FTV Girls Risi Meets Renna


You want to see girl-girl shoots?  Well we want girls who are truly into each other, for another classic FTV girl-girl update.  Renna & Risi are good friends who just recently become real-life lovers.  Both extremely popular on FTV, and both very gorgeous!  We watch them at a busy nightclub trying to get in… Lia helps out, and we watch these girls make out with each other at this busy club!  They start getting naked in the VIP room… then flash and fool around the popular areas of the city.  Going home, they go hardcore and start going down on each other, fingering & sucking.  Risi puts on a strap-on toy, and then fucks Renna hard in several positions.  Renna loves penetration… then Risi is assisted by Renna to a mutual masturbation & orgasm… a nice strong one!  Next day there is some fun video of them just having a good time in Phoenix, with two very different personalities but both fun to watch.  While Renna is sleeping, Risi kisses and seduces her and gives her a nice breast & butt massage.  After more kissing, they both head to a bubble bath and have more fun, then a sensual shower with more kissing and rubbing…

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