Month: December, 2010

Razor Candi Stocking Fetish

In this stocking fetish update, Razor Candi shows that the GothicSluts beauties can really wear the unusual lingerie. From the peek-a-boo crotch to the see-thru top, Razor Candi’s intense sensuality is just bursting out of these kinky full body nylons.

gothicsluts razor candi stocking fetish

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Krysta Kaos Naked Outdoors

Krysta Kaos is naked outdoors in her second appearance on EroticBPM. Krysta Kaos doesn’t care if she is nude in public. She just strips right down to her stockings, sparkle pasties, and multicolored hair. And tattoos.

eroticbpm krysta kaos outdoors

Voltaire Fishnet Knife

Voltaire is always erotic to watch. In this GothicSluts update, she cuts the fishnet bodysuit off her long tattooed legs with a military knife. Sexy striptease art.

gothicsluts voltaire fishnet knife

Jade Rox on Cam and in HD Hardcore Video

Jade Rox just did a hardcore boy/girl video in HD for EroticBPM. This kicks off her being in the members area on cam every Thursday and Saturday now at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. Free for all members.

eroticbpm jade rox bad andy

Superna Individual Tattoo Magazine Cover

If tattoo magazines had hot tattooed couples touching each other all over naked, then this BlueBlood shoot, starring Superna and Individual, and lensed by Forrest Black and Amelia G, would make a heck of a magazine cover. This magazine style shoot showcases Superna’s beautiful ink and she is hot, hot, hot.

blueblood superna individual ink

Miss Crash Evil Cunt

What can you say about a girl who has Evil Cunt tattooed across the backs of her sweet white thighs? Well, in the case of Miss Crash in this GothicSluts, lensed by Forrest Black and Amelia G, you can say that she is beautiful from her vibrant red hair to her brightly colored tattoos to the leather fetish gear from Antiseptic Fashion around her delicate ankles. What can you say about the fact that the Blue Blood sites feature at least two girls with Evil Cunt tattooed across some part of their fine anatomy? In this case, just yummy.

gothicsluts miss crash evil cunt

Beautiful Butterfly Breasts

If you find butterflies beautiful, then you’d expect them, if butterflies had breasts, to be as beautiful as the breasts on Szandora and Scar 13. This EroticFandom update is simple and pretty.

erotic fandom buttery wings szandora scar 13

Yolanda Fuzzy Foot Fetish Red and Gold Corset

In this artistic GothicSluts update, Yolanda shows off in a parade of hot fetish outfits. She looks so sexy in everything from a hot pink robe and fuzzy bedroom pig slippers to a high end red and gold corset. A fabulous shoot for the true fetishist.

gothicsluts yolanda fuzzy slippers

FTV Girls Stormy


She’s a total first timer, who wanted to shoot ‘for fun’, and had a good time doing it! ?She looks good in dress and heels, and really knows how to ‘do herself up’. ?Walking at an office area, she settles down to spread and play with herself… Then in another sexy dress, she visits a fancy home and uses her fingers to masturbate to orgasm. ?She does it a second time in another hot outfit as well. ?She’s got that full, firm butt… On a second day of shooting, she comes along with her boyfriend, and they have some intimate, sensual sex out in the open.

Gothic Sluts Relaunch

Wow! Blue Blood’s GothicSluts has a gorgeous new tour designed by the incredibly talented Forrest Black. It looks incredible and features tons of free pics of the best-looking, sexiest, and most diverse individualistic gothic girls I have ever seen. Check it out.

gothic sluts graveyard girls