Month: March, 2009

FTV Girls Mikah


You might not notice it… but she’s 1/4 Japanese, so she’s got a little bit of exotic in her!  She’s a very cute brunette, with a slim waist and the perfect bubble butt.  Watching her get ready, painting her toenails, then slowly stripping down for us — we check out her sexy form and get to see all the intimate details!  She knows how to show herself off…  In the shower, she wets herself, then shaves her private parts for a very intimate shaving scene.  She gets all horny, and picks out a vibrator — masturbates strong and hard until a leg-shaking orgasm!  At the restaurant, she talks about her education, speaks some Japanese, and flashes her breasts!  Out at a sports park, she gets frisky and tries her best to give us a sexy tease all around this public place.  Going to the bleachers, she sits there and fingers herself, hard and fast!  That is until we hear a police siren.  Back home, she puts on a sexy dress, makes out in the mirror while rubbing herself, then masturbates again with another vibrator.  She then tries something very FTV-style… Taking three vibrators inside her vagina… triple-stuffing herself!  Its rather incredible actually, because it shocks even her when she has a very strong orgasm because of it.  A little bikini fashion & nude shoot on the roof, and it is time to say goodbye :)

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FTV Girls Danica


Tall and beautiful, we watch this girl walk in cute clothes through a mall, giving us upskirt views and flashing her breasts.  Getting caught, she goes to a department store, and flashes some more, even videotaping herself in the changeroom as she gets naked.  A sexy photoshoot at a ‘historic’ tourist area, she strips down again and giggles when people see her going explicit.  Back home, she goes full nude, and masturbates with a vibrator — hard and fast to a strong orgasm.  Getting comfy in the white sheets, we check her body out, then get closeups of her private parts as she talks about her sex life.  She can orgasm just by using her fingers — and so she rubs herself hard and fast to another strong orgasm!  Then a hard breast and butt massage by the mirror, and she gets dressed up in a cute red dress & heels.  Out at lunch she does a ‘topless’ interview at a busy restaurant area… then does a fashion shoot… exposing her breasts while there is all these people in the foreground!  Still in this public area, she sits down and does more hard finger rubbing… managing to have an orgasm in less than 4 minutes!  Its a very erotic moment watching this beauty in a dress & heels get off like that.  In a more safer area, she gets all naked, and penetrates herself with four fingers.  Later that night, she wants to try something very kinky… and takes her 6 inch heels and stuffs them as deep as they can go!  Extreme closeups of the penetration, and the juices that come out with it.  Enjoy this First Time Video girl, its her very first shoot experience!

Danielle FTV Leprechaun Loven


It’s to bad that I’m not 21 yet (another two months to go) because I would totally be going out to the bars in this sexy leprechaun outfit. I bought a cute glittery green hat to go with it, but it would not stay on my head correctly. I absolutely love the shoes that I wear with this outfit….kind of looks like a sexy green version of Dorothy’s (Wizard of Oz) shoes. Unfortunately I can’t see myself wearing these out in public. I even bought a cute green vibrator to go with the whole green/St Patrick’s Day theme. It fit inside me just right (except the bottom poked out just a little.)

FTV Girls Mandee


Coming down from San Diego, she’s been very excited about shooting for FTV!  A warm personality, gorgeous smile, she’s got that youthful 18-year old sexuality ready to burst!  Getting naked the moment she arrived from the airport, she shows off her figure, then puts on a sexy/dressy outfit.  Out at an office park, she flashes her breasts and gives us upskirt views.  Enjoying masturbation so much, she rubs herself hard on the nearby bench (risking getting caught!) and actually has a strong orgasm with just her fingers.  Back home, she puts on some sexy ‘maid outfit’ lingerie and heels.  She does a hard breast and butt massage, then fingers her butt and even double penetrates herself with her fingers!  This time using a vibrator, she masturbates again and has an even stronger orgasm (notice the strong contractions!).  Out at lunch, its mostly a risky, topless interview about her private sex life, and she gets away with a little more…  Waking up the next day in nighties, she welcomes us to her bed, and does a hard finger rub to another strong, natural orgasm.  We get extreme closeups of her private parts, and along with it some 3-4 finger penetration!  Putting on a sporty outfit, its time for a run at the canal, going topless for some of it and getting caught!  Fingering herself hard, she wants more… so going to the pink room, she puts her hair in pigtails and masturbates once more with an egg vibrator to one final, strong orgasm.  Another beautiful teen for FTV!

Lia 19 Return To Maui


With my hair curled up and looking good to go, I’m ready to shoot!  I just arrived in Maui a day before, and barely unpacked.  For the photos, we moved out to the nearby beach, and mind you, there’s a lot of people out there!  I did get caught, but at least that person didn’t give me any trouble.  For the most part, I’m topless, and get sandy where it counts.  When I’m able, I take my bottom off too.  Then the video its me preparing to go out to the beach, from shaving my legs and upskirt views to milking up my full breasts with lotion.  My breasts feel firm and heavy today!

Lucky 1

EroticBPM started out as RaverPorn, so it has been really great seeing them really returning to their electronica beats per minute roots with sets like this one of Lucky. Lucky has all the best colorful accessories and I want her bracelets. Do you call it a bracelet so long as it goes around your arm or only if it goes around the wrist? Plus she has cupcake pink hair if I’m not mistaken. Lucky indeed.

Eroticbpm Sexy Naked Raver Girls

Hot Body Raver Wii Fit Action

Sometimes you just get two awesome things which go awesome together. So you get awesome Wii Fit played naked by EroticBPM’s awesome Candace and it is just doubly awesome or awesome squared or some other appropriately techy kind of super awesome. Candace has a pretty hot toned body too, so maybe she should be a Wii Fit fitness consultant or spokesmodel or something.

Eroticbpm Candace Wii Fit Hot Body Sexy

Nude and tattooed in black leather and chains

Michelle Aston shows off her perfect pair of tits highlighted by a leather harness and chains in this delectable photo set.

Michelle Aston Leather Harness

FTV Girls Liliana


This Greek cutie has that perfect sexy figure, and the more ethnic Mediterranean look.  A total First Time Video girl, she might be new to nude modeling… but she isn’t shy.  Introducing herself, she spreads right away, finger-rubbing hard and fast, along with the use of a glass toy to have a nice orgasm.  She is very physically fit, and shows us some Yoga moves, along with stretching and doing acrobatics topless.  Masturbating again, this time with a vibrator.  A little walk on the beach, and she’s back in pigtails playing with herself… using a rabbit vibrator for one last orgasm.  For the ‘hairy’ fans, she’s the one…

Danielle FTV Zeba Meets Danielle


Yep…the most popular Zeba comes back, just to fool around with me. Just kidding, she didn’t really come back just to fool around with me, she also came back to do her return shoot for FTV. I got to hang out with her all day, and be her assistant during her shoot, so in return I asked her to help fist me. She has fairly small hands, so all of us thought we could manage it. Notice that we are both wearing the same dress, just in different colors. We were both very amused by the fact that we own the same clothing. So anyways, Zeba tried fisting me…and I could’ve sworn that she got it all the way in, but I guess it was only a semi-fist. Oh well, guess I will continue my search for a girl with very small hands.