Month: January, 2009

River Your Neighborhood Badass

River describes herself as your neighborhood badass, but, in this outdoor set, her ninth on EroticBPM, River really shows off her good ass.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls River

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FTV Girls Amy A Blast From The Past


Back in 2005, a girl who just turned 20, and had never done nude modeling before.  But we are happy that she decided to work with us for her first time, because look at that body!!  She is very slim-waisted, and gifted with a pair of the firmest DD breasts we have ever seen! Natural too!  With Lia’s help, she gets naked and poses in full nudes for the first time, and to our surprise, is very comfortable masturbating in front of the camera, let alone in a public place outdoors!!  She has a nice orgasm, and Lia notes that she got pretty wet… Later she gives her whole body a cream massage, in probably the hottest breast massage you’ve ever seen; and it will prove to you that those breasts are real.  Lets not forget that she has an amazingly firm butt too!  Then she takes to the stairs, and starts masturbating with a toy, until she has an even stronger orgasm, with milky white juices that build up and literally flow down!  Then for a late lunch break, she flashes her breasts at a restaurant, while people are all around her — and then gets naked outdoors in just her heels, walking the street!  Later in the evening, this sleeping beauty wakes up to masturbate again, in a most sensual video.

4 Months later…

Another great day to have Amy back, sunny hot Arizona, time to get naked!  Out at a brand new resort building, she poses down, getting naked for us… she wets her full natural breasts with water from the fountain, then undresses in the ladies’ room and starts playing with her breasts, and ends up masturbating right on the stairs of the building!  After a distraction from a construction worker, she goes to where they are working, and flashes her breasts!  After comparing her breasts to Alison’s D-cups, she masturbates with a toy to orgasm.  At a restaurant, she pulls her top down while people are eating around her, and then she heads to a golf course and runs topless!  It seems that the people playing golf were distracted and hence upset.  Off to the pink room, members wanted to see her private parts up real close, with some serious private part play!  Aroused, she starts to play with herself once again, with another toy on the glass table, to another orgasm!  Lia comes over, and we decide to do a sexy nude car wash, right where people can see!  Then a hot breast & butt massage in a bubble bath, some sexy ‘cleaning’ in the shower, and one last masturbation just with fingers, which gives her that final satisfying…

FTV Girls Brynn Part Two


One of our sweet popular blondes returns for a short visit, and we welcome her back!  Just as cute and natural as ever, she is interviewed, then goes indoors for a hard breast & butt massage.  All through this shoot, there is another team nearby, a Playboy TV crew who is shooting the whole process as well (doing an FTVGirls review).  Spreading herself wide, we get extreme closeups, then she masturbates with a vibrator.  Then she does some more sexy posing on the roof in heels.  Danielle joins in, and encourages her to take her top off in the middle of the street, and they both run around flashing away.

Lia 19 Shower In Pure White


I got the ok from of friend of mine to shoot at one of his houses. He has this really hot master bathroom where everything is all white. Looks super clean and sure sharp. It was the perfect spot for me to shoot in and mess things up a little. So I pulled out this all white gown I had only worn one time before to the XBIZ award show. Before  for you knew it the the shower was on and my dress was soaked. Well everything was soaked hehe. The dress was completely see threw. My nipples were rock hard. As always. Then I drip body wash all over my breats and rub it in really good and hard. Then i take a seat on the little built in shower bench and start rubbing other areas…

FTV Girls Isabela


At a busy and ’sassy’ mall where all the hot girls go to shop, we spot a very sexy girl going shopping.  Checking her out in her sexy clothes and heels, we stop to ask her to pose for FTV.  Soon enough, she’s flashing those big breasts — and doesn’t mind the risk or attention!  Going to a boutique, she videotapes herself going naked and changing into some sexy clothes.  More flashing at the mall, then she changes into a bikini, and starts splashing around in the water fountain in the middle of the mall square!!  Getting a little too much attention, its time to go home.  Taking off her bikini, she skinny dips into the pool, then plays with herself as we get some extreme closeups.  Drying herself up, she gives her body a nice hard breast and butt massage (hot!).  Finding the comforts of the bedroom, she wears a sexy white (seethrough) top and starts masturbating with a vibrator.  One strong orgasm later, and she’s up to a second one!  Notice the strong contractions.  She plays with her long labia, and spreads open for some deep wide closeups.  Out to a lunch break, she does an interview about her sex life.  Then its off to the park, in a very cute short dress & heels, and you’d think she’d just pose there… instead doing cartwheels and other acrobatics, all while we watch her breasts fall out (and see between her legs).  Then she starts climbing a tree, and playing with herself up there!  Hot moments for sure, until we get caught and its time to leave.  She decides to do something very FTV style… a First Time fisting!  Still in her cute dress, she slips several fingers inside, working them deep… until she has her whole fist in her!  She works it hard and deep, getting aroused — a hot fisting scene for sure!  Then she needs to masturbate again, using a vibrator for one last climax.  Enjoy this First Time Video girl, she is definitely a gorgeous addition to the site.

