Month: April, 2012

Kenzi Marie Round 2 Happy 420

BarelyEvil features, not one, but two shoots of Kenzi Marie showing off her lung capacity. Kenzi Marie looks hot in black lace with a blue bong between her thighs. This tattooed cutie just exudes relaxed nudity.

barelyevil kenzi marie chilling 420 bong

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Esmerelda Hookah Traditionalist Happy 420

There is something classic and retro about hookah smoking. This BarelyEvil update is a bit 1,001 Nights with Esmerelda sensually sucking on her hookah and exhaling smoke tendrils. Reclining amid tapestries, Esmerelda looks exotic out of a fairytale.

barelyevil esmerelda 420 hookah

Kenzi Marie Giant Bong Hits Happy 420

In this BarelyEvil update, cute tattooed blonde Kenzi Marie is taking bong hits from a huge blown glass water pipe. The bong is so big, it seems like it might be bigger than she is. Kenzi Marie is up to the task though and, of course, she also is completely erotically naked and rolls around to show us her great body. After she is done licking the sticky green bud.

barelyevil kenzi marie bong hits