Month: March, 2008


Sweet smiling Bunny again for today’s post. I really have a thing for girls with sweet smile. They look so charming and very lovely.

I spend so many nights just browsing around the web looking for the hottest young girls I can find posing, sucking cock, and get fucked! But instead, I found Bunny ‘coz she simply caught my eye with that sweet smile of hers.

Check her out at She will set your mood into a hot one.

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FTV Girls Celeste


This girl was oversexed from the start, but that is what many of you want!  In a sexy secretary outfit, she watches some blonde FTV girls, and starts masturbating.  Starting with fingers, then with large toys (Big Pink) she fucks herself hard… with some squirting.  Straight to the glass FTV Toy, she almost takes the whole thing in, and gets some good pleasure out of it!  Her own idea, she takes the mouse from the computer, and does something very kinky… stuffing it inside her and making it disappear!  Later in the evening, we get to see her massage her big breasts in some sexy lingerie & stockings.  She starts rubbing herself hard, then getting out of control (once again) and masturbating hard with another dildo.  She wants a whole lot more… so she gets fisted, and fisted so deep, way past the wrist!  According to her, she had the hardest orgasm of her life from it.  Man was she loud!


If you can’t find the reason why you just can’t simply keep your eyes off from this beauty from Czech Republic, it’s because eveything that she does is beautiful and right for your eyes just like this.

I had to admit that I’m all smitten by her beauty and sexiness, not to mention that she has a real great package. This luscious babe is all that you want and everything that you need to achive pure sexual bliss.

Check out for Monique’s page at and enjoy her fullness.

FTV Girls Mandie


First thing you notice is her beautiful face, warm smile, and big blue innocent eyes. This is her very first time getting naked on camera, let alone masturbate — so she is very shy about it, but at the same time excited about doing something of this magnitude. After an initial interview on meeting her the first time, she strips down to her panties for the camera. Then we go to a public location, watch her walk in a sexy black dress & heels. Very leggy, she settles down in a chair in the middle of an office building and starts to play with her breasts and finger herself. Occasionally being spotted by passers-by, she continues to flash and play with herself. Going back home she masturbates with a pink vibrator, until she has a strong, toe-curling orgasm.

Alison Angel Hard Deep Glass ToySex


The steps always seem to be a place of sex, and the hallways is always a nice place too for some strip down and toy play. I have this sexy new outfit with the cutest thong, and very high heals so I am extremely tall in this video, and extremely horny.  For those of you who love my pouty face, there are some pictures for you. Sexy, pouty and very ready to pleasure myself.


Ain’t that a sweet sight to see Kelly licking that sweet lollie making you wish it was your own nice tasty cock she’s licking? And yes! Kelly is a hot flesh for you with great galleries to offer at

Photos of this sweet blond will leave your sweet tooth and your hard cock both begging for more. She’s very beautiful with her lovely breasts that you would definitely like to take a second look or wouldn’t bother to remove your eyes from it.

Take a tour on Kelly’s page at Check out for her videos to see more of this gem.

Scar 13 Gothic Easter

It seems somewhat unspooky to wish anyone a Happy Easter, but an Easter set just posted to It is a sexy contrast between the brightly-colored drugstore type Easter eggs and Scar’s naked body coming out of the shadows.

Easter Scar 13 Petr Sorfa


We just came across a stunning model here in the name of Lindie. So hot and silky with that velvet blue bra covering her sweet titties. Her flawless skin and sparkling eyes make you want to see more…

If you’re tired of typical porn and all you want is a teen with sassy attitude and elegance in front of the camera, is the right site for you giving you best seat in the house to view the hottest teens on the net.

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At first glance, you might thought you’re looking at one of Britney Spears’ alleged nude pics. But nah… this chick here is far more sexy and hot than any pop supestar out there. C’mon… look very closely to her pussy… She has pierced on her clit!

Courtney will make your girlfriend jealous, for sure! She’s a mind blowing babe with her perky tits and is all about exploring her sexuality. And she’s all that you need and everything that you want!

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FTV Girls Amber And Anna


These two girls contacted FTV, and when we heard that they are a real life lesbian couple living in Portland, we had to have them come down for a two day shoot!  You could say they are ‘in love’ with each other… and have been together for over 6 months.  We see them in cute, sexy summer outfits going to a cafe, and making out while people drive by and watch… then they get even more intimate as they play with their nipples and rub under each other’s skirts!  Once they are forced to leave because of the ‘heavy petting’ they go out to the busy parking area, and get even more intimate, going down on each other and rubbing each others’ private parts!  Drawing more attention to themselves, they start going down on each other and fingering each other.  Its time to go before they get arrested for showing their affection!  Later in the comfort of the house, they are completely naked, wrestling each other to the ground, and doing some sensual kissing.  Spreading each other, we get some deep spread closeups.  Back to some more cute mini-skirts and heels, they have some harder sex with a ribbed glass toy, and pound each other hard & deep!  Amber wants to be fisted for her first time, so Anna tries her out.  Slowly working the fist in, soon Anna’s whole hand goes missing inside, and Amber loves it!  She rides the hand long and hard, and has an intense climax!  Truly one of the most intense fisting scenes ever.  In cute undies and nightwear, they are interviewed about their relationship, then they do some nipple sucking up close, and some very sensual foot fetish for you foot lovers.  Back to some extreme closeup oral sex on each other… then we get to see them have ’sex’ with each other, as their grind their private parts against each other, until they are satisfied.  For you girl-girl fans, this is as genuine as it gets :)