian video shoot and I remember it took me forever to get off then. We shot this set in the same location as the “Tuscan Treasure” photoset. It is an absolutely beautifully home and I think it will make a great addition to the list of locations I’ve shot at. I went insane on the screenshots this time…made 45 of them!

FTV Girls Taylor


This busty cutie comes from Dallas, Texas, and she’s got that girl-next-door look… Looking like an innocent cutie at a old town area, she flashes her breasts when she can, but not without catching peoples’ attention!  More breast views at a park, then stripping down to her undies for more sexy views.  Not an exhibitionist, but more a girl who is comfortable in the nude, and she loves to show off those full, firm breasts!  Back home, she uses a vibrator to masturbate naked, and has a strong, natural orgasm.  We get some extreme closeups of the penetration.  Then with some cream, she gives her big breasts a hard massage, squeezing them and shaking them in all the erotic angles.  She’s in the bed, and we check out her curvaceous body — and in a voyeuristic way, watch her masturbate to another strong orgasm.  She spreads for us in detail, and gaping her private parts, and shows us how tight she is by holding the toy inside her.  She then puts on some sexy purple lingerie, poses for us, and heads to the pool.  There she tries on a cute green swimsuit, and plays with her breasts some more.  Using her favorite toy, she masturbates again, and has another strong orgasm.  Not too crazy, not too wild, but a well-mannered and genuine girl for FTV :)

FTV Girls Tamara


We are introduced to this bubbly blonde (with the perfect bubble butt) through a striptease done her way, going down to her private parts.  Fingering ‘in your face’, we get closeups of her clit in full detail.  She visits a park for more teasing, and finds herself teasing another guy nearby, who gets real pleasure out of it!  Then at a nearby tourist area, she’s teasing again, along with a personal interview, all in the while risking getting caught.  Going to an adult toy store, she picks out a toy, then has a bubble bath with some hard toy penetration.  More masturbation on the bed in a cute red nightie, leading to play with three different toys… double penetrating herself!  More ‘in your face’ closeups the way you like it…

Danielle FTV Sybian Sex


For those of ya’ll that want a longer masturbation video…well here you go. It took me forever to get off on this thing (I think mainly because of the retarded diet pills I was taking at the time.) It’s been forever since I’ve used a Sybian so I had to move around quiet a bit and work out the vibration/rotation dials to find my perfect “setting”.  I’ve realized I don’t have the prettiest sex face (I look like I’m trying to work out a really hard math problem)…I should try working on my expressions when I’m masturbating.  The Sybian was almost a workout for me. I was sweating so hard by the end! You can see the sweat all over my face, back, and butt. I think it looks kind of sexy though.

Danielle FTV Banana Heaven


I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever given oral sex to a banana (I prefer pickles :D). I think this video is pretty sexy especially the position I’m in on the table where I’m laying down (though it definitely was not comfortable at all.) I wonder if the rabbits or little rascals ended up eating the banana after I threw it. What a tasty treat for them! Notice I’m wearing the bra and panty set that I wore in my first FTVGirls update…personally I don’t really care for it, but I think the color went well with the banana and location (very pretty.)