Month: October, 2009

Happy Halloween with Szandora

She is wearing an orange latex corset in honor of the season and, in this RubberDollies update, Szandora makes raw pumpkin seeds look good enough to eat. I usually like them roasted and salted, but I think I could make an exception. Happy Halloween, everyone!

rubberdollies szandora pumpkin

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Happy Halloween with Nemesis

This Halloween costume set is the fourth appearance by the adorably named Nemesis on EroticBPM. She makes one very cute and sexy fetish babe. It just remains to be seen whether she a supervillian or a superhero!

eroticbpm nemesis halloween

Molly Winters Ready for Halloween

This GothicSluts update combines so many of my favorite things. Molly Winters has blond dreadlocks and big smokey bedroom eyes and she is rocking both a famous monsters shirt and stripey stockings. Gothic hotness makes me excited in general and makes me excited for Halloween tomorrow!

gothicsluts molly winters halloween

FTV Girls Amelia


She lives a rather charmed life, in a house on top of a mountain, with nice cars and beautiful views.  So why is she doing FTV?  Just because she wants to…  She’s doing this for the very first time, experiencing nudes and masturbation for the camera in her debut on FTV.  Very cute, with a beautiful smile and untapped sexuality — she’s never even used a vibrator before!  We get a tour of her mansion, and then she strips for us in some of the beautiful locations throughout the house.  In a sexy green dress she talks a little about herself, and shows us how she masturbates with fingers.  Bringing out an FTV vibrator, she gets to use a toy for the first time, and wow, does it get her off!  She’s never experienced such pleasure in her life.  In a cute blue summer dress and heels, she then teases us some more, and gives us some extreme closeups of her private parts and large clitoris.  Masturbating again with another vibrator, she gets off just as good as the last time…  Then indoors, she tries on some sexy bras & panties for us, modeling and then giving herself a nice breast and butt massage.  She goes right back to fingering herself and using a vibrator on the living room couch when her brother walks in on us.  It was totally unexpected…(!)  We managed to get a little more flirtation at the pool, checking out some of her prettiest places.  Believe it or not, she’s still a virgin, and we will take her word for it — she wants to have sex after marriage.  Enjoy this total First Time Video girl, having some truly first time experiences :)

Danielle FTV The Infamous Ten


The infamous FTV Big Ten Toy (notice the capitals…that’s how infamous it is.) I’m surprised I was able to take it as far as I did, especially since I really haven’t been with anybody that big and definitely don’t use any toys that are nearly that large. I’m kind of like Goldilocks, I like it not too big and not too small. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty sore afterwards (and a little bit during the filming of it) but the show must go on as they say. It definitely wasn’t bad…it hit all the right parts down there and if it had been a little smaller (say like six inches or so) I probably could’ve made myself squirt with it (that is if I were comfortable enough to squirt in front of the photographer yet.) Doing it doggy style against the wall was a little difficult…I couldn’t find a position that worked perfectly.

Witchy Woman

Maybe an Eagles song isn’t the first thing which comes to mind when viewing this BarelyEvil set of Alsana Sin, shot by Chad Michael Ward. Still . . . raven hair and ruby lips . . . she got the moon in her eye . . . she held me spellbound in the night, dancing shadows and firelight, let me tell your brother, she’s been sleeping in the devil’s bed. But, heck, who hasn’t been sleeping in the devil’s bed when it comes to the gorgeous witches of BarelyEvil? Everybody just about ready for Halloween now?


FTV Girls Tatiana


She’s a mainstream model that’s never done adult before…  And she’s quite nervous about masturbating naked in front of the camera!  Cute, with full, firm breasts, sexy legs and a gorgeous smile, we interview her about her doing her first time adult shoot, and get to know her more personally.  She strips for us, going all naked, teasing us her private parts.  Playing with those nice breasts, she squeezes them hard and gives them a hard breast massage.  Then she massages her butt… and puts on another outfit to go outside.  Another striptease at a public location (bank) and gets caught doing it.  Still, she likes jumping up and down to make her breasts pop out, and draws attention to her breasts at a gas station.  Back at home, she gives us some spreads between her legs, and some more butt views.  A total First Time Video Girl, this is probably as explicit as she will ever get!

Scar 13 Red Ruffles

I love Scar’s smooth blue makeup in this BarelyEvil update. No matter how perfect her makeup is, and it is perfect, I have trouble tearing my eyes away from how perfect she is down below.


Leopard Print Cat Fetish Goddess Serena

With her catlike eyes and demeanor, Serena makes an intimidating sexy domme. In this GothicSluts update, shot by Forrest Black and Amelia G, Serena struts confidently in a Vollers corset, in front of a big cat print backdrop, and shows off the cat tattoo which is inked provocatively just over her cat. Crazy sexy dominant.

gothicsluts serena vollers

Nummy Monkey Cyber Gasmask

Nummy Monkey looked sweet as candy to me before, but now I’ve got to love her cyber cosplay costuming type skills too. In this GothicSluts update, Nummy Monkey takes gasmasks to the next level.

gothicsluts nummy cyber gasmask