Month: July, 2008

Alison Angel Playful And Kinky


We happen to be driving by this newly discovered building when we saw a great opportunity for shooting. The strange white fence/wall was great to play around in. Some of you really like the pictures of just my breasts and there are definitley pictures of those here when I stick them in the white holes and  poke through to the other side. These pictures are fun and cute, I was definitley in a playfull spunky mood!

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FTV Girls Brynn


She’s a superhottie from Texas, and she has the perfect face, perfect body!  In her first time getting nude on camera, she teases us at first, then flashes at a public park.  An angry lady stirs her away, and she returns to her hotel room to masturbate.  She has 2 strong orgasms, becoming her first time orgasms on video!  Then six months later, she returns with more experience, and gives us a major public nudity treat, by flashing at a mall… Her sexy orange dress attracts a lot of attention, as well as that hot figure.  Upskirt, spreads, then a return home to masturbate with a vibrator.  She has another strong, natural orgasm, and gets really juicy inside!  She puts to fingers in and tastes herself… Then we get really close for some extreme closeups of her pretty (and wet) privates.  Some of the prettiest privates we’ve ever seen!  Then some foot fetish as well… leading to a hot fisting attempt… she’s so tight but she manages to get five fingers in!  Giving herself a hard breast and butt massage, we admire her perfect figure, then she does a sexy kissing in the mirror with herself… and takes her sexy heels off and starts penetrating herself with her shoe heel!  Very sexy video.  Later next evening, she takes a walk through the busy mall and flashes in her sexy dress, then going home to masturbate again, this time with a glass toy.  Hard pounding, and one last orgasm for an amazingly sexy finale.

Lia 19 Fancy Shower Girl Power


Soooo since I have been soooo stress out latlye plus getting over the flu FTV decided I needed a spa trip (if you can beleive that) So off to one of the high dollar Arizona resorts for a day of relaxing and climaxing. If you ask me there is no better way to be full relaxed, but by being full satisfied. Thats just how my spa day began after coming in from a water treatment. So the bikini was off and the real treatment began.

Skater Girl Savannah

I’ve been dragging my butt lately, waiting for words to arrive. I don’t have writers block, I am just tired of the gloom and doom of the day. I don’t feel motivated to write anything although I’m sure I could put together a few write-ups for this American beauty.

Savannah is a fun, adventurous girl. She loves rollerskating and playing games. Her big breasts to always have erect nipples. You will feel some necessity to suck it hard especially when you see her all naked at

Watch out for Savannah’s full-length movies at and save all her images straight to your PC. You will enjoy her as much as her fans did.

FTV Girls Pepper


Driving up to Phoenix from Tucson, she is very excited about posing for FTV, and its her First Time Video!  She’s very cute, friendly, easy to shoot — Danielle interviews her, and the chemistry is all there!  They start making out… Pepper shows off all the clothes she brought with her, and tries on a few outfits.  Danielle suggests some black stockings, and helps put them on.  Before you know it, she’s seducing Pepper, kissing her all over, then leaving her to masturbate with a vibrator.  After reaching climax, the two get playful again, and Danielle spreads Pepper’s butt cheeks and exposes her private parts for some extreme closeups.  Out at a resort, the two get frisky and make out everywhere, then Danielle gets fingered… until its time to leave.  At the parking lot, Pepper gets completely naked and walks around in just her heels.  Poolside, Pepper plays around in the water first, then Danielle takes her turn, each doing hard breast play.  To finish, Danielle wants to masturbate too, and uses two toys to have her own strong orgasm.  She gives us some extreme closeups of her clit and does some deep fingering…

Alison Angel Intimate Contractions


Its all about lingerie this time!  Can’t say it stays on for long, but its one of those that a member with good taste bought for me.  I also have these new sexy heels to use.  Actually they aren’t mine, they’re from an FTV model, but they so match this outfit.  Well, I’m in the kitchen, and do all the sexy poses I can think of, then I’m ready to go all out naked, and use my egg shaped vibrator.


Bree looks very sexy and sultry in red. Bree is an all-American girl who sports tattoo and body piercing. Well, if you’re a certifield nubile lover, you should know by now that Bree has her nipples pierced and now clamped by stud rings.

Her body is exceptional that’s why Bree enjoys it herself. Check out for her page at She has tons of steamy videos to watch for that will surely get you off from your seat.

FTV Girls Leslie


We see this hot, classy looking girl walking through the airport.  We follow her, as she gets daring, and flashes her breasts right in the busy terminal!  At the parking garage, she flashes her butt and goes topless… Finding a more private area nearby, she goes all the way naked and plays with herself, only to get caught!  Going home, she picks out a large blue toy, and pounds herself hard… when we discover an amazing thing… she squirts!  She squirts hard, and several times.  Milky wet juices build up everywhere.  She is definitely supercute, with or without her glasses, and has a very beautiful smile.  An interview about her sexuality, then more flashing and we watch her get changed in a public place to a sexy blue dress.  Upskirt on the street, then playing with herself and fingering herself hard, she finds a comfortable place to sit and masturbate once again, this time with a cucumber!  Using it like a toy, she works it hard and very deep, and squirts several times!  Even she is amazed by her squirting ability.   Later that evening, wearing a pretty long dress, she shows off her flexibility (she does ballet) and stretches into some very hot (and erotic) poses!  Fingering herself has never been so easy!  Then some breast and butt massage action and her showing off her toned figure.   Late at night, reading a book, she starts turning herself on again, and this time uses the vibrator on her clit.  She has two very strong orgasms (watch those vaginal muscles contract!).  Then it turns surprisingly extreme, as she tries fisting herself, and succeeds!  It becomes one of the hottest fisting scenes ever, as she does it in the most flexible manner, thus allowing her whole hand waaay past the wrist to go in deep!  Another beautiful First Time Video girl, who you will only see here on FTV… and nowhere else!

Lia 19 Fun With Danielle


Well isn’t this specialll!!  There’s a girl, Danielle who seems to be very popular on FTV who’s joined up to shoot with me today.  Man does she have big boobs!  At first I couldn’t tell with that dress of hers until she plopped them out, and woww.  Sort of reminds me of a bigger Alison breast.   At least I’m tanner haha.  Well the pictures are sweet, and I have many favorites to pick on this one.

Alison Angel Natural Settings


Ahh finally some really nice colorful pictures!  Summer is here, and I’m wearing the perfect blue summer dress for it.  With heels of course!  The white ones you guys like so much.  It looks like a lake in paradise, but its really a little space between office buildings. So once again, we had to watch ourselves from being caught here.  Couple of people were watching, but not giving much trouble.  We then went into a tunnel that bridged the two offices together and I did full nudes there.  Pretty sexy!