FTV Girls Shanel


She’s a hottie brunette living locally here in Phoenix, with a firm body and nice breasts!  Her desire to be on FTV shows from the beginning, as we watch her walk her dogs from her place, going topless right in her neighborhood, then goes completely naked at the park!  She does some cartwheels and shows of her flexibility, then takes a spot under a tree to masturbate.  Going home, she takes her own special toy and masturbates, hard and fast until she has her first orgasm.  We get some extreme closeup details of her pierced private parts, and watch her stretch and pull on her labia.  Later in the day (hot 100 degree weather!) she is in a cute tennis outfit, and plays some tennis at the local court.  From watching up her skirt while she jumps to her getting topless and masturbating on a chair in the court, she’s getting really horny!  An interview and more flashing right in front of others at a busy restaurant, and she returns home to masturbate with a toy to another orgasm. Then she goes straight to trying the extreme, and works her hand in until she fists herself!  A first time for her for sure.  Later that evening, wearing a very sexy black dress & heels, she poses for us, fingers for us, then does some kinky fetish stuff with candles.  Taking two candles into her vagina (deep!) she holds them there, lights them, then takes a third lit candle, and drips hot candlewax onto her clitoris and nipples.  She does it because she gets aroused by it, and we get to watch it in full HD detail…

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