Month: June, 2011

Pierced Pale Sierra

GothicSluts has the most gorgeous girls for piercing fans. Pale newcomer Sierra S has a smooth shaved pussy and all her piercings are facial. The gothic beauties just keep coming. Literally hundreds of naked gothic girls in one place!

gothicsluts sierra s red

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Cindy B Pierced

Blonde punkette Cindy B looks innocent at first glance. Until you take in her black fishnets and high heels and the multiple piercings in her delicious-looking pussy. This girl is unbelievably sexy in this GothicSluts shoot.

gothicsluts cindy b pierced

Sweet Contortions

Blue-haired deathrock Alecia Joy shows off her amazing flexibility in this BarelyEvil shoot. How does a girl get so gorgeously flexible!

barelyevil alecia joy contort

Sexy Cupcake Dana Dark

Dana Dark is one Gothic Slut who is sweet as cake. She looks good enough to eat with icing all over her pale tattooed flesh.

gothicsluts dana dark cake

Tattoo Blowjob Wet Spanking Sex

This BlueBlood couples feature with Marriah and Schno is super hot. They are both heavily tattooed and Schno dominates Marriah poolside and then makes a splash spanking her in the water and giving it to her hard as she likes it against the side of the pool.

blueblood marriah schno pool

Bloody Halloween Jen

There is something so lickably delicious about a blood-spattered, hard-bodied, creatively tattooed, vampiric pale beauty like Halloween Jen Vixen here. GothicSluts is so hot.

gothicsluts halloween jen

Mary Jane

The first set of adorable stripe-haired MaryJane just posted to EroticBPM. This naked cutie likes graphic novels, cult movies, and books about drugs. She says she came for the “sexy naked ladies”. What a great party girl!

eroticbpm mary jane