FTV Girls Kori


On a hot day we watch this sexy leggy blonde put lotion on her legs and tell us a little about herself.  Complaining about how hot it is she finds a water hose and sprays herself down, letting us see her perky nipples through her white shirt.  She takes off her clothes and starts masturbating. A few minutes later she orgasms, squirting everywhere.  We then watch as she plays around in a pool in her cute orange dress.  She takes her dress off and swims around a bit before deciding to masturbate with a glass toy.  White juices flow out of her as she rides the toy… to another squirting orgasm!  In a sexy white dress she visits the local beach and frolics in the ocean.  She leaves and goes to a nearby office building where she masturbates again, this time with a pink rabbit vibarator till she has yet another squirting orgasm. Later on we see her in a hot black shirt and black/white skirt wandering around.  She finds a quiet spot to play with her lime green anal beads.  We watch her slowly push and pull out the beads as she rubs herself to an orgasm, where yet again she squirts.  Picking flowers she starts running them along her silky skin as she fondles her breasts.  She walks over to a chair and starts masturbating with a pink vibrator, slowly pulling it in and out.  We watch as white juices build up on the toy as she starts rubbing herself and has her last squirting orgasm.

Aiden Star Loves a Creepy Thriller

Talk about a pair of Famous Monsters. Beautiful Aiden Starr is our mistress of the dark tonight, guiding us through a fantastic collection of classic horror memorabilia. RubberDollies always has such great girls and that dress gives me chills, in a good way. Once she takes it off though, that’s when I can totally picture her being carried off into the swamp by that lovable green creature. Her pale skin glowing in the light of the full moon. You have to see the rest of this set.

RubberDollies Aiden Starr Creature from the Black Lagoon

FTV Girls Alexa Loren 2


The superhottie Alexa returns, back by popular demand, in another mega, comprehensive update!  She’s looking better than ever, and she gets even more daring this time.  Wearing a hot classy pair of pants and sexy top, she visits a major department store, and flashes her breasts, gets naked all over the furniture!  She even sits next to other customers and watches their reaction as her breasts pop out!  Trying to play with herself on a bed at the furniture store, she gets caught…  Well she loves the attention, so she goes to a public pool with several guys around, wearing a really sexy swimsuit.  The breasts come out, and she masturbates right there, in the middle of the pool!  The guys are loving it.  Simply not having enough of public nudity, she goes to a park, and while the sprinklers are on, she gets totally naked, running around and getting wet!  Another park to be found, and she’s masturbating again, to a squirting orgasm!  On the next day, she’s baking cookies for you, topless of course.  On the kitchen counter, she starts masturbating, using her fingers to get off.  Later in the day in pigtails looking so cute, she teases us and gives us a nice breast massage, and does some topless hula-hoop action.  Later that night, wearing a hot tennis outfit (some of you members requested this… specifically!) she plays some tennis, but without any panties.  While others are playing in the background, she plays with herself, and her breasts are out for all to see!  She is definitely not shy.  Another morning, and she’s in some casual wear with pink heels, and teases us some more.  Masturbating on the bed, she can bring herself to orgasm with just her fingers!  Then its time for a hike, and an encounter with a rattlesnake oh my!  Some hard breast massage in the sunset, with some cowboy-style shooting involved.  Sticking to the cowboy theme, she visits a local bar where they have a mechanical bull… so she rides it as best as she can while the guys all enjoy the view.  Another mega-update of this very popular hottie!

Sexy Sight Seeing with Seattle

It’s a great day for some sight seeing in sunny Arizona! I love this hot set of sexy Seattle taking it all off in public. What a fantastic little body she has and those pretty little cotton panties just do it for me, you know? EroticBPM always has the hot young adventurous girls, but Seattle here is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls

Jeny 15