Month: June, 2009

FTV Girls Lisa A Blast From The Past


She is even hotter than before!  Leggy, toned, sexy body, with a supercute face, and she still loves to orgasm and squirt!  Meeting up with Lia, she does some nude posing in the sexy jeans & t-shirt she came with, then tries on several different outfits for Lia.  Outdoors, in a cute green summer dress, she starts rubbing and fingering herself, turning herself on, then heads over to the glass table, and finds her favorite vibrator ready.  The toy makes her go through extreme orgasms, more than we could count… and she started squirting all over the glass table!  A second view of the action under the table give another perspective…  Once satisfied, she plays with her juices, writing her name in it, pressing her breasts in it, and licking it up!  After fooling around with Lia, she then does another sexy photoshoot, that leads to some ’s&m’ with nipple clamps, which she also uses on her long pussy lips, to make them stretch further.  With a set of 4 ‘ben-wa’ balls, she starts stuffing them inside, then letting them dangle and pull out in a series of hot photos & video.  Finally, half naked, she brings out her favorite vibrator again, and proceeds to masturbate for another few orgasms… in the front yard!  Her juices squirt out, caught by the camera, and she is a very happy girl once again!

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Danielle FTV Trip To 10,000 Feet


For those of you who don’t know (which included me for a short while) Maui does have a place that requires warm clothing….Haleakala crater, located at 10,000 feet. Yah, it’s freezing cold up there, especially when you are wearing almost nothing except for a t-shirt and short shorts. Boy, did I get a lot of funny looks walking around in just that. It was pretty awesome seeing how the landscape differed from 1,000 ft to 5,000 ft to 10,000 ft. I actually saw cacti at one point (and I thought the whole reason you took a vacation was to see something different ;).) I enjoyed talking pictures in the fog….wish I could’ve gotten more of those. And they had a lot of cute cows wandering about, being scared away by a crazy white girl trying to pet them.

FTV Girls Capri


From the moment we spot her at the makeup counter at the mall, we know she’s totally spontaneous!  Flashing her breasts to everyone’s suprise, and getting away with a lot more exposure throughout the mall!  With security on her tail, its time to go home… and masturbate!  She has several strong orgasms, and even squirts a little!  The vibrator works well for her, and we take her to the balcony, so she can squirt away… to one big wet orgasm that wets the whole floor!  She is so gorgeous, and so sexy… a true delight for us FTV fans.  From the round firm breasts, to the perfectly shaped butt, she massages them hard and spreads for us in the most intimate detail possible.  There’s extreme closeups of her silky smooth private parts spread in every which way.  At the kitchen, in just her sexy heels, this leggy girl finds a champagne bottle to ride, then pounds herself with it feeling that head go in deep…  even takes her twizzlers and use it as a toy before eating!  At a restaurant, she talks about herself topless, and flashes some more… then goes home to put her hair up for some sexy panty & mirror shots.  With another two vibrators, she masturbates again, for another squirting and orgasm session.  Notice the very strong contractions where it almost looks like her vagina is talking to you!  She tries to cover up the squirting but it flows everywhere…

FTV Girls Lara


Following those long legs to a very sexy body, we check out this modelesque woman walk through a resort.  We get to peek up her skirt as she bends over, then watch her play with her breasts when the coast is clear.  She finds a water fountain, and plays barefoot, cooling herself down.  Then finding a vibrator, she masturbates in this rather public place to a nice, natural orgasm.  Catching the attention of some people — risking security, she heads over to another remote spot to get completely naked for us.  We get some extreme closeups of her swollen clit…  Later that night, she experiments with the extreme… and fists herself!  Hard and deep, she gets rather turned on by it all.  On the next day, she’s showing us her athletic form while jogging by the canal.  Going topless for the part of the run, she shows us how frisky she can get!  Stopping under the overpass, she masturbates to orgasm all the while joggers & bikers pass by!  Back home, she strips in front of a full length mirror, and examines herself… leading to another masturbation that has an even stronger orgasm.  At a restaurant, she is interviewed, and of course — she flashes her breasts as the other patrons see.  Then through the eyes of a guest photographer, we watch her pose in sexy black lingerie and heels, then do one final sexy masturbation in the bathroom with her lingerie still on.  She gets rather milky & juicy on this orgasm!  Mature & Sexy all in one package!

FTV Girls Suri


Visiting Spain from Eastern Europe, she’s a model who is willing to try new stuff, namely going outdoors and flashing in public!  This cute, sexy brunette gives us the ‘girl next door’ feel… Someone who catches your eye, and makes you wish you could see a little more!  She visits several popular locales and gives us upskirt views, and flashes her breasts.  Just a total tease!  She stays at this rather fancy resort home, which is quite impressive in size and architecture.  Finding her way to a bedroom, she pulls out a toy and masturbates with it, being a total tease.  She then lets us follow her through this enormous house, and plays with herself on the balcony as some construction workers watch nearby.  Later that night, she takes a bubble bath, and masturbates with a rather unique toy…

Danielle FTV Meets Shana


OMG…I have just found one of my dream girls! An Angelina Jolie look a like, Shana is super hot. I think she is actually of Persian descent to, which makes it even hotter (not sure why, but foreign people are sexy.) We tried to play topless soccer with this rink-a-dink ball that was half filled with air…didn’t really manage to play very well though. Cool thing is, both of us played soccer when we were kids. So any ways, I got to go down on her…she was actually very tight down there. It was so awesome to feel her contractions when she was having her orgasm. I think that is the first time I’ve actually ever felt a girl having contractions on my fingers.

FTV Girls Nicole


We catch this cute teen walking in a sexy dress & heels, flashing her full, firm breasts at the mall! Soon enough, she’s caught by security — but that doesn’t stop her! She finds another busy spot to show off her perfect bubble butt, twisting around to finger herself in front of us. On a stairway nearby, she uses a rather unique vibrator to penetrate herself hard… and gets herself to orgasm in this rather public place. She looks so sexy doing it… At a restaurant she is interviewed and she flashes her breasts again. So many people around! Back home, she pulls aside her tight jean shorts, and exposes her private parts, pulling them, teasing them up close! She has a clit piercing, so she pulls on that as well, stimulating herself. Extreme closeups as she spreads wide, then gets down to her cute bra & panties, teasing herself some more. Pulling out a very large pink vibrator, she stuffs the whole length deep inside, and pounds herself hard to two strong orgasms! Next morning, she wakes up in the comfy bed, then gives us a hard breast & butt massage on the bed. Perfectly round breasts! More closeups and fingering, she uses a clitoral vibrator to another, natural orgasm. Notice the multiple contractions, she had 3 orgasms. A beautiful day outside, she plays among the birds & the bees, giving us sexy views of her best parts from all the sexiest angles. Stuffing 3 fingers, she gets herself juicy wet… Pulling out a banana, she has some hard, deep sex with it until she ‘explodes’ deep inside! Notice the white juices that come out! A bubbly cute blonde, hope you enjoy another sweet addition to FTV.