Month: December, 2007

18 Year-old Olivia

This little cutie just turned 18 last week and we were lucky enough to get her to make her internet debut right here on Fresh Auditions! Olivia got the sweetest smile you could ever ask for and perfect, tight little titties with pink puffy nipples!

She’s got the perfect tight teen body that we’ve been searching for. Firm little tits, perfect hips, silky smooth skin and very fresh pussy!

She’s definitely a knock out and we think you’ll agree when you see her amazing all-nude, hi-res photo galleries inside!

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Can you tell how hot Leah is by just simply looking at her face? Of course you can’t if you haven’t visited her page yet. It’s not fair to say that she’s just a cutie flashing her braces when she smiles. She’s more than just a hot teen posing naked on the net, I guarantee you that!

Leah is flattered despite being flat. Well, you don’t really need a busty babe if all you want is a good suck and performer in bed. And I’m all pertaining to Leah. She’s a blowjob hottie and she enjoys doing it in front of the camera.

Check out for her exclusive flicks at There you will see her sucking good ole size dick or simply getting off with her hands.

Goth blonde beauty in a rubber catsuit

I think it’s the sci-fi/spy movie geek in me that goes crazy for the black rubber catsuit, a staple of fetish fashion; none wear it so well as gorgeous Mad Sophie aka Fetish Dolly in this RubberDollies set from Amelia G & Forrest Black. Ms. Emma Peel would be scandalized; her own catsuit never zipped open at the crotch the way Sophie’s does, nor was Ms. Peel seen in heels quite this high. But Sophie’s improvements on the outfit are, to say the least, most appreciated.

Fetish Dolly Rubber Catsuit

Lovely Sweet Veronica

Veronica looks really yummy and sexy in her mini-skirt and white tops that she’s about to strip from her skin. She’s everything with a perky round tits that she loves to exposed.

Veronica has this fondness for big dildo and fuck herself on her bed until her pussy gets really wet. Cum see her at, you can download all her naughty videos and pictures.

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Patricia — Pretty in Pink!

Such a cutie with that pink parasol over her shoulder, Patricia’s playful aspect is on camera. She is so damn cute that I can’t keep off my eyes from her; jaw-droppingly beautiful and gorgeous.

What I love most about Patricia is her piercing dark-brown eyes that seems to looks intensely to your soul. Lovely and stunning — that pretty sumps up Patricia and at, you can have the glory to see her all naked and naughty for the camera. Check her out there.

Tatooed and pierced Rachel shows off in a classy hotel

If tattooed and pierced beauties are your flavor, Portland punk priestess Rachel Face is all that and more. With facial tats and piercings all over, she’s the brand of beauty I most adore. This BarelyEvil series from Amelia G & Forrest Black is shot in what looks like an ultra-classy hotel, which only accentuates Rachel’s punky hotness.

tattoo pierced Rachel Face


Emerged between the rolling plains of Bohemia in the west and Moravia’s hilly country is an adorable teen who likes to get naked and do naughty things to herself in the name of Paula.

She initially made an impact at with her charm and delectable smile; skin that looks so smooth and sweet-smelling that you could almost taste its sweetness. Paula is such a sweetie and there’s no reason for you to resist her.

Find more about this darling at Check her out in the shower with her bikini that soon comes off revealing her wet glory.

Vampire Dana Dark gets comfy in a coffin

If you like ‘em goth, you like ‘em like Dana Dark, with her jet hair, bloodred lips, perfect body and bat tats. Here, in this very goth GothicSluts set, she gets nice and comfy, mostly naked in photographer Forrest Black’s coffin — and where, I ask, could a beautiful deathrocker be more comfortabuls?

Vampire Dana Dark


Isn’t she lovely? This precious babe is Evelyn. A certified nubile from Hungary. She certainly deliver the goods with her unique cuteness and sexiness. And what makes Evelyn really hot is her pierced clit! She’s an awesome to goodness hotbabe!

She is very cute with a great body and nice pert breasts so I can see why she is popular with nubile lovers like me. And check that ass! Looks like she’s serving hot buns here.

Find more about Evelyn at Amazing pics and videos to watch out for.

FTV Girls Lena And Michaela


Our very first girl girl shoot in HD is here!  The very popular Lena returns, with a good friend of hers, Michaela!  We start at a very fancy resort, but unfortunately early on in the shoot, security stops the girls from going all out naked… returning home they take off all their clothes, and are free to do whatever they want to each other.  What we call a ‘free-flow’ shoot, there is no directing, or time limit on what they do, just let them be themselves and enjoy each other.  They go down on each other, use fingers, then toys, and have mutual orgasms throughout.  At a lunch break, they go out to the parking lot, and suck on each others’ breasts, causing a disturbance!  Then we get extreme… both girls have fisted themselves for their first time, on FTV — so why not try having them fist each other??  Lena pushes her hand into Michaela next to the pool, and gives her a long fisting session, then they continue on the patio furniture, fisting themselves.  Both hotties, but opposites in many ways, they do make a couple with a lot of chemistry!