Month: April, 2009

FTV Girls Shana


Greeting this hottie at the airport, she makes her way to the car, but not until she’s flashed her breasts!  Talking about why she’s doing this in a candid way, we get to learn a lot about her right away.  In a sexy dress, she’s out at a busy fashion park, and draws guys’ attention to her… posing for the camera, she flashes her breasts and gives us some hot upskirt views.  She reminds us of Angelina Jolie…  Going home, she uses her fingers to have a nice, strong orgasm.  When asked, she tries a vibrator for the first time, and enjoys the experience.  Then it is off to lunch, and a topless interview in public!  In a sexy black dress & heels, she gives us a sensual blowjob (nice lips!) around a rather large dildo.  Attempting to take it deep, she realizes that its just too big for her!  Using a more medium sized vibrator, she masturbates one more time.   Some doggy penetration views…  Out in the grass, she plays some mock soccer all topless, then goes indoors for a nice hard breast & butt massage in the sunset.  Enjoy this total First Time Girl, having her first experiences here, on FTV!

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Danielle FTV DP In The Rain


My first time ever trying double penetration vaginally. The toys unfortunately didn’t get as deep inside as I would like them too (they were actually a lot bigger than they look on camera). Not sure exactly what I was thinking when I picked them out….probably just thought they looked nice with my outfit. Next time I will definitely have to try something smaller. Anyways, this is the first time ever wearing this skirt out in public. My ex-boyfriend bought it for me actually. I always thought the clothes he bought me were too “hippy” looking, but when I actually looked at this skirt I decided it actually looked sophisticated. The photographer kept on commenting that I was going for the “goth” look…um no.

Scar 13 Really Loves Her Hookah

I can’t remember if I already told you guys about this GothicSluts set where Scar 13 demonstrates how much she really really loves her hookah. Hopefully, on 4/20, I can be forgiven if my memory is a little fuzzy. I think the hookah makers intended for her to put that part only in her mouth, but this is nice too.

scar 13 scar13 loves hookah 420

FTV Girls Zeba Part Two


This very popular ‘Girl Next Door’ from 2008 returns, for another shoot!  Greeting at the airport, we see her in her cute new hairdo, then watch her try on some new summer dresses for the shoot.  As beautiful and personable as ever, she loves to model in the nude… in public places.  Finding a open area by a resort, she takes her pink vibrator and masturbates to a nice, strong, natural orgasm.  She walks around topless, then takes her dress off to parade around nude at the resort.  That is until someone shows up…  Back home she wears the cutest black lingerie & heels, and tries something kinky.  Taking a zucchini, she uses it like a toy, taking it deep & applying a vibrator at the same time to have an orgasm.  A first using a zucchini to come??  Some flashing at a restaurant, and its back to the house for another kinky moment.  The two vibrators she used before become a double-stuffing experiment!  A first time for her for sure.   Getting horny from the experience, she goes to the full length mirror and spreads herself (examining herself, extreme closeups) and then watching herself masturbate to orgasm. Notice the milky juices deep inside as she spreads wide!  By the time its evening, she’s doing one last experiment… attempting to fist!  Even our assistant tries her out using her hand…

FTV Girls Amanda


This cute Southern Girl has never done anything like this, posing for an adult site for the first time ever.  Though she likes to masturbate, she’s shy and takes a little while to warm up.  As she flashes us in a downtown business district (and gets caught several times!) we notice how perfect her breasts are!  They’re large, round and very firm, with the perfect nipples.  She plays with them, squeezing them, then after some finger-rubbing moves to using a vibrator.  A rather long nude masturbation scene until she has an orgasm.  Another greeting at the hotel lobby the next day, she’s wearing a cute blue dress, and masturbates again.  She continues using the vibrators for several masturbation scenes.

Danielle FTV Bunny Rear Shake


I bought this sexy bunny costume and furry rabbit tail butt plug just for Easter. Funny thing is Alison also did a little dance video in the same bunny costume (though she didn’t have my awesome butt plug.) I felt like a complete idiot dancing around in it…feathers kept on flying off everywhere and was getting stuck to my shoes. Personally I don’t think I’m that great of a dancer and it’s always a little weird dancing by yourself, on video. But I still looked cute! The butt plug was huge! I’ve never taken a butt plug that big before. I was worried the bunny tail would get stuck in my butt, but it didn’t.

FTV Girls Paige


A beautiful, sexy and wonderfully down to earth girl decides to shoot for FTV — Making her a true First Time Video girl, and modeling only for this site.  Coming in from Arkansas, she is your classic ‘girl next door’, with a smile and personality to match.  You wouldn’t think she would do something like this if you saw her in person!  Meeting up at the mall, she flashes her breasts right there, and gives us more explicit views when nobody is watching.  Shy at first, she gets all naked and masturbates for us, and has an orgasm with just her fingers!  Using a vibrator, she has a second one… then revealing that she hasn’t had sex in 6 months!!  With a liking towards girls, she has a little breast play with our assistant Danielle.  Tall and leggy, she looks incredible in her black dress & red heels.  Taking a walk through a sassy boutique, people admire what seems to be a ‘fashion shoot’, all in the while not noticing when the breasts come out and the skirt goes up!  She starts playing with herself…  After a cookie break, she masturbates again with another vibrator to a strong, natural orgasm.  Wanting to try the extreme, she attempts to fist herself, and partially succeeds.  Watching the sun go down, we check her breasts up close, and she gives them a hard breast massage.  Going FTV style, she takes two toys, double penetrating herself (vaginally/anally).  One of those rare girls you’d never think you’d see on a ‘porn’ site, enjoy our luck in having her grace the pages of FTV :)

Ruby Nibbles Easter

Bisexual Brazilian Ruby really knows how to take a bite out of a carrot in this dangerous Easter set from EroticBPM! Sexy dangerous tattooed hotness.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls


EroticBPM’s desert set of cute little hard-bodied Skyetastic makes me feel like spring must be on the way. Cause it is getting hot in here.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls skyetastic

Sexy Pagan Preparations

In this BarelyEvil set, Szandora demonstrates the correct way to prep for the Rites of Easter. Is that right? In springtime, when my heart turns to thoughts of love, I always confuse Ishtar and Easter and devil worship demon summoning.

barelyevil szandora pentagram easter pagan