Month: April, 2014

Emily Lost in the Power of the Magic Wand

Give her the orgasm of her life!

In this clean, beautifully shot film Emily begins to tease both holes with the Magic Wand. Soon her body is jerking about with uncontrolled muscle spasms. She quickly realises the only way to deal with this much pleasure is to completely let go – to get lost in the magic wand.

The orgasms become so strong she grabs hold of her own body, digging her fingers deep into her skin. But it’s the looks to camera that are the most intense.

You’ll feel like it’s only you on her mind and that you’re the reason for the most intense orgasm of her life.

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Csilla: “Burejana” by Deltagamma


Ryanel A: “Chrysitis” by Leonardo


Luiza A: “Atofio” by Catherine


Ennu A: “Alidae” by Albert Varin


Tristana A: “Herbeti” by Arkisi


Michaela Isizzu: “Urticae” by Ken Tavos


Loretta A: “Euryala” by Arkisi


Lukki Lima: “Druca” by Arkisi

Presenting Salvia

Salvia: “Presenting Salvia” by Albert Varin