Month: December, 2009

Vintage Lace Delilah

In this GothicSluts update, shot by Amelia G and Forrest Black, I love the vintage feel. The black and white retro look complements the fetish stockings and old-fashioned bustier on delicately inked Delilah.

gothicsluts delilah vintage

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FTV Girls Anne


We spot this girl at a fancy resort near the holidays, and watch how gorgeous and sexy she is!  Surely a girl like her won’t do FTV?  As we talk to her, we learn that she is a homely southern girl, with a very naughty side!  Flashing her breasts and toying with herself at the resort, we have an intimate dinner date with her at a fancy restaurant.  We then go to her hotel room and watch her put on several sexy dresses for us.  What a flawless nude figure!  She then starts masturbating in the dress we met her in, and pulls out a large pink vibrator, masturbating to a strong orgasm.  Then we get some shocking extreme… she starts fisting herself!  The next day, we watch her jogging by the canal, wow is she athletic.  She does some exercises, then flashes her breasts, and leads us back home.  Fixing herself up, she masturbates with the Vibraking, which only turns her on further.  She wants the biggest, and she takes on the FTV Monster Toy… deep!  It looks so easy for a 5′2″ petite girl!  Then she does a hard fisting session… seeing is believing!  Spreading herself wide, gaping wide, we see deep, as well as some milky juices that flow out.  In the bed, she gives her breasts a hard massage, then moves to her butt — but its all about fingering herself anally.  Not enough for her, she finds a large glass toy, and gives herself a very deep penetration.  Up close and in your face, she then forces four fingers into her vagina while the toy is inside anally, and moves the toy around using her hand inside her vagina!!  Again, seeing is believing on this one!  On the third day, she’s visiting a hardware store to buy a water hose… and flash everywhere!  Going to a public car wash, she strips down to her bikini, then completely naked as she washes the car, and fingers herself… Then using the water hose, she stuffs it inside her, and makes her vagina squirt water in a big gush!  More kinky on the way, she takes a wine bottle, stuffs it inside her, and rides it deep, to the wide part!  Then she even pushes it in deep the back end first!  What, she does it anally too??  Enjoy this gorgeous, sexy, personable, and very extreme girl — you’ll only see her here, on FTV :)

Danielle FTV Naughty Not Nice


This video is too cute! I like the sexy costume I wore…but I wish that I had taken off that white shrug thing for some of the shoot (I think it makes my shoulders look big.) My dancing skills aren’t all that great when I’m in heels dancing on the carpet, but hey it was fun anyways. I absolutely love Christmas carols, and you guys can actually hear one of my favorite songs in the video (the chipmunk song.) I ended up buying a window background decoration after I saw that it had Santa peeking through the window (hehe pervy Santa.) It’s funny how much effort I put into my theme/holiday shoots. I probably spend more money on holiday costumes than I do on regular clothes.

Happy Dark Holidays

The only thing to make holiday lights sparkling in the dark more alluring would be lithe tattooed punk Roxy Contin stringing them, like she is in this BarelyEvil update.

barelyevil roxy contin xmas

LaurenWK Lit Up

Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a cute tattooed blonde in a bathtub with Xmas lights. Lori Mann lights up LaurenWK in this BarelyEvil update.

barelyevil laurenwk xmas lights

Szandora Xmas Ornament

In this GothicSluts update, instead of decorating the tree, they’ve decorated Szandora. She has red and green rubber accessories and sparkling candy canes with silver mistletoe hanging from each nipple piercing. The sort of thing which makes you want to just slightly adjust the lyrics for Oh Tannenbaum:

O Szandora, o Szandora

You can please me very much!

How often has not at Szandoratime

A girl like you given me such joy!

O Szandora, o Szandora,

You can please me very much!

gothicsluts szandora xmas ornament

Sara X Tastes Sweet

BarelyEvil celebrates one of the best things about the holidays — the perfect excuse to lick up anything sweet. Sara X looks sweet as candy and so so beautiful in this artistically shot set by Forrest Black and Amelia G.

barelyevil sara x candy

Kendra James Gangster

In this GothicSluts update, Kendra James goes beyond gangster moll to plain gangster in her fetish pinstripes corset and skirt. I’m weak for redheads anyway and Kendra is beautiful and super sexy. She doesn’t get that shotgun all the way inside her, but you can’t help being impressed with the kinky way she tries.

gothicsluts kendra james shotgun

Szandora Gift-Wrapped

Wouldn’t you like to find Szandora gift-wrapped under your tree?! In this BarelyEvil update, she is all tied up, wearing nothing but her antique vintage Virgin Mary pendant. The perfect gift if you like your presents with a bondage flair.

barelyevil szandora rope bondage

FTV Girls Meilani


Recently turned 18, she’s full of fun, life and totally enthusiastic about shooting for FTV!  After an interview at a restaurant (and flashing her full breasts there) she goes to the mall with Liz.  She she starts flashing everywhere, at the stores, bathrooms, and changerooms, even the parking lot!  Back home, she picks the largest vibrator we have (the Big Pink Toy) and to our surprise, takes it hard and deep!  Hard deep pounding gets her very juicy and wet, then with the help of a clitoral vibrator she has a very strong orgasm!  Notice the strong vaginal contractions as it all happens.  She puts on a cute pink outfit, then has Liz massage her breasts.  Her breasts are so big that four hands are needed to complete the job!  Love watching those breasts bounce.  Some really hard breast massage… Then its back to the Big Pink Toy, this time Liz uses it on her, pounding her hard and fast… and Meilani loves all of it!  What an intense scene.  She needs that egg vibrator once again, and finishes with another strong orgasm.  On her second day visit, she’s looking even hotter than before, and she gives us another thorough hard breast massage.  Using another vibrator, she has another long, strong orgasm with contractions seen very clearly.  She decides to play with some ben-wa balls, pushing them deep inside, and pulling them out… with it her milky wet juices!  Then some sensual extreme closeups of her clit and extreme gaping for all the good details.  In a sexy dress & heels, she poses for us, then plays with cucumbers…  First one goes in very deep, she takes it so far it goes missing!! Then she tries two, managing to double stuff herself!  With a load of honey, she gives herself a sticky breast massage, making her hands stick to her big breasts.  Then as a hot secretary with her hair up, she stripteases, and then uses the Vibraking toy!  She ends up on the floor with strong, convulsive orgasms that gets her whole body a workout.  Then she experiments with the FTV Monster Toy, pushing it as deep as she can go… but settling for the Big Ten Toy.  More hard pounding and then a very deep ride on the Big Ten, for an incredible finale.  Enjoy Meilani, she’s a cutie teen who is a Total First Time Video Girl, and exclusive to FTV :)