Month: January, 2008

FTV Girls Katelynn


A true-first time girl, she’s a local college student who we catch walking to the popular clubs in Scottsdale.  Long, sexy legs, beautiful face, and a perfect butt, we want to see her naked!  Meeting up with one of her hot friends, they chitchat at this busy area, then she takes off her panties, and we get to look up her skirt!  A security guard sees what is happening and puts an end to her flashing.  So we go to the second floor and she strips down completely naked and gets caught again… She gets horny and wet, and so out and around to the other side of the building she starts masturbating, fingering herself hard, and gets caught again!  Not risking it anymore, she goes home and masturbates with a glass toy.  She shocks us with how much she likes it… banging herself hard and fast both vaginally and anally, and deep!  What an incredible finish for the night.   On the second day, we see her wake up in cute pigtails, gives herself a hard breast and butt massage, and once again surprises us with some anal action, sticking up to four fingers inside!!  Then its masturbation with a vibrator, to a strong, hard orgasm.  She goes to the bathtub and shaves her legs and private parts, then has another orgasm while the water runs down her clit!  On the 3rd day, we see her in a sexy red polkadot dress, in a public office park, climbing trees and playing with herself.  Finding a big red toy, she stuffs it deep and fucks herself hard with it.  Then she runs around naked at the golf course under the water sprinklers!  Indoors, with sexy purple lingerie, she does something very kinky, taking large ben-wa balls, stuffing them deep into her vagina, then taking one each and double-penetrating herself!  She tries pushing the balls out with her vaginal & anal muscles…  Then takes a banana, and does herself hard with it, until its completely… squashed.  Some sexy yoga poses under the sunset, showing off her form, then one last masturbation, with a vibrator to multiple orgasms!  One of the biggest & hottest FTV updates to date.

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Slipping out from her blue shirt and denim right here is Naomi. She is such a playful nubile with lots of tricks up on her sleeve for her fans at Has a very captivating look that will steal your heart for sure. If this doesn’t give you a boner then nothing will.

Naomi may not know it but she’s all headed to the top of the scorching hot list of teens posing naked on the net. With her awesome attitude and amazing set of galleries at, she’s making a name in the scene. Not to mention that she belongs to the number one source of hot teen models known for such reputation.

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Rebecca is certainly the sweetest nubile teen ever. Following the outline of her body curves will either make your jaw dropped in amazement or make you grin like an idiot. Such a cute teen with a very firm ass and watery blue eyes.

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Alison Angel Gorgeous Model Today


I bought this dress for a Cruise I went on a few months back and have been waiting for the right place to shoot in it. We come to this shopping area with great architecture and beautiful colors. I fixed my hair a little different, curls but pulled back. I think it looks sexy and sophisticated. We start shooting and there are quite a few people around, walking and shopping and stopping to watch us shoot. One guy even turns to another guy and says he knows that’s ‘Alison Angel’, but I guess he was too shy to come say hi!

FTV Girls Tera


This gorgeous Latina can look sophisticated or young like a teen.  In casual clothes, she goes to a park, gets naked and fingers herself… until she is caught by passersby.  Going home, she uses her fingers to come to a real, natural orgasm.  Then we see her in a very sexy short dress, sexy heels, and admire how beautiful she is!  Between her legs, she starts fingering, three, then four, then attempts to fist for the first time in her life.  She succeeds!  Fisting hard and deep, then using her fingers to rub her clitoris.  We get some extreme closeups of her pierced clitoris, and deep gaping open shots.  Discovering this new extreme side of hers, she experiments with two long zucchinis, and manages to double penetrate herself!!  Even more extreme, she takes a large lemon, and manages to make it completely disappear.  She opens herself wide, and you can see it roll around deep in her!  After flashing at a restaurant, she returns in pigtails, and tries out the new Big Ten toy.  Hard sex ensues, then an intense fisting session that goes deeper than before, to an orgasm finale.  Gorgeous, sexy, natural, and extreme :)


If you want your girl lovely and sexually aggressive, then it must be Janelle you’re looking for. Initially impressing her fans with her sweet demeanor and love for the camera, Janelle displays confidence for herself and devotion to her job.

Janelle is already a certified nubile before she landed her stint in the hectic world of modeling. And her ticket to fame? Her perky tits and fresh hot body.

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FTV Girls Christine 2


A year ago she first appeared on FTV as a total first-timer, now she’s quite popular on the net…  Just a little more mature, we’re happy to see her return!  Playing around in a dog park, she is oblivious to the people there, and flashes her breasts and gives us upskirt views.  Next:  Walking completely naked on the street!  Then she goes to a back yard, and masturbates there with a large pink dildo, leading to hard sex poolside.  Later that night, she puts on a sexy red top & bottom, with red heels, parades around showing off her body, then stuffs her bottoms!  They are so tight inside her, that she dangles one of her shoes on the panty.  Slowly pulling it out…  On day two, she does a very horny scene masturbating with a vibrator, and has a strong orgasm (check out those contractions!).  At night she visits a popular hangout/restaurant, and flashes her breasts there, then masturbates in the car at a busy parking lot.  On day three, she wakes up to another masturbation, which this time is the strongest orgasm of the three days!  Extreme closeups of her juicy wetness.   To finish, she takes a trip with the exotic car guys, and does some flashing too.


Andi’s sweet-innocent image initially made an impact on her fans at She was described as sweet as an apple pie. Or could also be hotter than freshly-baked apple pie. I can see that Andi is more than willing to try new things, including piercing her clit with a stud ring.

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The first time I saw Tereza, it must have been love at first sight. Pretty lovely when I took another look. Every inch of her seems to be perfect and well, do I really need to elaborate the details why I love her?

Okay, what I really love about Tereza aside for her physical beauty is her intelligence! I am more to intellect-kind of girls and Tereza just fits the league. Check out for more of her at And her biggest secret? She had sex one time at church! That’s my girl! She knows the right place nearest to heaven.


I’ve never seen such a teen like Sandy who’s having a lot of fun playing with herself in front of the camera. And once in a while you find a rare teen which stays in your mind long after your encounter with her. That perfectly describes Sandy.

Described by fellow bloggers as “probably the tightest teen ass out there,” Sandy has been one of the most favorite teens on She’s a real catch with her bubbly and sunny disposition that she projects in front of the camera.

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