Month: August, 2008

FTV Girls Zeba


Meeting up with her directly at the airport, we notice how gorgeous she is!  Beautiful smile, ivory skin, and an amazing, natural, down-to-earth personality.  After an interview, she starts stripping down… and wow!  What a nice figure.  Slim waist, full natural breasts, and a full butt that is super-firm, round and toned!  She talks to us as she tries on several cute outfits, then picks a toy to masturbate with.  She has a strong and wet orgasm, and we get some extreme closeups of her private parts as her sensitive clit is swollen up.  A topless interview at a restaurant… and she’s in a cute blue summer dress out in a resort area.  We gets some upskirt and breast flashing, then she takes her panties off and stuffs them inside her!  Being a total first-time girl, this public shoot and panty stuffing is definitely new to her!  She picks a spot on the grass, and uses another vibrator to have another strong, natural orgasm.  Later, in some pink lingerie and heels, she tries out two veggies — a zucchini and a squash!  Gets them both inside her, deep, and we get it in some very erotic angles.  Horny enough again, she masturbates with a third vibrator to one last, strong orgasm.  Orgasms definitely come easy for this Persian girl!  Enjoy another fresh face for FTV :)

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FTV Girls Candace


She’s just turned 18, and contacted us directly to do her first time shoot — what got us was her huge breasts! We watch her at a mall, talking on her cell phone, and checking out her curves… then follow her and sneek a peek at her breasts as they fall out of her busty shirt! She then takes off her bra, and risks exposing those huge breasts as he plays with them & licks her nipples. Getting caught twice, she finds a darker area in the mall (area under construction) and goes completely naked to masturbate. Fingering hard, she gets caught again! Well its time to go home and let her masturbate… and she has a nice strong orgasm (notice those contractions!). Checking her out sleeping in the comfy bed with her giant breasts exposed, she stretches out, with sexy views of her breasts, plays with herself, then puts on a cute white outfit. Going outdoors, she plays at a park, and goes topless for some very erotic breast play with a gate(?!?). Then she takes her panties off, and does some cheerleading jumps & kicks, and then pulls on her long labia, stretching them out for us (to watch up close!). Going home, she gets naked and masturbates to another strong, hard-contraction orgasm. Then we get to enjoy her big breasts, as she massages them and squeezes them hard in every angle — and presses them against the window as we watch from the other side. A extreme must-see for big breast lovers! Visiting the pink room, she does some roleplay as a schoolgirl, putting on a schoolgirl outfit, plays with herself again, then puts on something sexy. Going outdoors, she talks a little more about herself (half naked again of course) and leads us to the bathroom, where she fingers herself hard and fast for one last masturbation… which leads to a squirting orgasm that shocks us all! Another first time video girl that you will only see here… on FTV!

Alison Angel Panty Show


It wouldn’t be a panty show without me dancing around in each pair, really rubbing them on my cooter and showing you every inch of my sexy body. And of course it would not be complete without a panty stuffing! I took the last pair and shoved them deep inside my wet cooter, until they disappeared. Then like a magician I pulled them back out, wallah!

FTV Girls Myra


Coming back home, this 19 year old notices that her parents aren’t home… So relaxing in the living room, she pulls out her full firm breasts and starts massaging them, teasing her nipples.  Going upstairs to her parents’ bedroom, she decides to be a rebel and get naked on their bed.  Fingering and rubbing herself, she turns herself on enough… and goes to the master bathroom to check herself out in the nude.  The back massager (which she calls her ‘magic wand’) becomes her very special vibrator… and she uses it on her parents’ bed to come to a nice, strong, natural orgasm.  Out for a lunch, she talks about her sexuality topless at a restaurant, then goes home to wear a very sexy black dress & heels.  Doing the ‘walk’, and giving us extreme closeup spreads of her private parts, she then goes to the kitchen countertop and masturbates again, to another strong orgasm.  Becoming more comfortable with the camera over time, she gets more playful and giggly in her pink nightie, spreading and giving us more closeup details of her pretty privates.  Then she masturbates for one last time, using her favorite vibrator, and has the strongest orgasm of the day.  So strong, just take a look at those heavy contractions at the end!  Wow… cutie loves to masturbate!

Lia 19 My First Sybian


Today we found ourselves hanging out at my house. Feeling really horny more so than usual the topic of my sybian came up. Thats right I said my sybian the 1600.00 sex toy (which I had overnighted lol) anyway there is an attachment that is really big for me. I had always been scared of it before, So I decided its time to add it for you. That is with me using the huge attachment that I have never encountered until now. All I have to say is wow there is a reason that this is the 1600.00 sex toy.  If you ask me well worth it! It got me pretty vocal. Only thing is I cant use it at night because of my neighbors we think I had a lawnmower running in my living room lol. But before all this sweating goodness came we took some pictures of me in this little skirt I had picked up while traveling, then took some out of the skirt, then we took some with the my new favorite toy lol.

Alison Angel Masturbation At 110 Degrees


A sunny day to be out and play! Even though it’s over 100 degrees here in Phoenix I still love to be outside and play around. It may be hot but the rabbits like the heat! I just bought this pink dress, I look like girl scout meets pro golfer and it looks really hot. The glass doors behind me make for a hot background and  you might just love that I take my panties off right away and use them for something else!

FTV Girls Kali Part 2


The cutsie blonde from May returns, this time in her sexiest dress & heels, looking even more fashion-conscious, and as sexual as ever!  Visiting a quiet resort, she finds a safe area with stairs, and starts masturbating with her fingers, hard banging and spreading.  Later in the day, she goes poolside and attempts to fist!  A lot of members requested for her to try it, and there is 20 minutes of video where she does fisting from every angle she can, then spreading and extreme gaping as wide as she can go!  You can see deep inside…  Some butt fingering as well.  Out at another outdoor location, she talks a little more about herself, then masturbates again with fingers, spreading and pulling.  There is an adobe with a great view, coming in with a cute pink casual outfit, getting all naked again, then using a very large thick glass toy to pound herself hard and fast… we think she even had an orgasm from it.   A hot return, for a girl who can’t stop masturbating!

FTV Girls Tara


Our popular Delicious Girl comes back, and hooks up with our very dream girl Danielle!  Together they are out for some mischief…  Starting with a pillow fight in the bed, they dress up for some adventure.  Going to the mall together, they videotape each other at the department store, flashing their breasts and upskirt all over!  Tara is wearing a cute punk dress and pigtails, and she’s totally having a good time.  Danielle joins the fun by having her breasts out too, people can only stare!  Back home, Tara masturbates with a toy, and has Danielle help her out by pounding the toy hard and fast to orgasm.  With another cute outfit showing off her legs and butt, she flashes at a restaurant, then does cartwheels at a public park, butt-naked!  Together, the girls flash a guy lounging at the park, and two guys who come approach them.  Back home, there’s more toy play until Tara has her orgasm — Danielle sticks her finger into Tara’s private part and pulls out her milky juices, and feeds it to her.  Some kissing… Working their way back, and some fingering in the car while driving, they find themselves back on the couch.  Danielle gives Tara a nice hard butt massage, then rubs her big breasts against Tara’s butt.  Tara returns the favor, and sucks on Danielle’s big breasts.  She then finds comfort in a new vibrator, which she then uses to masturbate, double penetrating herself with her finger in her butt.  Danielle helps out to finish her off with one nice final orgasm :)