Month: December, 2008

FTV Girls Franziska


She’s already made a name for herself on the internet, doing several softcore shoots for other sites.  So many requests to shoot her for FTV, even though she isn’t a first time girl.  Well we’re happy to have her on FTV, because she is sooo gorgeous!  And of course, its all shot in FTV style…  Watching her walk down a busy street, she starts exposing her breasts, gets caught doing it — then goes into a driveway and gets all naked!  We love watching her walk in the nude outdoors, and check out that firm butt.  Back home, she tries on several cute panties, and picks a pink one to stuff deep inside.  Watch her then slowly pull it out with her shoe heel!  Then in a hot pink dress & heels, she shows off for us, teases us, then masturbates with a vibrator.  She has a nice, strong, natural orgasm :)  We get some extreme spread closeups in both photo and video.  Out at lunch, she talk about her first time, and flashes at the busy restaurant.  Looking sophisticated, she puts her hair up and wears a sexy black dress and heels.  Picking a large blue vibrator, she penetrates herself and masturbates again… then using a banana to take it as large and as deep as she can!  Later, in cute pigtails, she plays around in the pink room, giving us sexy explicit views, and going all intimate with the camera.  Masturbating again, she has one last orgasm for the evening.  Enjoy this up coming internet star, in a more natural, intimate way :)

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Lia 19 Anally Pink


It seems that you guys have had enough of me in curly styled hair, and have been demanding straight hair!  Lots of hair in pigtails requests too.  Well it has been a while since I’ve done anything like this… So I’m shot in the pink room against a mirror and I strip down from my panties.  I put on a cute nightie, and guess what?  I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.  I mean NEVER done before.  I’ve never had anal sex in my life, and thats the truth.  So for the first time I put a finger you know where and try it from two different positions.  So if you’ve been wanting the anal scene for years, enjoy this one.

FTV Girls Phoebe


This petite girl is seen going to a playground, having some fun on the rides… We peek up her skirt, and watch her pull her breasts out of her purple top.  She’s got a cute bubble butt and babyface, and seems to have fun just horsing around.  After the swings, she takes her panties off… then catches the attention of a few nearby and they proceed to videotape her as well!  Going home, she uses a vibrator to masturbate on the bed… and she’s a rather wild one when she’s masturbating!  After a nice, strong orgasm, she goes to the living room to play some Halo on the Xbox.  Her cute clothes come off in no time, and she starts playing with herself again.  This time using the Long Pink Toy, she fucks herself hard and fast, in every position imaginable until she wears herself out…

FTV Girls Miyu


This cute half-Korean hottie visits a busy mall, and we catch her exposing her full, firm B/C cup breasts… Danielle hooks up with her, and together get all public at the mall, flashing their breasts and exposing their private parts!  They visit a bookstore, and videotape each other, getting even more explicit.  Some more flashing at a restaurant, and Miyu goes home to strip down completely naked.  She gets rubbed by Danielle, and then masturbates to a nice, strong, natural orgasm.  The chemistry only grows between the two girls, as Danielle rubs her private parts, and helps us get some extreme closeups.  On the comfy bed, Miyu tries out some sexy lingerie, while we watch her strip and get played with.  Finally, she picks a blue corset, and decides to use a unique toy for masturbation.  This time Danielle uses it on her, and Miyu gets off quickly.  Some closeup views of the penetration, along with some doggy style.  Then she goes kinky, trying a banana!  Penetrating as deep as it can go, we watch her use it like a sex toy, in various sexy positions.  Later that evening, she puts on a black dress & heels, and fingers herself (up to 4 fingers!) and then uses a rather large and thick curling iron to play with herself.  Taking the whole thing in, you see the milky juices build up inside her and on the toy!  Then completely naked again, we watch Miyu’s acrobatic skills, doing handstands and backbends.  Some breast massage… Out to dinner, they have some more public displays of affection, and even flashing at a busy and classy restaurant.  Next morning, while the girls are in each others’ arms in the bed, Miyu masturbates once more to a strong orgasm.  Another cute first time girl exclusive only to FTV :)

Repeal Day Tattooed Punk Style Dancing on the Bar

The Blue Blood posse appears to be very into the Repeal Day holiday for being about freedom. Also about drinking. Repeal Day commemorates the anniversary of the date when the 21st Amendment repealed Prohibition on December 5, 1933 and Americans were permitted to legally drink alcohol again.

To celebrate the occasion, Amelia G and Forrest Black photographed long-time model Rachel Face on location at the Plan B bar (and delicious bacon dog emporium) in Portland, Oregon, USA. This BarelyEvil set has it all, including extravagant tattoos, memorable hair, well-placed piercings, sex appeal, beautiful model, and just being really naughty. I love girls who dance on the bar. I really really really love girls with mohawks who dance on the bar.

Rachel Face Repeal Day photographed by Amelia G and Forrest Black

FTV Girls Luna


There’s a sexy woman walking the restaurant row at night… we take peeks up her short skirt and follow her as she exposes her breasts.  Visiting some local furniture stores, she is introduced to Danielle, who turns her on to masturbation.  Going home, she masturbates, and has a strong, natural orgasm rather quickly!  Next morning, she is interviewed at a restaurant, and flashes her breasts while the place is really busy!  She has these perfect, large, firm natural breasts that need to be exposed.  So she gets completely naked on the street, runs around, then poses on a construction vehicle while the construction workers enjoy the view!  Back home, she joins in for a hard breast massage with Danielle, together getting their breasts rubbed from every angle.  She then puts on some sexy lingerie of various sizes and colors, leading to a favorite pink one.  Using a vibrator, she starts masturbating on the bed, and has one very strong orgasm… but that is not enough and has a second one!  Notice the strong contractions on orgasm.  She gives us some extreme closeups of her private parts, stretching out her long labia.  Danielle fingers her, and exposes the sticky juices from her orgasm.  On the next day, we see Luna in a sexy workout outfit and pigtails, fooling around in the gym, and flashing her breasts when she can.  She does get caught… so we head over to a mountain hiking trail for some more mischief.  Running up the hill topless, doing some climbing, and then arriving at a rest stop, she pulls her pants down to masturbate again.  Using a vibrator, she gets off rather quickly, to another strong orgasm!  Then things get rather kinky, as she tries stuffing three limes inside her, taking some effort to push them out…  There’s milky juices all over them.  Later in the day, she wears a sexy purple dress, and shows off her perfect figure in the sunset, giving us a sexy finale.  Indeed, she was a covergirl on some Playboy Newsstand Special Editions… doing her more explicit shoot for the first time here, on FTV.